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Eermaghwerd Mitchden :3

Kayden: He is le snoring away in le Melinoe cabin.

Mitchy: He walks in as if he owned the place, and bounces onto Kayden's bed

Kayden: He grumbles and turns his back on Mitchell without knowing its him.

Mitchy: He pouts and just sits there "Kayden, wake up."

Kayden: He shakes his head, half awake, "Nooo."

Mitchy: He sticks his hand down Kayden's pants :3 "Fine but my hands stays there until you do."

Kayden: He sighs, and still doesn't even open his eyes, "And why're you horny today?"

Mitchy: He shrugs and continues keeping his hand in Kayden's pants "I don't know, I just woke up like this I guess." he smiles cutely

Kayden: He finally turns around and looks at him, "Which is why you decide to wake me like this?"

Mitchy: "Sure, why not."

Kayden: He smirks before bringing Mitchell closer to him, "I can live with that." He then proceeds to kiss him.

Mitchy: He kisses Kayden back, still with his hand in his pants moving around a little ;3

Kayden: He smirks into the kiss and bucks his hips slightly.

Mitchy: He smiles breaking the kiss and climbing under the covers

LE TIME SKIP...I think we all know what happens here <.< *Kayden topped :P*

Kayden: He pants and smirks.

Mitchy: He rolls on top of Kayden clearly wanting more ;3

Kayden: "More?"

Mitchy: He nods "But this time- I'm on top."

Kayden: He laughs, "Nahhh."

Mitchy: He pouts "Pwease Kaydy? You'be been on top both times we've had sex." He stands up, not bothering to grab clothes of any kind, and walks out of the room butt naked with his junk as vivid as ever

Kayden: He probs himself up on one elbow, "And I'm more of a top."

Mitchy: He peaks back in, with the little hair above his <fill in le blank> standing up (if chur wondering why there isn't a lot, it's because he shaves it so fack off TT^TT) due to a slight draft going through the cabin "I don't like the bottom, it hurts."

Kayden: He smirks again, "Because I'm too big for you~"

Mitchy: "No because anything going into your ass is going to hurt."

Kayden: "Not if you get used to it. Aaron (the guy on the football team) never complained."

Mitchy: "Well I'm not Aaron, and I don't like being on the bottom, so if you'll excuse me." He walks away from the door frame still naked :3

Kayden: He shrugs, "You don't moan as much, you sing better, you look better, so yeah, you're better than whatever I saw in him~"

Mitchy: He comes back in "R-Really?"

Kayden: He nods, "Millions better."

Mitchy: "well then can I be on top?"

Kayden: He pouts, "But that's me...."

Mitchy: "Just this once pwease........"

Kayden: He sighs, "Why can you be so adorable at times?"

Mitchy: "I duns know."

Kayden: He sighs, "Are you gonna come her or..?"

Mitchy: He pounces on Kayden and like rides him real hard ;3

Kayden: He smirks, "I thought you said you didn't wanna be bottom?"

Mitchy: "I'm not, you are."

We're skipping this bc Finny got confused~

Kayden: He lies there againn.

Mitchy: ^

Kayden: He turns to him, "Have fun being top for the first and last time?"

Mitchy: He nods, panting slightly

Kayden: He laughs and hugs Mitchell, "Awwwww."

Mitchy: He snuggles into Kayden

Kayden: He kisses Mitchell's forehead and tightens the hug.

Mitchy: He falls asleep and Kayden rapes him in le sleep :3 jk

LE TIME SKIP (this is the what, 3rd time skip? o.o)

Kayden: He's now asleep.

Jackie's death ;-;

Jackie: She's in town eating at McDonaldssss.

Katie She is walking around town looking for somewhere to grab a bite to eat

Jackie: She walks out of McDonalds and begins heading back to Camp.

Katie: She noties Jackie heading in the direction of camp, andslowly begins following her

Jackie: She walks for a while before seeing a shortcut through some woods, she walks through there, not paying any attention to her surroundings.

Katie: She as well takes the shortuct, but eventually she pulls out a ring dagger and throw it towards Jackie, aiming for her shoulder

Jackie: At this point she's tired of walking and flower travels a few metres forward. And dagger still hits her, but results in a small gash.

Katie: She continues to throw daggers at the small of Jackie's back, her neck, etc.


Cato: He is sleeping under a tree all cute like

Jackie: She's sitting on the porch of the Persephone cabin, doing nothing in particular.

Jato's Goodbye ;-; WE WUV CHU JATO!!!

Cato: He's still asleep ;3

Jackie: She skips past wherever he's sleeping, humming a tune.

Cato: He wakes up sitting up and seeing Jackie

Jackie: She giggles to herself and twirls around a few times.

Cato: He smiles motioning for her to come over to him

Jackie: She's not facing him, so yeah, she can't see >.<

Cato: He is still smiling "Jackie."

Jackie: She turns around, smiles and waves

Cato: He once again motions for her to come over to him

Jackie: She runs over and sits by him, "Heyy"

Cato: He smiles "Ello." He pulls something out of his pocket making sure it remains hiden "I have something for you."

Jackie: She tilts her head, "Which is?"

Katherine and Erin

Erin: She's in the training part, shooting arrows at targets, hitting the centre each time.

Katie: She walks into the training area with a hot chocolate in her hand, she looks around and eventually spots a park bench, she walks over to it and sits down

Erin: Because she's bored of using the bow, she swings the mace around, completely ruining the dummies.

Katie:' She stands up beginning to leave when Erin's mace work catches her eye

Erin: She does this combo thing where she pierces a dummy with an arrow, before throwing her mace at the dummy's head, taking it clean off.

Katie: She stands there still watching Erin's moves

Erin: She feels someone watching her and turns around, facing Katherine, "Can I help you?"

Katie: "Not at all, just admiring your skills."

Erin: She looks her up and down, "Thanks. I guess."

Katie: "Your welcome."

Erin: She sighs, finding it slightly awkward, "What Faction ya from?"

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