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Where Gods Will Abide

Where Gods Will Scream

Gerald: Gerald opens the door, and looks down at Kará, "What'cha need kid?"

Kará: "Uh bye" Kará says before turning to Geral, "Heather said you could give me some tips for close range combat,"

Gerald: "Close range combat, and weapons that you can throw..." Gerald says as he unbuttons his suit jacket, "Guess I'll need to take this off, and come in," he says while motioning for Kará to come inside.

Kará: Kará follows him into the cabin, "That is a lot of grape vines" She notes.

Gerald: "Yeah, one of the other cabin members keeps them," Gerald says as he pulls off his suit jacket, revealing his assassin like wrist blades. Gerald pulls off his button down shirt, takes off his dress pants, and then walks into his room, where he pulls out his armor, and begins to put it on...

Kará: Kará waits awkardly in the entrance of the cabin, she'd never been into any of the other cabins and it felt like she didn't belong here. Which she didn't.

Gerald: Gerald walks out of his room, all armored up and ready to fight, "You ready?" Gerald has his shield on his left arm, two swords and two daggers sheathed at his sides. He has on his armor and his pen spear and böstaff bag are also at his side.

Kará: "Truthfully no. I suck at close range," she says nervously.

Gerald: "Well, biiieeyyyyottch, you're gonna learn today!" he says with a grin, "Do you want to fight out back? or in the forest?"

Kará: She returns his grin. "Forest"

Gerald: Gerald begins the walk towards the forest, and looks back slightly at Kará waiting for her to walk with him. He whistles a tune as he walks.

Kará: She walks further behind than most people would but still follows, in truth she was glad that she would be learning a lttle close range.

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