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  • caitlyn: the forest is nice but I would like the town better...
  • Kará: "I like the forest becuse there arn't many people around, I never got along with crowds and after my dad... died I just got worse" Her voice cracked a bit at the end. 
  • caitlyn: try the caves much more can life with bats...she said sarcastically
  • Kará: She rolled her eyes, "Just becuse I'm not good with people dosn't mean I don't need them"
  • caitlyn: just saying just saying no need to get angry...she said almost laughing
  • Kará:  Kará broke out laughing "Don't worry I'm not"
  • cait: soo now what?
  • Kará: "I don't know, wait isn't it almost lunch I hope so cuse I skipped breakfast so I'm starving"
  • cait: she raises ehr eyebrow lunch? hmm wanna go out to town? and get food?
  • Kará: "Eh I guess we can" She grinned, "But on the condition that we get wood fired pizza"
  • caitlyn: we get a what? she said surprise
  • Kará: "Its a thin based pizza cooked in a wood fulled pizza oven, they are delicious" She grinned, "you have to try one!"
  • caitlyn: uhhhh isnt that pricey? she stops is ti?
  • Kará: "Sort of, but don't worry, I'll pay"
  • 'caiitlyn: its ok I wanna try but still where can we get that??
  • 'Kar'á: "At the town plaza I guess, there are loads of restrunts there I belive one of them does it."
  • caitlyn:she raises her eyebrow really? she asked a bit surprise hmm its been soo long since I've been there hmm lets go..she said but wasnt taking a step yet let me lead...I dont want to go to use yet another unorthodox way to anywhere offence...
  • 'Kar'á: "Uhh, then whats the way..." She asks.
  • caitlyn: she laughs nervously sorry its should try taking the easy route once or twice..she said as she walked behind her and putting her hands around her shoulder come on  cait said starting to pushed kara toward the camp enterance lets get going
  • Kará: "Oh, sure, and I can't just take the easy route out, not when people's lives are at stake. And I guess thats just my personality.
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  • 'Kar'á: "Oh right... that way. Sure."
  • cait: no more detour ...for you...she said before stoping at the camp enterance you sure you wanna go to town?
  • 'Kar'á:  "Is something wrong?" She asked
  • cait: she nods we're going out of camp....are you sure you want to continue? cause its dangerous you know?
  • 'Kar'á: "Yea, I'm sure. I don't relly care about danger.
  • cait: she looks at her skeptic you sure about that?
  • Kará:  "Yup, I'm sure" She grinned.
  • caitlyn: she sigh fine then lets go! she said starting to walk to town
  • Kará: "Good" She follows Cait.
  • caitlyn: she leads them to a restourant is that pizza thing here? she asked turning to kara hoping she was right behind her
  • Kará:  She was a little way off, standing near a diffrent reaustraunt. She turned to Cait, "Its over here. Oh and I'll pay" She said.
  • caitlyn: she shakes her head nah I'll pay trust me anyhow this place looks nice.
  • Kará: "You sure and yeah it is quite nice." She walks to the back of the queue.
  • caitlyn: she looks at the queue then turns to kara you buy the pizza and I'll find the seats agreed? she said trying to make some sort of agreement
  • Kará: "Sure" She nods, "Which do you want?"
  • cait: she shrugs before passing kara 400 pound just buy which ever you want...she said truly lazy to care of such minor details cause I know you'll pick a good one...she added with a smile
  • Kará: "Okie dokie" The queue moved forwards. A few minutes later she's in the front. She orders, a magarita for herself and a pepperoni. She looked around the seating area for Cait.
  • cait: she was sitting by the window clearly not paying attention to the anyone as she awaited kara
  • Kará: She walks over to Cait, "Hey, the pizzas are going to take about 15 minutes"
  • Cait: she snp out of her gaze of the outside world and turn to kara ehh oh ok...soo what do you want to do while we wait? she said somewhat like a caring sister toward kara being older (maybe?)
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  • Kará: "I don't know"
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  • caitlyn: well we can...suddenly she heard a gun shoot being fired what the...she said as she began to search for the source
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  • Kará: She whiped her head round in suprise, "What was that?!"
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  • cait: he said it was at the shop in front of them wehre a familiar figure came out of landon...she whispered
  • Kará: "Wait what?" Kará said confused.
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  • cait: she saw at least a ton of people running out of the shop opposite to them and through the window she saw landon had someone captive she wanted to go and see landon once more to maybe make him stop this madness but yet again she took a look at kara from the corner of her eyes I cant bring yet another person into this...she whispered to herself
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  • Kará: "Whoever that is he is going to pay" She growled.
  • cait: she clenches her fist not wanting to say anything yeah...she agreed slowly
  • Kará: She didn't have her Katanas on her so she instead drew two of her daggers. "Do you know who he is?" She asked Cait.
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  • cait: she flinches as she turns to kara uhhh....she said clearly at a lost for words. kara...she said putting her hand onto her shoulder stay out of this...she said sternly
  • Kará: "If it affects the people around you, inculding me, I need to know. I might be able to help."
  • cait she shakes her head rather vigorously kara...she called in a rather elderly way
  • Kará: She gnored the tone, "Tell me" She said stubbonly.
  • cait: she shakes her head once more looking away trust me the story is bad..
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  • Kará: She glares at Cait, "just tell me already!"
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  • cait: she takes a deep breath well that dude is landon....
  • landon: and he's standing right behind you...
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  • Kará: She jumped in suprised and whirled around to face landon.
  • landon: he gave a small smile as he looked at cait may I join? he asked as if the two did not just see the scene he was in before
  • Kará: She looks at him, her eyes steel, "Your patatic" She says calmly, "I pity you, honestly" She contiues "anyone who can only get to someone by hurting others" She shakes her head and laughs dryly. "Like I said pathatic"
  • landon: he gave a little shrugs as he looked at caitlyn's whom eyes was of pure sadness I chose my role cant change that,,,,he said..
  • Kará: She looks bach and forth betwwen them, "Wait what happened between you two?" She asks confused.
  • landon: he let out a chuckle before placing his hands into his pockets nothing...he said truly calm
  • Kará: "If it were nothing then you wouldn't have acted like that" She says matching his calm attitude with her own.
  • caitlyn: for the first time in the hour since landon came in she spoke up landon stop..she said trying to do what she failed to do each time
  • Kará: She steped back a bit but raised her daggers in case things heated up...
  • landon: he saw the daggers if I were you I would keep those sharp stuff before I get angry..
  • Kará: She lowered her daggers but didn't sheeth them.
  • landon: he saw that and shrugs before taking a seat come now lets be Civilize here and take a seat... he said gestering to the two cait whom was clearly on her guard sighs as she sat down and looking at kara as if telling her to do the same
  • Kará: I followed suit and sat though I looked on edge.
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  • landon: soo what were the two of you talking about he asked as he gave a little smile to a waiter ordering some coffee as if nobody saw the drama that happen a few hours ago
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  • Kará: I fought the urge to punch this guy- for Cait's sake, and who was he anyways? "It's none of your damn busness."
  • landon: my my what a fiesty one you have here cait...he said as his coffee came calmly he stir it slowly his attention was fully on the coffee not wanting to turn to kara
  • cait: she shakes her head as her attention continued to be toward landon leave ...was the only word she could say not wanting any of the occupant of the place to be in danger please...she begged hoping for him to listen to reason
  • landon: now now cait...he said still not turning to her I will later...he said giving the two girls a sly smile that can inflict fear into anyone
  • Kará: "Why the hell are you here anyway?"
  • landon: to have some coffee of course...
  • Kará: I roll my eyes,No one just walks in here with a gun and threatens people for a cup of coffe."
  • landon: other than me of course...
  • Kará: I rolled my eyes.
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  • landon: he sips his coffee quitely
  • Kará: "So what do you even want?"
  • cait: she glares at landon leave...she said once again as landon got up
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  • cait:soo remind me again where we're going??
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  • Hayley: "Umm, I don't really know to many places. I heard theres a really nice cafe though."
  • cait: wellll then lead the...wait is it in town or????
  • Hayley: "I umm, don't know the way..."
  • cait: thats why you have me she winks as she tries to take her hand come on
  • Hayley: "Uuh, sure." I smiled.
  • cait: she tries to push come on start walking
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  • Hayley: I yelp slightly, out of suprise, as she gives me a push.
  • cait: come on kid...she saod as she continued to pull hayley
  • Hayley: I nod, "Where are we even going?"
  • cait: she smiles town...
  • Hayley: "I figured" I smiled, "So how long have you been at camp?"
  • cait:3 years and thats before you were even made...
  • Hayley: "Yes, it was"
  • cait:she smiles soo ever since being made what have you done? she said as she walked to town
  • Hayley: "Nothing much, I was in england for two years, now I'm here."
  • cait: england? been a long time since I've been there...
  • Kará: "You've been?" I asked, "What parts?"


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