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Cooper: is walking around with a sword at hand Come on just one

Hex: No swings his sword around

Icarus: He's skipping by, blood from a previous kill running down his sword. He whistles happily, unaware of their presence.

Hex:  feels that Icarus around Shhh their someone here

Cooper:  chuckes haha their is no here

Icarus: He stops skipping and grins mischievously, knowing he has another victim or two in the area. He stumbles out of the bushes that hid him from them, feigning exhaustion, H-help me. BC, g-got someone.

Hex:  sees him and takes out his backpack Here have some ambriosa pases him the ambriosa

Cooper:  something tells him to hide and he does without Icarus noticing

Icarus: He takes the ambrosia, and whips his sword towards the last place he saw Cooper, letting him know he "disappeared." He throws a punch at Hex's chest, hoping to knock him into the tree behind him while trying to break ribs. You can't hide from me, little one. You're next!!!

Hex: he grips his stomach and coughs blood I'm guessing you're BC

Cooper: sowly crawls backwards trying to escape

Icarus: He aims a bone shattering kick at Hex's leg, hoping to make it so he can't follow while he trots over to Cooper, picking his sword up on ths way, No shit, sherlock. He slashes down in a wide arc, hoping to sever Cooper's foot.

Hex: screams out as the kick hits his leg and tries to grab his sword

Cooper: Icurus severs his foor resulting him into screaming and bleeding

Icarus: He sighs and straddle's Cooper, taking a knife from his belt. He hold open Cooper's mouth, and tries to cut out his tongue, making as jagged cuts as possible.

Cooper:  he succesed at what he is doing and eventully from both bleedings dies

Icarus: He puts on a sad look, Shit. He bled out. oh well. He stabs the now loose tongue with his knife, and walks back over to Hex, proudly displaying it to him, Do you know who's tongue this is?

Hex: flinches when he sees it I-I d-don-n't k-know

Icarus: He glances over at Cooper's now lifeless body, You know that little bitch that stopped screaming a few seconds ago? His tongue.He rears back his hand, and stabs the knife into Hex's chest, the tongue still on it, barely missing his heart, so he won't bleed out like Cooper.

Hex: screams and now that he has his hand on the sword he tries to stab Icurus

Icarus: The blade penetrates his shoulder, cleaving clean through it. He's unfazed by the pain, and rears back his hand. he throws a punch right at Hex's face, trying to create a fist-sized hole in his skull

Hex: Icarus succees at making the hole and dies instantly from brain damage

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