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Another try at Ina and Cleo, shall we?

Ina hated spring. Quite unusual for a child of Persephone, but she really didn't like the season one bit, and for various reasons; first and foremost, her allergies. Her siblings always went a little crazy come spring, and soon their cabin was literally covered with flowers and plants of all sorts. In short, Ina could barely breathe while being there. And that was the reason why she was currently sitting in front of Hades' cabin, her back resting against a wall, and a paperback in her hands.

Luther and Keira

Luther: "OOO that sounds fun. What did you do there." He picks at the grass like a little kid when he says this >.<

Keira: She smiles as she looks at him, "Surfed, spent time with Jo and the ohana, surfed some more."

Luther: "Sounds fun." he pauses for a few seconds before asking, "Who's Jo?"  His voice isn't exactly worried or jealous or anything like that but at the same time he feels the need to ask >.<

Keira: She furrows her eyebrows, but then realizes that she's never talked to him about her family, "My mum. I call her by her first name, sometimes."

Luther: He has a look of realization on his face, "Ooooh." he makes a >.< face. "Must have been nice to see the family again."

Rhi and Jack

I repeat: no bombs. (11/7/2013)

Rhi walks out of Nyx's cabin, fairly exhausted after spending a day helping Cassadee with some final stuff for the wedding.

Jack not actually having been invited to the wedding he's just wondering around when he comes across all the frilly decorum and mutters under his breath"wedding?"

Rhi: She yawns and heads towards Morpheus' cabin, not really noticing her boyfriend at all, until she bumps into him.

Jack: he smiles happy to see her considering he hadn't seen her in a couple of weeks  Hey

Rhi: She beams, "Jack!" She wraps her arms around his neck and pulls him into a hug.

Jack: he hugs her back, picking her up and spinning her around a little before setting her on the ground How've you been?

Rhi: She wraps her arms around his waist, "Good. Cass' wedding has been driving me  crazy though."

Jack: he smiles Ooooh, sounds fun. I never pictured you as a party planner though.

Rhi: She sighs dramatically, "The things I'm willing to do for my friends." She laughs and hugs him again, "I missed you."

Jack: "Well maybe I could steal you away from all this party planning and we can go do something"? he asks it as more of a question, not sure if she has anything important that she needs to finish up

Rhi: She grins, "You should definitely do that."

Jack: "Well then my fair lady. Where would you like to go?"

Rhi: "I don't know, maybe we could buy some dinner? I wouldn't say no to some Chinese right now."

Jack: "Sounds like a plan to me. Do you need to stop by your place for anything?"

Rhi: "No, I don't think so. Let's go," she smiles brightly, takes his hand and leads them to the nearby town.

Jack: He allows her to lead him to the town. It's pretty busy, probably because it's about lunch time and the mortals only have a small window between getting lunch and rushing back to work, "What do you wanna do?"

Danae and Ivon

Continue from D's page.

Danae: She places open mouthed kisses along his neck.

Ivon: While her concentration is elsewhere he rolls her onto her back so that he's on top and begins frenching her

Danae: She moans and bites on his lip.

Ivon: moans with pleasure and bites her tongue, yes her tongue >.<

Danae: She moans again, more loudly, and slips her hands under his shirt.

Ivon: slips his shirt off revealing his bare chest

Danae: She grins and runs her nails across his chest.

Random camper passing by: Get a room, people!

Ivon: replies to the campers protests by undoing his belt buckle

Danae: She laughs and kisses him again.

Ivon: grins and kisses back

Leo and Takeshi

Won't Even Bother Giving This a Title

Takeshi: It's semi late outside and once again Takeshi finds himself unable to sleep. This had been happening a lot more recently lately especially after he discovered Nessa's body. The image of her dead form haunted him in his sleep, so obvioiusly the logical thing to do was to not sleep. He throws on a pair of sweatpants and oddly coloured green sweater before throwing on a worn brown jacket and slips on a pair of sneakers, as a last minute thought he takes the poem Nessa left him and tucks it away in his pocket. He then heads out not really sure where he's going to go. His feet seem to lead him to the forest and he sits down on a rather large rock and takes out the poem reading it and rereading it, trying to think of a scenario where he could have saved her.

Leo: She saw a very vivid nightmare that day. It was almost a replay of what she actually witnessed when her boyfriend Ethan was murdered, but instead of just finding his dead body with blood around him, she saw her brother Elijah pull the trigger and grin as Ethan collapsed to the floor. Knowing that she wouldn't be able to fall asleep after that, she slips on an old pair of jeans, a loose grey sweater, a jacket and some sneakers, and quitely walks out of her cabin for a walk. Shuddering as the cold December wind hits her, she wraps the blue scarf she thoughtfully brought out with her around her neck. Her legs seem to lead her to the forest on their own accord. Upon entering it, she congures a small ball in her left palm, commanding a moonlight beam to go through it, so that she can see around her.

Takeshi: The lines are kind of hard to make out in the darkness, even with his excellent night vision, but he does't need to read them to know what they say. He'd memorized the poem weeks ago. Realistically he knew there was nothing he could have done, she was dead before he even got there. He's so caught up in his own thoughts that his usual sharp hearing doesn't pick up the snapping of twigs as Leo walks through the forest. As the beam of light emanates off her hand he puts up his hand to shield his eyes, "Hello?" His voice is somewhat uncertain, he's not scared but caught somewhat off guard. He hadn't expected anyone to be out in about in the forest this late at night.

Leo: Completely lost in her thoughts, she only pays enough attention to her surroundings to not collide into tree. She hears him before she sees him and jumps up. As he comes into view, she exhales sharply. His face seems familiar, so she relaxes a little, but still puts her free hand over the dagger hidden in her jacket. "Gods, you scared me." Realizing that perhaps the light is a touch too bright, she makes it fade a little.

Takeshi:  Due to the light shining in his eyes he does't see her reach for the dagger, but it doesn't matter he didn't come here prepared to fight. If she was hostile all he had to do was switch into tiger form and run. "I scared you? You're the one walking around the forest in the middle of the night shining a mini sun into peoples eyes." He lowers his hand as the light is dimmed and gives her a half-hearted glare. 

Leo: She rolls her eyes as she casually puts her hand in the pocket were her dagger is; she was pretty sure she'd seen his face before at Camp, but you never knew. She didn't really fancy getting killed by a BC lunatic today. "What are you doing out here at 3 am, anyway?"

Takeshi: He shrugs, only taking a second to look down at his hand where he still clutched the worn piece of paper, he doubted she was a threat but one could never be to careful these days. He shrugs, "Oh you know. Just enjoying the scenery and the great cricket" 

Leo: She frowns and rests her back against a tree, "Wanted some fresh air. My cabin's a bit crowded." She shivers as the wind starts blowing again. She wasn't expecting it to be this cold.

Takeshi: He hugs himself as a cool wind hits once more. Suddenly he wished he had brought a thicker coat. Shivering slightly he mutters more to himself, "bloody hell it's freezing..." Then to address her, "well we're definetely getting a lot of air tonight. It hasn't been this windy in a while."

Leo: She nods and copies him, wrapping her arms around her torso. "At least it isn't raining," she smiles a little, almost to herself. As if on cue, just a few minutes later a light drizzle starts. She groans, "Oh, come on, really?"

Takeshi: He can't help but laugh at her reaction as the raindrops fall and he stares at the sky with an expression that can only be described as amused annoyance. "You just have to jinx us didn't you? Now we get to be cold and wet." He smiles, something he hasn't done in a while, and to be honest he's not exactly sure why he's smiling.

Leo: She chuckles despite herself and moves to sit on a rock next to the one he's sitting on. She extends her free hand and smiles a little, "Leo."

Takeshi: He gives her a small smile and nods, "Bit of a boyish it short for anything." He takes her hand and as he gives it a light shake is says, almost as if an after thought, "Takeshi."

Leo: She nods, huffing as the rain gets stronger. She wills a large umbrella out of moonlight to appear and sticks it to the ground, struggling a little, but managing to do it a few moments later. "That's better," she says as she puts the moonball, as she named her little light sources, on the ground between them. "Oh, Leo's short for Elinor," she adds, remembering that she still hadn't answered him.

Takeshi: He looks at the umbrella, an impressed expression on his face. He moves closer to her so that he's under the umbrella. That being said that also means they are on the same rock now and only a few inches apart. "Those magic tricks never get old. But I don't think I've ever seen that one before. Who's your god parent?"

Leo: She smirks, "Lady Moon. Pandia." She doesn't seem bothered that he is now so close. "Yours?"

Takeshi: He shrugs, "Dionysus created me but I'm a tiger spirit." Feeling relaxed as he talks to her he goes to lean back only to realize there is no back to this rock and he ends up slipping off and landing in a newly formed puddle of mud.

Leo: She snorts and puts a hand over her mouth as she starts laughing uncontrollably. She manages to get a grip of herself about a minute later and helps him up.

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