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And So Harlee and Skylar *spoilers* (really pretend Skylar got turned human again because bach still hasn't agreed to rp it with me >.>)

Skylar: He sits upon the steps of Eros' Cabin, surprisingly sober and NOT hungover, something rarely seen nowadays due to his slight addiction to the addictive substance. He rests his head against one of the white wooden poles before squinting his eyes, looking in the distance, as he forgot to wear contacts/glasses today being so used to not wear0ing them from being a cat for two weeks >.<

Harlee:He walks out of the Eros cabin playing on a DS3D, wearing black cargo pants and a T-shirt two sizes to large. He's so absorbed in his game that he doesn't notice Skylar and ends up tripping over him and lands on the ground. Quickly he sits up spitting out dirt.

Skylar: A small smirk forms on his face seeing Harlee fall into the dirt but it quickly fades as Skylar's really not feeling up to smiling today, "Usually it's me on the ground....usually in my own vomit right enough but...." He shrugs and looks down at Harlee, him being just far enough a way that his facial features are still recognizable but at the same time blurry as heck.

Harlee:'He sticks his tongue out playfully and stands up, picking up his DSprobably wouldnt always be drowning in your own puke if you didnt drink so much. He shrugs a little and stretches out a bit, "havent seen you in a while. What happened to you?"

Skylar: He looks somewhat sullen reflecting on the past events, "F*cked my godly stepmum, got turned into a cat, my brother had to look after me, nothing that interesting." He rolls his eyes and removes his head from the pole, it's pretty obvious he hasn't drunk alcohol in days as well as hasn't shaven. He closes his eyes as the sun starts to peer down, "F*ck that's bright."

Harlee:He looks at Skylar like o.o and tries, failing miserable, to hold back laughter. "Why does that not surprise me?" He shakes his head a little an amused expression on his face. When he sees that Skylar doesn't look amused though, the smile is wiped off his face. Usually Skylar was so...bubbly and weird. Now he just looked tired. Walking over to sit next to himhe says, "You dont look so hot. Are you feeling alright...?"

Skylar: He shakes his head as he puts it into his hands before rolling his head to one side, looking Harlee straight in him greyish-blue eyes, his own blue eyes looking slightly....empty. "Yeah." He groans, the absence of alcohol effecting him badly, "This is just me without the gallons of shit in me...." He rolls his head back into his hands, really tired, sore, bored amongst other things.

Harlee:he stares at Skylar for a second, seeing him like this felt so strange Skylar was usually so full of life but now he just looked...kinda dead. He was almost tempted to drag his arse over to a bar so he didn't have to look at this sorry site. "Your probably going through withdrawal." He says stating the obvious. "It should take around twoweeks for the symptoms to go away..."

Skylar: He lifts his head up abruptly and snaps, "You really think I'm patient enough to wait that look?!" He groans and holds his head in his hands yet again looking obviously like shit.

Harlee:He looks shakes his head a bit, "hell no, but its not like you can hop on a time machine go into the future and be done with it." He stands up and holds out his hand, "come on you should probably lie down and get some rest."

Skylar: He shrugs and stands up, "I should but since when am I know for doing the sensible thing?" He sighs and turns to go back inside the cabin, really disliking how bright the sun is getting.

Harlee:He follows Skylar inside half expecting him to just give up and make a beeline for the refrigerator where there are booze. "Maybe you could build one with some of that shit you have in your bathroom."

Skylar: He rolls his eyes before throwing himself onto the newly cleaned couch after his siblings decided to clean the cabin...for once, "Ugh I'm tired, whatever." He picks up his phone and begins to look through Facebook seeing pictures that...might not be appropriate for people under the age of 18....

Harlee:'He grins despite himself and goes into the kitchen, coming back with a bowl of carrots and whip creme. Shrugging he sits down next to him and begins to eat the strange concoction. "Anything I can do to help ease your boredom?"

Skylar: He debates this for a moment, "Snuggle?" He gives him a slight smirk before locking his phone and setting it on the table, leaning against the back of the sofa.

Harlee:He eats one of the whipped carrots before nodding his head in agreement. He shifts into Skylar a bit, bringing him into a Sheldony type of embrace >.< mostly because the couch is kinda small. Part of him is kinda glad that this is all Sky asked, he half expected him to say sex.

Skylar: He snuggles into Harlee somehow looking slightly more relaxed than he was before. He sighs and puts his arms around him, Skylar's lips about at the same height as Harlee's ear.

Harlee he relaxes somewhat into Skylar, goosebumps rising up as Skylars breath tickles his neck. He wants to say something but for once doesn't really have anything to say. In fact he's quite content with the current situation.

Skylar: He continues to cling onto Harlee, holding him tighter but suddenly decides to speak up saying how cosy she is. >.<

Harlee:Harlee stiffened and pulled back a little at that comment. "I'm a 'he'" he said poking Sky's leg to empathize his point. Sure he was used to correcting people but it still kinda killed the mood.

Skylar: He rolls his eyes even though they're closed, "Okay fine, I'll call you an it then....." He sighs before letting Harlee get up off the sofa, turning his back on her >.>

Harlee:" But I'm not an it I"m a he. Don't know why thats so hard for people to grasp." He rolls his eyes as Sky turns his back on him. Sighing he lies back down and wraps his arms around him again.

Skylar:He shrugs and strokes his arm as it wraps around him, "I was trying to be funny but apparently that's one of my weak least when sober...." He sighs and suddenly gets really tired, just wanting to sleep but at the same time wondering how far he can get with Harlee before one of them pussies out.

Harlee:He stares at Skylar for a minute before chuckling, "guess I overreacted a bit." He relaxes into the couch even more, finding Skylars touch very soothing. Without really even thinking about it he takes Sky's hand in his own and begins to play with his fingers >.<

Skylar: Suddenly a somewhat weird emotion runs through him, something he's never really felt before, not even with Glen, it's a weird feeling, a mixture of nervousness and happiness. His reaction being somewhat delayed due to not really knowing this emotion he quickly squeezes Harlee's hand reallllllyyyyy tight not knowing what else to do >.<

Harlee:He had been sorta drifting off when he hand is basically crushed by Skylars grip >.<. He tries to wiggle his fingers but to no avail. Kinda curious as to whats gotten into Sky he rests his chin on Skylars arm and he says "Sky...I need this hand for gaming..."

Skylar: He moves his head so that his lips are gently brushing over Harlee's cheek, "No, it's mine.....all mine....."

Harlee:He opens his mouth to say something but for the second time that day he really is lose for words, making him feel like one of those herions in a really nad romance movie. Truth be told he's had a rather large crush on Skylar for the longest time and now that he's so close he cant help but blush hoping that he'll lean in a little closer. In the back of his mind he's wondering if Skylar is just screwing with him.

Skylar: He tells himself 'f*ck it' and lightly kisses his cheek several times >.<

Harlee: His heart kinda leaps >.< and he shifts his head so that the next kiss is on his lips instead of his cheek >.<

Skylar: As soon as he realizes he's kissing Harlee's lips instead of his cheek he starts to actually kiss him instead of just pecking him >.<

Harlee:He smiles against Skylars kiss and wraps his arms around his neck, pulling him closer. Some Eros kids walk by, normally they would say something, but this is Skylar and to be honest they've seen him do a lost worse on that couch >.<

Skylar: At this point he's basically just blocked out everything else around him except for Harlee and the kiss. He quickly changes position so that he's laying on his back and Harlee is on top of him >.<

Harlee:He's not used to being on top but that doesn't matter because he's so caught up on Skylars lips pressed against his. His hands slowly begin to creep up his shirt feeling along his ribs >.<

Skylar: He deepens the kiss and starts to use his tongue but then breaks away from Harlee and pants, "Maybe we should go into my room?"

Harlee:Without even thinking about what that implied he nods his head and gets off Skylar so he can get up and lead him to his room.

Skylar: Skylar leads Harlee into his room, closes the door and lays on his bed, hoping Harlee would get the message and yeah >.<

Harlee:Still kinda not thinking about what this implies walks over to the bed and kissing Skylar once more, softly pushing him onto the bed.

Skylar: Starts playing with the waistband of Harlee's jeans, playfully trying to take them off thinking he's consenting him >.<

Harlee:Finally realizing how far Skylar wants to go he firmly pushes his hands away. Not wanting to break the mood.

Skylar: His arms drop down and he pulls away from Harlee, panting. "Sorry...."

Harlee:He pulls off of Skylar and shrugs, the mood obviously shattered into a whips of nothingness >.<. "It's alright..."

Skylar: Gets slightly pissed at himself so storms out of his room after pushing Harlee off him and goes straight to the fridge to get something to 'relieve' himself >.<

Harlee: for a few seconds he sits their but then realization hits him and he mutters, "shit", to himself. Getting up he follows Skylarinto the kitchen, "please don't..."

Skylar: He opens the fridge and gets a bottle of beer out and takes a swig before shrugging, closing the fridge.

Harlee:He sighs and shakes his head, "I'm sorry..." Then he leaves >.<

Skylar: As soon as Harlee leaves he takes another long drink from the bottle and punches the table, making his hand bleed slightly.

Skylar gets f*cked up

Timeskip of Doom Harlee: After arriving at the Hypnos Cabin he gets hit with a sudden weariness so he walks over to his bed and basically collapses on it, falling asleep almost instantly. Another timeskip

Skylar: He's sitting in the corner of the cabin, shaking, looking pretty pale and breathing pretty slowly....

Harlee:Finally waking up he gets up and stretches. Something is nagging in the back of his mind. Sighing he stands up and decides to go fix the nagging sensation by going to check up on the most likely drunk Skylar >.<

Skylar: Nothing really to report

Harlee:He enters the cabin without even knocking. When he sees Skylar he runs over to him and says, "my gods Sky what did you do now." Putting his hand on Skylars cheek he notes it's cold to the touch, he lightly shakes him.

Skylar:He sits in the corner breathing quite slowly but doesn't react to Harlee and then suddenly throws up over his shoes.

Harlee:He cringes a little but ignored the uncomfortable squishy feeling that the vomit causes. Around this tume an Eros kid walks by Harlee spots him and motions for him to come over, "help me get him to the infirmary, something isn't right." Between the two od them they manage to carry Skylar to the infirmary where an Apollo kid rushes to help them...

Anarchy, Chaos, and all thedelicious pleasures that come with it

Harlee: He's getting ready for the day, which will probably include gaming and living off chips and dip. Since he won't be going out he doesn't bother to wrap his chest instead opting for a pair of yoga pants and a loose T-shirt. Once everything is done he sits down and begins his Xbox marathon. >.<

Skylar: He knockes the door somewhat reluctantly waiting for someone to answer, preferably the counsellor for he has some...."counsellor" business to take care of.

Harlee: Just as he's turning on his Xbox he hears a knock, waiting a couple seconds to see if anyone bothers to answer it. When no one does he groans and gets up and opens the door. Not really surprised to see Skylar considering they have been bumping into each other a lot lately. 

Skylar: He's actually surprised when someone opens the door, "Where the f*ck is you f*cking counsellor?" He looks impatient, really needing to talk to the counsellor.

Harlee: He looks at him impassively. They hadn't really talked since the whole alcohol poisoning stint. Shrugging he says, "How the hell should I know?" He moves aside so that Skylar can enter the cabin and look for her himself.

Skylar: He walks inside before taking about three seconds to look for the counsellor before rage quitting and walking into Harlee's room and bouncing onto his bed, really tired.

Harlee: He looks up from his game already knowing that his day of Skylar free relaxation has been shot burned and thrown into the deepest pits of hell. Sighing he turns around, "Skylar...what are you doing?" He tries to keep his tone even although there is a level of exasperation and amusement to it. No matter how ticked off he was at Skylar somehow he could never stay that way for long.

Skylar: "I'm tired. I've literally gotten like no sleep these past three nights...." He shrugs and looks at Harlee, "And y'know this is Hypnos' Cabin, thought I might get a bit of shut eye maybe, perhaps, probably not."

Harlee: He shrugs and gets up the video games momentarily forgotten. "I could use my powers to put you under...but natural sleep is always better..."

Skylar: He turns on his side, his hand propping up his head. "Or you could...." He trails off realizing he isn't talking to his significant other.

Harlee: He rolls his eyes at what Skylar is implying and throws a Spiderman throw pillow at him. "Not a chance Skylar." He sits down on the edge of the bed and stares at him for a bit before sighing. "Why didn't you just go to Amber..." Bold

Skylar: He shrugs, "Ummm.....maybe because you're like wayy more attractive....maybe?" He sighs and lays his head on the pillow.

Harlee: He bounces up and down on the bed a bit, biting his lip before sighing for the billionth time. "Go back to Amber. This is one game I really don't want to play." He gives Skylars legs a light shove off the bed.

Skylar: He pouts, "Awww but...I really want to play it...." He gives Harleé puppy dog eyes.

Harlee"Go find someone else to play with then...I heard there are some good looking Dionysus kids, why don't you try there." He gets up off the bed not really sure what to do, and definitely not wanting to look Skylar in the eyes.

Skylar: He grabs ahold of his baggy top and pulls him back down onto the bed. "Comeon...."

Harlee: "F*ck." As he falls he turns a little and ends up doing a hip to chest with Skylar >.< He turns a glares but doesn't say anything.

Skylar: He laughs, "Come on Harleé...." He smirks. "Play with me a little."

Harlee:He tries to disentangle himself from but only manages to bring himself closer to Sky. He sighs almost as if giving up on fighting Skylar, he brushes some of the hair from Skylars forehead and looks into his eyes.

Skylar: He returns Harleé's gaze and looks into his blue eyes before stroking his cheek lovingly sorta losing himself.

Harlee:He holds Sky's hand to his cheek and goves him a "what am I going to do with you"look. Battling the urge to kiss him and at the same time not wanting to get sucked into any more drama Harlee doesnt move.

Skylar: Literally just has a "f*ck it" moment and leans in to kiss Harlee.

Harlee:Half expecting its lips meet Skylars and he kisses back with much passion momentarly forgetting about Amber.

The Christmas Carols Have Begun.RUN FOR YOUR F*CKING LIFE!

Harlee: After getting a text from Skylar asking him to come to over and bring a some sparkly decorations. He grabs his coat and heads over to the Eros Cabin, not bothering to bring any decorations considering this is Skylar we're talking about and he probably went overboard as it is. When he arrives his eyes go kinda wide as he surveys the scene. "Wholy shit..."

Skylar: He sits on the porch as the lights flash around the windows holding Tourni who looks like a kitty santa claws (get it >.<) He suddenly sees Harlee come up and smiles, "I'm guessing you don't like it then...."

Harlee: He grins at Skylar and sits down next to him. "It looks like a rainbow threw up. But I didn't expect anything less from you."

Skylar: He laughs, tempted to put his arms around him but decided against it, "But rainbows are really are unicorns...." >.< 

Harlee: "Yea...I've always been more of a small animals who can't impale you with their horns person." An Eros camper walks up behind them and as Harlee looks up he notices that the camper is hanging mistletoe right above him. He sends the guy a half hearted glare only to get a mischievous grin in return.

Skylar: He tries to hide a grin but fails and smiles wide before stopping "Well might as well...." He leans in >.<

Harlee:  He leans in and catches Skylars lips in his own. 

Skylar: He kisses Harlee in such a way it's hard to believe they're not even officially a couple yet.

Harlee: Trust me that's something we all find hard to believe. Harlee moans a little and deepens the kiss, pulling Skylar closer and ignoring the whiistles from the Eros kids walking by.

Skylar: He tries his best to "pleasure" Harlee during the kiss, but throws up the middle finger to anyone who walks past and whistles.

Harlee: If he wasn't so caught up in the kiss he probably would have rolled his eyes. But he's so in the zone with Skylar that he forgets about his surroundings. He begins to unzip Skylars jacket...

Skylar: Shit happens and it starts to snow, sorta weird because it's the start of November but anyway, the two of them are making out, under the mistletoe, while it's snowing >.<

Harlee: Despite his jacket he shivers slightly when he feels the cold hit his bare neck and breaks the kiss. "Dafuq it's snowing..."

Skylar: He's gently pulling his clothes off, "Oh is....." He casually starts kissing the side of his neck.

Amber: She's walking towards the Eros' cabin to show Skylar her new ring, when she spots Skylar and Harlee. "Skylar?"

Skylar: He looks up almost surprised that Amber was there and quickly swears under his breath, "I fell."

Amber: She glares at him and gives him a "are-you-serious" look. "Awkward place to fall hm?"

Skylar: He looks at the ladder then to Harlee >.<

Amber: She steps forward and nods to her ring. "See this ring Skylar? It's a very expensive ring and as you can see, it has a rather large diamond. How much damage do you think it would do, if I slapped you right now?"

Skylar: He clams his eyes shut before sitting up on his knees not wanting Amber to accidentally hit Harlee >.<

Amber: She rolls her eyes and quickly slaps Skylar across the face.

Skylar: He whines softly as she strikes him across the face.

Amber: She glances at Harlee for a moment then looks back at Skylar. "Have fun with your new partner Skylar." She turns and starts walking away.

Skylar: He stokes his face, quite unsure of what the f*ck went on and looks back down at Harlee.

Harlee: He looks kinda...well ticked. At this point he had assumed that Skylar had broken up with Amber.

Skylar: "Sorry....about that............" He sighs and looks down at the ground.

Harlee: He shrugs and scoots away a little hugging himself to keep out the cold. "You could have just told me...hell if you had just told her you wouldn't have gotten slapped..."

Skylar: He gets up and enters the cabin, "I deserved it anyway....."

Hypnos' Cabin Banter

Skylar: It's snowing again and Skylar's walking home from idk something but it's getting too cold so he runs and knocks on the first cabin he sees, hoping someone he likes will answer, not really taking into account the exterior as he's more determined to get heated up rather than how pretty a cabin looks.

Harlee: He's piled under basically a pound of blankets in an attempt to keep warm. Suddenly he hears a knock, "Someone get the damn door!" he yells. Obviously his cabin mates choose to ignore him because the knocking continues. Grumbling he unwraps himself from his cacoon of blankets and walks over to the door, opening it. "Oh...hey..."

Skylar: He looks at Harlee sorta taken aback by how adorable he looks, "Hey..." He looks away feeling sorta embarrassed, "I'm just here to steal your heating. Cause y'know, snow...."

Harlee: He wraps the blanets tighter around himself. Surprised but at the same time not really surprised by the fact that it's Skylar at the door. He's still kinda pissed at Skylar but at the same time he'd been missing him. It's freezing and his cheeks are getting red just from standing by the door. "It's freezing are you just going to stand there or are you going to get in here?"

Skylar: He slams the door, his eyes avoiding Harlee, and wanders over to the couch, laying down on it facing outways. "Here I'm sorry about last time with Amber and all....."

Harlee: Harlee wonders over Skylar and throws one of his blankets on Skylar before sitting on a chair opposite of him. He shrugs, "It's whatever..."

Skylar: He looks over to the fireplace, somewhat longing it to be lit so the room can be all lit, cozy and Christmassy. "Could you light the fire, pleaseeeee?"

Harlee: He shrugs and scoots over to the edge of the chair obviously not wanting to get up. Eventually he does and takes a box of matches of the shelf above the fireplace. There's alread tinder in the fireplace so he strikes a match;  obviously burning himself and dropping the match; strikes another and finally lights the fire. Then he gets up and walks back towards his room, blankets dragging behind him >.<

Skylar: He smiles and snuggles into the blanket, "Now can I get a snuggle please?" He looks up at Harlee.

Harlee: Stopping in mid-step he turns towards Skylar and rolls his eyes, "just because I forgave you doesn't mean anything has changed between us." 

Skylar: He tilts his head, "You love me, stop lying to yourself." He throws a pillow at him before waving him over again.

Harlee: He shrugs again this time looking away. "Your right. I still do but honestly it's not worth it, never knowing if your sleeping with another person behind my back."

Skylar: The fire crackles as they just stay there in silence, Skylar's smile long faded as he pulls the blanket up to his face, trying to ignore all the problems surrounding him right now.

Harlee: He sits on his bed kinda wanting to go back out there with Skylar but at the same time wanting to hold his ground. A minute later he comes back into the room and stares at Skylar, "this is the point in the movie where you come after me, not feel sorry for yourself."

Skylar: "What's the point....." He lets out a huge sigh, "My life sucks, I might as well become a prostitute and a porn star while I'm at least then I get payed...."

Harlee: "You and I both know your way to lazy to get a job. That's why you have Holden." He's not trying to be mean when he says this, just trying to change the mood.

Skylar: He shrugs, "I had a job once....for like three days...."

Harlee: He shrugs and sits on the table besides the couch not really sure what to say.

Skylar: He lifts his head up off the arm rest and looks at him. "Come on Al....." His voice drifts off.....

Harlee: He looks up at Skylar at the mention of his old name. There's no anger in his eyes really it's just that he hasn't been called that in such a long time. "It's Harlee....." He corrects him more out of habit then anything else.

Skylar: "Well at least I didn't finish the sentence....." He pulls up the blanket again turning his back on Harlee.

Harlee: "I never said I was upset about it...don't be like this Sky...I just..." He trails off and sighs feeling this like conversation is kinda futile.

Skylar: He stays silent, ignoring Harlee.

Harlee: He stares at Skylars back for a few minutes before sighing in defeat. "I give up. Your impossible. Going from hot to cold. I honestly don't know what you want from  me Skylar." He gets up to leave and go mope in his room >.<

Skylar: He gets up, blanket still wrapped around him and while Harlee's standing up he puts his arms around him and lays his chin on his head, stroking his arm gently.

Harlee: The blanket wrapped around her drops to the ground and he leans back into Skylar smiling ever so slightly. He rests the back of his head on Skylars shoulder. Skylars touch felt cool against his skin, cool yet fitting. 

Skylar: He sorta waltzes around with him before kissing his hair lightly.

Harlee: He brings his hand up to Skylars face grazing his skin before lightly bringing his lips to Skylars.

Skylar: He leans in and kisses Harlee both gently but passionately. >.<

Harlee: He grins against the kiss and slips his hands into- Uhp no, no, no, you naughty thing. Honestly I'm to lazy to write out the rest of the foreplay and who knows how long I'll manage to keep Wonders attention O.O. Lets just say they went up down and all around. Fluids were exchanged and more than one piece of furniture got wet.

Skylar: He wakes up a little disorientated, not really used to being in Hypnos Cabin. He takes a quick look around the room, not really recognizing it due to the fact it's like 3am, he's tired and he had a really cute Harlee sleeping in his arms.

Harlee: He's snuggled deeply into Skylar. It had actually been quite a long time since he was able to sustain sleep. Despite being a Hypnos kid he was a bit of an insomniac. However being with Skylar relaxed him.

Skylar: He suddenly snaps out of this little wave of disorientation and kisses Harlee's cheek softly, sorta marking his territory >.<

Harlee: Opening his eyes he sighs contently and turns to look at Skylar his eyes soaking in all his features as if trying to memorize every perfection and flaw on his face. For the first time he was seriously considering a relationship with this him. Sure Skylar was screwed up but he wasn't exactly normal either. Maybe things really could work out, couldn't hurt to try. "Think we can make this work...?"

Skylar: He moves his head so he's more looking at Harlee and less at his cheek. He opens his mouth to speak but can't seem to mutter a word so he just shrugs.

Harlee: His brows crease slightly, a mixture of disappointment and expectancy on his face. Obviously taking this as Skylars inability to commit he moves away to a farther corner of the bed.

Skylar: He looks at Harlee, his mouth still sorta open so he closes it he shrugs on his hoodie which had slightly fallen off since Harlee moved out of his arms. He just turns onto his back not saying anything.

Harlee: He sighs in disappointment and shuts his eyes knowing that he won't be able to go back to sleep and kinda wanting to be alone, but at the same time he doesn't want to kick Skylar out. To take his mind off of everything he pretends he's playing an alien shooter game, every so often his fingers will twitch as if he's pulling a trigger.

Skylar: He looks away from Harlee trying to stop thinking about how adorable he is and about how much he's blown it with him.

Harlee: After about an hour of just lying there. He turns to face Skylar...or more accuretely Skylars back. Poking him to get his attention he says, "why are you so scared of's really not that hard..."

Skylar: "It's not that I'm scared...well...." He pauses for a second not really wanting to come out with it but he finally grows the balls to day it, "It's just I'm scared of hurting you like.....I've known you since I was a little kid who didn't know about the myriad of things which I've gradually became more aware of know my reputation, you know how f*cked up I am. You're different from Glen or Amber or one of my other exs. I mean, I'm genuinely scared of hurting you and screwing it up but...." He trails off his voice beginning to crack slightly.

Harlee: He lies there for a bit not really sure what to say. He hadn't been expecting Skylar to confess something like that. To be honest he had been expecting some lame excuse or a shrug. What Skylar told him made him feel all warm inside, that warmth you get when you know someone genuinly cares about about you. Slowly he begins to say "I know you've had trouble with relationships in the past...but this one, it can be different...people can change...I- I love you Skylar and I want to be with you. I know I could get hurt but it's worth it. So lets try and take this risk, play it by year...." he trails off not really sure what to say anymore.

Skylar: He turns around onto his other side his eyes somewhat watery before he shifting over so that he's facing Harlee before whispering. "I love you too...."

The point in the relationship when I dance for the gods because Wonder is still interested

Harlee: He enters the Eros Cabin and heads straight for Skylars room. He's wearing a pair of faded blue jeans, plain orange T-shirt, Nike sneakers, and a yellow pikachu poncho. His sneakers make that annoying squelching sound as he heads over to the room which is obviously Skylars. As he opens the door he smiles, "Damn it's pouring out there."

Skylar: He looks up at Harlee, looking less like a homeless druggie and more like a normal human being. "Oh I was just about to leave actually...."

Harlee: He frowns slightly. More disappointed then anything else. "Oh...alright..." He makes no move to leave right then because it's still pouring and he has no desire to walk back to his cabin in that weather.

Skylar: He looks are Harlee with a look of pity on his face. "You can come too....if you want...might stop me from sleeping with someone else....."

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Vodka

Skylar: He's lying on his bed, in his room, staring at the sky, debating whether or not it would be worth getting up and getting a bottle of vodka.

Harlee: He bursts into the room basically unannounced, since he lives here about half the time he saw no point in knocking. He's wearing pink sneakers with jeans and a T-shirt that says '#TeamLoki'. "You. Me. Movies. Yes, yes. Alright get dressed."

Skylar: He looks Harlee up and down. "Nooooo." He moans, "I'm really tired." He sighs and begins to get up from his bed, obviously having a rough night the night before. He has bruises and scrapes up his arm, really dark circles under his eyes and it kind of shaky.

Nutella Makes Sexy Underwear...Also Wonder is Still a Virgin :P

Harlee: He's sitting on Skylars bed wearing a pair of cameo slacks with a pikachu sweatshirt. On his lap his a basket which makes a weird mewing sound every couple of seconds.

Skylar: He's lying in the bed, still sleeping. He tosses and turns a bit, kicking Harlee in the back several times before finally resting in one place.

Harlee: Smirking he opens up the box and takes out this which resembles a ball of yellow fuzz. The yellow ball is then placed on top of Skylars face, the kitten begins to lick his cheek.


So We Meet Again

Orochi:he stands by the bonefire, looking at the flames like and alcoholic might look at his first drink of the day, there's no one on the beach maybe because its so early...or is it just really late...either way there's no one on the beach besides Orochi. Slowly he begins to take off his close, getting ready to take a dip in the water.

Stephen: It's about three in the morning and Stephen really can't sleep in his little boat so he quickly pulls up the blinds, naked (thinking no one would see him) and looking at the stars, not realizing Orochi is beginning to take a dip.

Orochi: He strips down to nothing much his boxers and walks towards the water. The bonefire providing light so he can see where he's going. Some of the scars on his stomach shimmer in the light. As he reaches the water he notices Stephen and that he's naked >.<, should probably look away but instead he just stares at him wondering if he even notices that he's there.


Because "Sex"

Luther:Luther sits on the porch of the Tyche cabin a half empty bottle of wine in hand. He has a black eye and a split lip but besides that is relatively unharmed. There's an unreadable morose expression on his face and his eyes are kinda distance. Internally he's feeling guilty, angry, and a bunch of other things over what happened to Gabriel and is dealing with said feelings the only way he knows >.<

Anthony: He exits Tyche's Cabin in order to get milk for his cabin mates but on the way down the steps he misses one and falls flat on his face.

Luther:He notices him fall and gets up swaying slightly before going to help him. As he leans over to give him a hand he ends up losing his balance completely and falling on top of Anthony, the bottle falling to the ground and the rest of its contents spilling out.

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