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Sebastian: He was lying on a towel on bondi beach and the crowds of people swarmed around him. He had his sunglasses on and had board shorts in showing his muscles and the tatoo on his chest and arm.

Frankie: Her mother Elsa had paid a tidy sum of money to get Frankie a return ticket to Sydney for the weekend, as she wanted to catch up with her daughter. The two of them had been lying in the sun chatting for a good hour when Elsa started getting burnt and returned to her rented apartment. Frankie was left alone on the swarming beach, blissfully happy. She grabbed her surfboard and began riding the waves, laughing as she fell off time and time again.

Sebastian : He stood up ignoring a couple of girls glancing over at him to stare at his chest, he glanced out to the ocean ready to pack up and go, the trip to Australia costed much and he didn't want to spend much money till he could get a job but he wanted to get out of camp for a while so he decided to come here, away from camp. As he watched the ocean he saw a girl falling off her board and raised his eyebrow slightly.

Frankie: This time after stacking it she sinks to the bottom of the ocean, morhing into ablue shark so as to have the beach evactuated. As she swims up and down the near-shoreline, alarm bells sound and the standard shark warning is given out, asking for all beachgoers to evauate.

Sebastian : He watched as the crowd swarmed out but he didn't bother, he can't even swim so he wouldn't be harmed by the shark...or maybe its there cause he's there. Oh well Sebastian didn't care. He watched as a lifeguard came to get him away but he flicked him off with a look and turned back to the beach wanting to see a shark.

Frankie: As soon as she was sure no one was eft on the beach, she morphed back into a human and bobbed up next to her board, climbing onto its surface. She giggled slightly to herself. Paddling out to catch a wave she misses it, punching the water in frsutration. She calms herself down, however, and manages to catch the next wave all the way to shore, her board's fins scraping the sand. She picks up her board, satisfied, and begins walking towards her towell when something catches her eye. She pivots on her heels, now directly facing the perpetrator; a tennage douchbay who didn't evacuate. She begins storming over to him, murder on her face.

Sebastian : He saw the girl walk up to him and he gave a one sided grin at her. 'Oh dear? Have I upset you? I didn't mean to' he said in a mocking tone rolling his eyes and looked her up and down then back to her face.

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