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Coffee Shop

  • Halia: she stops at the entrance waiting for Orian
  • Orian: He finally catches up to Halia after staring at random things along the way, "Sorry, I was distracted."
  • Halia: she tilts her head lightly "You don't say?" she smirks "anyway. Here we are"
  • Orian: He shakes his head. "Shh, your sarcasm isn't needed." He giggles and holds the door open for her.
  • Halia: she frowns sarcastically "I invented sarcasm. I shall not live without it."
  • Orian: "Hmmm, get in there, I need to figure out if they have cheesecake or not." He smiles as they walk in and he pulls out his wallet, looking at the menu.
  • Halia: "This is a Cafe ofcourse what do you think?" she laughs softly at his idiotness
  • Orian: He glares at her and smiles widely, laughing a bit, "Yeah, still not from around here, just remember that." He goes up the counter and orders an iced mocha latte and a cheesecake, while getting Halia what she wants.
  • Halia: "This will be your treat because you suddenly invited me out of the camp." she grins "Oreo cheesecake and Cafe Latte please." she smiles
  • Orian: "Ummm, I'm pretty sure your just pouted your way into here with me, but we'll go with that." He giggles and orders her cheesecake and latte.
  • Halia: "lol. whatever i'll still not follow you if you didn't came back for me. I'm so lazy to do another vertical running." -_- she sighs as she rolls her eyes
  • Orian: "So, if I turned into a fox, right here and now, and walked out that door, you wouldn't even thank me for the food?" He frowns and shakes his head. "I see how it is. Just want your food and coffee." He looks down to hide his smile.
  • Halia: she laughs softly "You can say that." she shrugs "Depends. Who knows anyway?"
  • Orian: "Aww, that's a shame. You're kinda cute too, But oh well." He walks out the door and comes back a minute later for the cheesecake, "This is mine, and shall be eaten." He then walks out the door, munching on his cheesecake.
  • Halia: "Where you going?"
  • Orian: He shrugs and just mumbles, "Somewhere to be alone, I guess. I don't know."
  • Halia: "Wat? you're leaving me?" -_- "Also. You can't go with that plate you have to atleast tell the staffs to place it on another container. duuh." she rolls her eyes as she stood up taking her latte and waving at the waiter gesturing at the cakes
  • Orian: He puts the cake down, and sits back in the chair, sighing at his attempt at leaving. "Anywhere you want to go?"
  • Halia: the waiter returns with a two plastic square container and place the cakes in there it handed over the cake and halia looked at Orian "Your name.?"
  • Orian: "O-Orian, sorry." He looks numbly at the table, wondering what to do for the day.
  • Halia: she tilts her head "Dude why are you saying sorry." -.- "I'm Halia. Memory Nymph." she introduces simply
  • Orian: He sighs and just shakes his head. "I'm Orian, I'm an animal spirit. Foxes, as you could tell."
  • Halia: she rolls her eyes "What's so wrong of introducing?" she furrows her eyebrow
  • Orian: He just looked at her and wondered how he could make her a tad happier. "Nothing at all, what do you like to do, though?"
  • Halia: "I don't know. Sleep then wake up then Sleep again then so on and blah blah blah." she rolls her eyes looking bored
  • Orian: He just sighs "I'm trying to be nice, and patient, but I don't know what you like to do, and honestly, as another person, I like you more than most, so I'm trying to figure out what you would want to do." He justs looks down as the waiter comes back with the boxes. "Just, whatever I did to tick you off like that, I'm sorry. I want to make it up to you somehow."
  • Halia: "Sorry." she shrugs "Take me as i am or watch me as i go." she frowns "though, You never did something bad to me." she raises her right eyebrow "What the hell are you talking about making up with me?
  • Orian: "The hell don't I mean? I'm constantly make bad jokes, I'm sitting here wondering what would happen if I ran off, and was about to leave you alone, I think I owe you something for being like that. That's all." He shrugs and looks her in the eyes, smiling wider, "I just wanted to make today a good day, that's it."
  • Halia: she chuckles and taps his shoulders "Don't worry dude. I didn't notice it and Good luck on making my day"
  • Orian: "Well, what do you wanna do? You choose, since y'know, it's kinda... your day out so to speak." He chuckles lightly and smiles wide. Don't screw this up Orian. Not like last time. He thought to himself.
  • Halia: she sighs. "Don't worry too much about me, seriously you don't need to entertain me." she gives him a -_- face
  • Orian: "Alright." He looks up at the ceiling, slouching a bit. "Well... Why don't we go somewhere then, just us two, we can get to know each other. I was thinking, maybe the pond since it's so quite, or the beach?"
  • Halia: "I prefer beach." she chuckles lightly at the word beach thinking of the other thing. :3 if you know what that mean :3 xDD
  • Orian: "Awesome! Let's go then." He sits back down, digging into his cake. "After this cake of course."
  • Halia: she smiles at his cute expression through the cake "I bet you really like cakes though you always kill them. Poor cakes" she says sarcastically
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