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Abraham: Abraham had just woken up and poured himself a cup of coffee. Picking his mug up. he thought it would be best to take a walk by the beach before starting the day and took a sip as he tiptoed past his half-siblings, trying not to wake them, and stepping out of the Poseidon cabin. Outside stood a pretty, fair-skinned asian girl with darkish brown hair. She was muttering about not being able to go to town or something of the sorts when Abraham chimed in, "Hey, what's up?"

suzaku: she turns to him looking unamused upon hearing his words she looked up uhh like always the sky...she said dryly as she looked down a bit disappointed with her directions note to self never ask hermes for anything....she said slowly to herself

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Abraham: Abraham smiled, "Yeah technically, you're right." He made his way down the wooden steps from the cabin and onto the gravelly path that led from one part of the camp to the other. He had only joined the Camp a couple weeks ago and he didn't know many people aside from Charlie. "You need some help with that map?", he asked the girl.

Suzaku: she rolls her eyes turning to the boy looking at him as he walked closer what makes you say that? she asked sarcastically a bit annoyed but yes mr brilliance I do need your help...she paused as she scans the boy that is if you know this place..she looks down cause clearly I dont...she said slowly kicking a few stones near her feet

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Abraham: Man she seems pretty down. Abraham thought as he took a sip of his coffee. "Hmm, lemme take a look at the map.", he said before taking the map into his own hands. Abraham scanned the thick brown sheet of paper. It smelled new like it had just came out of the printing press. They were in front of the Poseidon Cabin which wasn't too far from the entrance. He could understand how she got mixed up though, they were near the dead centre of the camp and the Town was on the opposite side of it. Abraham drew his eyes to the girl's face.

"Uh, you'll probably want to keep going straight towards the dining pavillion on this road then take a left. You'll see a- Wait, actually, I'm going down to the shore right now. Us kids of Poseidon can water travel. Do you wanna come with me? I've never been to town since I got here so yeah...", he said switching to a more innocent tone near the end.

OOC: Oh man, I'm sorry. I guess I was being pretty ignorant. I hope you learn it pretty well here! Can I ask what your first language is?

Suzaku: she looks at Abraham newbie.... she said slowly to the boy as she process all the new information given by him listen here....she paused for a bit thinking of the proper words to say to the boywe just met and barely know each other's name..she said calmly not that I hate water travel or anything...but how are you sure I'm not an axe murderer just waiting to kill a...she stops as she leans forward to "smell" the guy to confirm her intuition about the boy's species not realizing the poseidon cabin but soon realize a scent of the sea around him soon remembering his offer of water travel demigod child of poseidon....wait no paleamon? she quickly shakes her head ignoring her own argument regardless of who ever your god parent is you should not trust anyone she said with a warning tone before her stomach started to grumble ok ignore my previous statement lets go crazy axe murder I dont care who you are or what your intentions would be but we need food!!!

Abraham: Abraham couldn't help but laugh when the girl spoke about her being an axe murderer. "Don't worry about me, even if you were an axe murderer, I don't think I'd be in front of you long enough! I would have ran away the second you pulled the axe out!", he said before laughing again and regaining his composure.

Abraham took a final swig from his mug before setting it down by the wooden steps leading up to his new home. "I'm sure noone will take that. C'mon, you don't seem like the type to be very upbeat when you're hungry!", he said cheekily. Upon arriving at the shore, Abraham could smell the saltwater that drew him in from the sea. It had been a while since he last jumped in. Abraham took the girl's hand without asking and quickly imagined the little body of water next to the nearest town. He began to walk into the water but made a conscious effort to remain dry. "Don't worry, I won't let you get wet", Abraham said with a smile.

Suzaku: she placed her hands on her waist I'm sorry to disappoint you but my figure would not let me bring an axe anywhere I go..she said slowly as she was being pulled by abraham either way I dont care how I get there just give me food and your my savior!!

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OOC: Sorry, I'm on my phone, do you think you can fix my OOC going before yours? I'm like a quarter Indonesia, and my Grandpa could speak Malay because he was from there lol. That's pretty cool though.

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