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Ambrosine: Ambrosine walked up to the big house in a toe-to-toe manner, while holding her bow in her right hand. She had a soft smile on her pale face. She continued to walk until she came upon the big house. She sat down with a light on one of the wooden steps. She sat there as if she were waiting for something to happen.

Russ: He appears out of nowhere, holding a white rose that seems to shine with a faint aura, he notices ambrosine just waiting there with a happy look on her face and walks up to her. "We meet again."

Ambrosine: She looks over as she hears a familiar voice. The voice belonged to Russ. She smiled lightly, and waved. "I guess so."

Russ: He sits down next to her, setting down the rose he was holding, he looks into her eyes and smiles with a sense of warmth. "So why do you have your bow on your person."

Ambrosine: She smiled lightly, and turned towards the field. "I was about to go practice, but then something came up, so now I'm here." She said this in a poliet tone. "Um, why do you have a white rose?" She says this a little curiously.

Russ: He looks at her with an eyebrow raised giving a what are you talking about look but then suddenly realizes that he had forgotten about his travel rose. "Oh, this is an equivalent to your shadow travelling, in summer persephone kids get to make travel roses, so this is how i am getting around for the time being."

Ambrosine: She ooks at him, and smiles. "Oh yea, I forgot you guys don't use shadow travel until later on in the year. Plus the rose is really pretty."

Russ: He places his palms out and a silver aura starts to form petals and the rest of the flower, he hands it to her with a slight smirk giving him a mischievous look. "Here you go, use this instead of wasting your energy shadow travelling."

Ambrosine: She smiles lightly and takes the beautiful flower from him. "Thank you, but I don't shadow travel ever, atleast when I can help it" She said this a little shakingly.

Russ: He frowns at the fact that he always thought she used shadow travel to get around rather than walk. "I'm sorry, i thought you shadow travelled all the time."

Ambrosine: She looked at him and then shook her head. "I've tried it before, but the thought of being in darkness kinda scares me."

Russ: His eyes widen at the fact that she is scared of the dark "Well if something ever scares you, you should just come to me and i will help you through it."

Ambrosine: She smiled faintly. "Pretty weird fear, huh?" She said this a little haphazardly. She smiled lightly at what he said. "Maybe I will, next time."

Russ: He kisses her deeply "You had better."

Ambrosine: She blushed lightly, and then smiled. "Well, I promise." She stood up grabbing her bow.

Russ: "If you are gonna shoot me with an arrow, make it quick."

Ambrosine: She looks at him a little alerted. "Oh my gods, 'm not gonna shot ya." She said this a little shakingly. "I just thought I saw something."

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