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Jared and Bridget RP

Bridget: Seeing his reaction, she chuckled, "Are you alright, Jared?" She waved her hand in front of his face. "Why do you look like as if you've seen a ghost?" She laughed a bit. "Jared is gone now." Then she realized the ghost boy had the same name as his. "Oh! Right." She clasped her hands together in front of her waist. "The ghost you saw earlier? His name is Jared, as well. And he is my... nephew."

Jared: He ran a hand through his hair smiling sheepishly 'You have nephew named Jared?' he asked her biting back a laugh of relief.

Bridget: She nodded. "Yes, that little boy you saw earlier is Jared. He told me he is my brother's child." Jared, Bridget's nephew died of a very young age. The authorities discovered who Bridget's relatives were. Since Bridget was accused of being a witch, of course, they believed she was one. They decided to execute her whole family so that 'witchcraft' wouldn't have to spread anymore. She managed a weak smile. "I never knew I'd meet someone with the same name as his." Then she added, "You have a very nice name, you know that?"

Jared: He beamed happily at this. 'Thank you....I'm sorry about your loss though' he added on and he looked genuinly sorry about this as if he wanted to go all out to get rid of all the pain and misery that came her way.

Bridget: "What loss?" At first she didn't get what he said but she realized it later on and added, "Oh... you mean my family?" She looked down the ground suddenly remembering that loss. "It's alright. They still talk to me anyway." She looked back at Jared with a tight lip smile showing that she was totally fine but she could never hide the sadness in her eyes.

Jared: He looked at her closely but smiled back deciding not to push it. If she wants to talk about it, she will. 'Alright say uh' he trailed off not really sure how to continue.

Bridget: Upon hearing him call her full name, a smile formed on her face as she looked at him and asked, "Yes, Jared?"

Jared: 'There is this uh movie that I have been wanting to see and I had two tickets for a friend and I but that friend bailed so I have a spare ticket and I was wondering if y'know....' he trailed off again looking at her hopefully.

Bridget: "A movie?" The word was very foreign to her for they did not have any movies during her time. "What... is that?"

Jared: 'Uh...moving pictures that tells a story with real people.' he says nodding looking very serious at this, like the movies were more important than the President being killed.

Bridget: She still didn't understand, moreover, could not get the picture but she just nodded and told him, "Take me there." She gave him a warm smile. Though she didn't know where they were going, she just trusted Jared.

Jared: He grinned and held out his hand. 'Well then I shall take you there.' he said his American accent coming through his voice but it wasn't a heavy accent, it was a natural accent and he sounded as if the accent was his own.

Bridget: She took his hand. Even a wider smile formed on her face. It was undescribable like it was a mixture of a warm and sweet smile. It was so genuine.

Jared: He grinned taking her out of camp and onto the road to camp. 'So Bri, how are you today?' he asked looking at her smiling.

Bridget: She managed a tight lip smile and said, "I'm fine. Thank you." She added, "And you?"

Jared: 'Better now that I'm with you.' he admitted then looked away not really thinking of what he was saying, it just came out.

Bridget: She cluthed her hands on her chest. "That's so sweet of you, Jared," she said as if it was a normal thing for her to say, at least that was how they were supposed to respond.

Jared: He blushed bright red and rubbed the back of his head. 'Thanks' he said with a grin.

Bridget: A tight lip smile formed on her face. "You are most welcome."

Jared: He came out of the theatre beaming at Bridget.

Bridget: She was too much amazed of what she just saw in the theater. "That... was so... wonderful!" She turned to look at Jared and said, "How were they able to that? The people... they are... in a very big box!"

Jared: He nodded grinning. 'You could say it like that, yes.' he said chuckling.

Bridget: She did something someone would never expect. She kissed him on the cheek. She smiled at him and chuckled. "Thank you."

Jared: His mouth slightly opened in surprise and he grinned. 'Its fine.'


Trevor: After a long day, he decided to relax and head to the beach. He walked going to the shore, his hands on the back of his head. The sunset looked perfect and gave a more relaxing feel. It's been a long time since he's been to a place with a very nice scenery. It was like the first time again that he felt that great. Good thing not many people were there or else he'd have to retreat.

Jared: He was lying on a towel tanning so he obviously had no shirt on, he had only been trying to get a tan for the past five minutes so it wasn't getting far especially with the sunset. He was lying on his hands as he had nothing for a pillow but he was comfortable like it anyway and his eyes were closed so he wouldn't notice Trevor.

Trevor: Going for a swim was quite tempting but knowing that sea nymphs were in the area, Trevor decided to just stay on the shore. He took a stroll, walking towards the sunset. He was looking up the sky which appeared so dramatic with its color having the shade of orange, yellow and red--a good combination indeed. He kept on walking with his gaze up the sky and suddenly he tripped not noticing Will was in the way. He fell on the sand face first. "Oof!"

Jared: He jolted up as he felt Trevor trip over him and stared at him in surprise. 'Are...are you ok?' He asked coughing into his fist biting back a laugh. He found it a bit funny to see the guy just trip over him hitting the sand face first but he felt slightly guilty over it, the guy could have injured himself seriously and he was laughing bout it.

Trevor: He lifted his face, covered with sand, and spewed out some sand that went in his mouth. "Bleh!" He coughed pushing himself up and sat up. He brushed off the sand on his face and on his hair then he stopped as he saw someone in front of him. He thought that perhaps he tripped over that guy. Embarrassing. He just sneered at him not answering his question and stood up rubbing the sand off his clothes.

Jared: He raised an eyebrow at the guy then smirks slightly. 'You still have some sand in your mouth.' he points out watching him sand off.

Trevor: 'What?' he thought, 'Shoot!' He immediately wiped his mouth using his sleeve but kept a slightly irritated look on his face so his feeling of embarrassment won't show. 

Jared; He smirked lying back down pushing his sungglasses up. 'Good luck getting the sand out of your hair doofus.' he said to him.

Trevor: "Pffft. Whatever." He ruffled his hair so the sand on it would get out.

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