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Broken Covenant: Alix and Aiden.

Alix: His heart beats at lighting pace as thunderbolts pierce his skin, the only escape from that or certain death leaping into a giant fountain. Back up against it he is pushed in, he crawls, fights to stay above water but is pushed down by a lone figure with wings on his helmet. He eventually gasps for air and wakes up. "Damn.." he sighs to himself and pulls on some random clothes, making sure he looks suitable before going to the mess hall for breakfast and training.

Adrian: He slowly walks into Alix dropping his food on the floor "Shit" He looks at the floor angry

Alix: "Damn.." he mutters silently to himself, his day just got worse and worse. "Are you okay?" he asks Aiden, resisting the urge to hide away in his bedroom in case his father tried to have him killed...again. It was that sort of day.

Adrian: I'm fine He smiles ....Oh hai Alix He giggles and puts out his hand

Alix: "Hi.." he frowns and walks away irritably before he gets the urge to mess with the boys testosterone till his manhood was completely defunct or shrivelled.

Adrian: Are you okay? You seem sad

Alix: "I'm fine. If you want me I'll be going to my room." he replies, his footsteps echoing along the stone corridors back to his own quarters, his expression is fixed, stubbornly refusing to show any sign of emotion.

Adrian: He knocks on the door

Alix: "Hello?" he asks, hearing the knock but not bothering to get up from the bed. However he looks up from his book, a battered volume on hormones. He was beginning to develop his powers but there was always room for improvement, Heinrich would have spent years perfecting his arts.

Adrian: You don't seem okay Alix He slowly enters

Alix: "I never said I was.." he sighs. "Look Adrian..I'm having a bad day. You'd better run before you get hurt." he looks up. his watery blue eyes barely glancing at the man. All he wanted to do was fight, to somehow get justice against those who had plotted his death.

Adrian: I'm not leaving Alix He sits on the end of the bed determined and crossing his arms

Alix: "Fine.." he snaps, deciding to use Adrian as a guinea pig for his powers. Firstly he stares at him, stirring the deep desire to have children from his baser instincts. Increasing the power bit by bit until he will become so enraptured with the idea he will leave and go to pursue the ambition.

Adrian: A-Alix.. he gets a weird feeling in his stomach W-What are you doing?

Alix: "I told you..please leave me be." he ups the ante, Adrian should be feeling a heated desire to procreate a child, something of him own. To love, to hold and take care for. The thought should consume his mind, till he can think of little else.

Adrian: He starts to feel weird as if his brain was no longer his own. He felt so strange, like he wanted to kiss and sleep with Ailx there and then

Alix: He just sits back and watches with slight interest. "Do you feel different?" he asks softly, with some doubt.

Adrian: Yes. I-Is there a girl close by? He looks around the room

Alix: "Probably a few doors down..lock the door when you go?" he smiles for a moment with satisfaction before it fades again. He could still do much better.

Adrian: He slams his fist down angrily "I want one here and now"

Alix: He quickly releases Adrian from his compulsion, slightly shaken up by the whole thing. "Looks like I'm getting better."

Adrian: "What did you say?" He says sharpishly "And get me a!"

Alix: "Shit..shit..shit." he murmurs to himself. "Take my hand..we'll find a girl man." he says sheepishly, putting a hand on his shoulder. He can feel the currents of testosterone working their way through his body, eager to create life. The movements of his sperm are almost erratic, driven by his slight compulsion. He steadily tries to reduce to level of testosterone in his bloodstream, using his powers to hopefully calm Adrian down until he would return to normal.

Adrian: He calms down a bit "Good, they better be here soon" He crosses his arms

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