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Chase & Jack c:

Jack, Chase and The Teddy

Chase: Thinking over what he had been through in his time at camp, he just sighs and slants the cap he wears over his face. Sitting on the bench at the park, he slumps on his seat with the feeling of torn and confusion.

Jack: In the distance Chase can make out the obvious shape of Jack, holding some small, brown object in his hand. He's sitting in the shade of a birch tree

Chase: Taking off the hat from his face, he stares of into the distance. He sees Jack's figure and sucks in his breath quickly. He just can't get to go to him, everything seems so f*cked up to do anything.

Jack: He looks up from his teddy and see's Chase in the distance, he smiles and reaches his hand up high in the air, waving

Chase: He exhales and manages a weak smile, waving back. He then, a battle in his head, pondering over to go over to him or not to go over. But he finds himself standing up anyways.

Jack: Even from this distance it looks like something's troubling Chase. He blushes knowing it's something bad, he's seen that face too many times

Chase: Putting his hands in his pockets, he walks over reluctantly to Jack.

Jack: He smiles and calls over Hai Chase

Chase: He smiles back Hey.

Jack: He looks down at his red shoes and hides his teddy slightly I-Is there something wrong?

Chase: He scratches the back of his head, looking away.

Jack: He blushes gently, knowing it's going to involve him

Chase: He just doesn't say anything and sits down next to him. Awkwardly.

Jack: They sit there, in awkward silence under the shade of the birch tree

Chase: Absent-minded, he reaches out and touches the side of Jack's cheek, and looks at him for a long time, his hand staying there.

Jack: His cheek is warm and he can't help but smile slightly even though he knows there a storm just over the horizon

Chase: What do you think...

Jack: He swallows slowly About what...?

Chase: He says in a soft voice. Us..

Jack: He blushes not knowing what to say U-Uhm...

Chase: He blushes too, and keeps quiet.

Jack: He hugs his teddy tight, lost for words. At last he turns to face Chase I know that I love you, and for me that's all that matters He smiles gently

Chase: He smiles, loss of words as well. He stays quiet for a long time.

Jack: He blushes gently A-Are you okay Chase? I-I didn't do anything wrong did I? He hugs Oli tight so that his face is covered in his brown fur

Chase: Hm? No. Not at all. Though he still smiles kinda wistfully. You look cute when you do that.

Jack: He blushes madly. He smiles very gently and sighs as if a large weight is lifted from his shoulders. He seems a lot more relaxed now Thank you Chase. You just look good all the time he blushes slightly

Chase: Now it was his turn to blush. So do you.

Jack: He smiles Would you like to go somewhere? He puts Oliver back in his rucksack

Chase: Wherever you want to go. He gets up, then offering his hand to Jack.

Jack: He smiles, taking it I-I got you something he blushes madly as he takes out the new Iphone from his pocket, stolen of course

Chase: His eyes widen. What.. where'd you get it? He looks at Jack with his mouth hanging open.

Jack: He smiles gently looking at his hand, as if proud of their work I got it from the shop, you know the Apple one

Chase: He chuckles but grins widely. Thanks.

Jack: He smiles and passes it to Chase, a dim scarlet blush on his face

Chase: He looks at him and smiles, but he feels guilty inside... he doesn't show it though.

Jack: He smiles and takes Chase's hand Can we go to starbucks?

Chase: He blinks Uh.. oh yeah, sure.

Jack: He walks merrily holding his boyfriends hand >.< I haven't seen you in a while Chase, where have you been? He smiles

Chase: He squeezes Jack's hand. Ah, well.. I was pulled into a quest. Busy. >.< Sorry I couldn't see you during those times.

Jack: He smiles contently It's okay, what were you doing on the quest?

Chase: We were supposed to rescue a nymph. But.. He sighs The ending didn't turn out well. He makes a poker face.

Jack: He does the D: face D-Did someone die?

Chase: He shakes his head. We don't know what happened to her in the end.

Jack: He blushes gently At least there's a chance she's still alive

Chase: He scratches the back of his neck. I hope.

Jack: He nods and walks in silence till they reach Starbuck What would you like?

Chase: He chuckles Same old.

Jack: Okai! He walks to the counter and orders, giving Chase some time to think >.<

Chase: Hint taken >.> He looks around the coffee shop, sliding his hands in his pockets.

Jack: He comes back, holiding two drinks in his hands tightly

Chase: He gently takes his drink out of Jack's hand, letting their fingers touch. Thanks.

Jack: He smiles, his face going a bright red colour as their fingers touch, Jack's are cold like ice. He lets go of the cup and takes his seat opposite Chase

Chase: As he looks at Jack he's nervous, and guilty-feeling. Fidgetting with his fingers around the drink, he finally looks straight at Jack. So.. I need to tell you..

Jack: He looks up, a milk moustache sitting on his upper lip, he brings the up close to his so that too keep it warm in the cold weather like a cat and trying to heat him up as well. He gives a cute smiles and replies with a mmm?

Chase: His insides feel like they're melting. He wanted to just kiss Jack right now but held himself back because he knows he can't. He takes a sip and sets his drink down. Uh, you see..

Jack: He looks back down and sips his hot chocolate, slowly listening and gulping down the frothy chocolate. He looks up again and wipes his upper lip with his sleeve

Chase: He sighs. We.... w-we can't. Not any more. He looks down, closing his eyes, pretty much hurting and bracing himself.

Jack: A confused look washes over his face Can't? Can't come to Starbuck any more? He tilts his head, holding his cup close to his chest again, keeping his warm

Chase: His expression is like "poker face". That's.. not what I meant.

Jack: He blushes madly, feeling a strong sense of anger and hurt from Chase, he looks down at the lid of his cup S-Sorry...

Chase: Realising something, he says in a gentler and soft tone, looking at Jack again. Don't be sorry.

Jack: He looks up, nodding slightly like a scared child O-Okay...

Chase: He thought, "oh god", looking at Jack, his heart stopped for a moment, but he puts a hand on Jack's cheek, speaking softly. It's okay.

Jack: He looks up, his eyes glassy and some water forming in the corner of his eyes. He nods and speak, his voice seems like he's speaking without wind O-Okay

Chase: He sighs and retracts his hand, sitting back in his seat again, really not sure what to do.

Jack: He sips his drink gently. He feels a strong sense that Chase is angry and mad at him so Jack tries to make himself as small as possible

Chase: He looks at the ground, as he'd definitely made tension thicker.

Jack: He looks up C-Chase... Have I done something that you aren't happy with?

Chase: N.. no. It's just me, I don't know how to say it.

Jack: He stretches his hand over the table, slowly placing his free hand on Chase's It's okay, what's wrong? He says in a quite manner

Chase: He bites his lip. You know... I'll tell you some time later. He holds Jack's hand.

Jack: He smiles like an oblivious kid would Okay Chase He giggles and keeps his hand there, feeling Chase's warm and strong hands clasping his gentle and much smaller ones

Chase: He leans back in his chair. Where'd you want to go afterwards?

Jack: He shrugs You pick, me and Oli don't mind He giggles and pulls Oli out, he's a brown teddy bear Would you like to hold Oli?

Chase: He can't help but smile at the cuteness of him. Yeah, sure. He holds out his hands.

Jack: He smiles back and passes Oli over the table, the glassy eyes looking up at Chase as he's passed over the table

Chase: He holds Oli gently, looking at his worn features. I think he's been your friend for a long time, huh?

Jack: He blushes and smiles gently, looking down at his feet and nodding as if he's been caught for pulling a prank Y-Yeah, ages

Chase: He smiles. He must make a good friend.

Jack: He nods, agreeing Yeah, he's not much of a talker tho He laughs

Chase: He chuckles too. Listeners are better, to me though.

Jack: I can be a listener! I'll be your listener! He smiles and says in an enthusiastic tone

Chase: He grins and hands back Oli to him, careful not to drop the teddy despite meh >.<. I suppose I'd like that.

Jack: He smiles What would you like me to listen to you say?

Chase: That I'm enjoying this peaceful moment currently? He smirks in a playful way.

Jack: He smiles gently and finishes off his drink, his cheeks red from the cold bites for Winter

Chase: He turns to glance outside the window briefly, watching the snow drift outside the window before turning back.

Jack: He smiles and tilts his head slightly What?

Chase: Oh, nothing. It looks nice outside. He gestured outside the window.

Jack: He looks outside and nods gently Mhm, should we take a walk?

Chase: Don't see why not. He takes finishes his drink before setting it down.

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