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P: so som occness what do you exactly want to do? >.>

G: Not so sure...Vinnie/Vanessa?

P: kks

G: the jacketthing was so cute. :D

P: hey gummy, since we haven't rped in awhile and im starting to not like rping as vinnie, im thinking of making him leave camp to help out the forest and stuff, (after this rp) is that okay? >.<"

G: and will he be coming back? Or staying there?

P: it depends, i might bring him back

G: Hmm... I'm not exactly sure what to say.Vaness and jadon might grow closer but I guess if you want

P: kks so yeah after this rp im going to send him to the forest and he'll be inactive after that

G: what we do now?

P: srry gummy but im going out and i wont have the comp >.<" for a couple of hours so yeah

G: Understood Pandy. Meanwhile I'll think of what else we should do. G: Maybe Serina could find her while she cries? G: Panda I was going to make a claim for Charles Lewis, this kind, gentleman son of Zeus. When he gets claimed maybe he could be Seri's prince!

P: Sure! ^-^

G: do you want to do Taurus? Or Rosella? Or Seri again?

P: srry a bit busy rite now >~<"

G: OK :)

G: Panda Bear maybe we should do a Taurus/ Vanessa rp? Or one with Rosella or Serina again? You choose this time, I chose the previous two so...

P: you know... we don't have to rp all of the time. and sorry gummy im a bit busy >~<" (again unfortunately)

G: ok.

P: replied on elsa/finnick rp

G: Pandy I need a new model for Finni! Max Irons is already in use! Gah!

G: Do you want to finish the Fin/Elsa rp?

G: What we do kbow? O.o


Serina finds Nessie


Serina: She walks around with her hands in her pant pockets wondering which guy to scope out next.

Warren: He sits on a bench, his hands toying with his watch.

Serina: She sees a boy about 13-14 and shakes her head. "Nope. Too young." She said quietly to herself. 

Warren: He looks up and sees Seri walking around. He ignores her, not caring much until he sees her look at him and mutter something. He wonders if she's insulting him under her breath and a scowl grows on his face.

Serina: She looks at the scowling boy. "What?" She said to him

Warren: He is slightly surprised to hear her talk. He asks her,"Why'd you mutter a few seconds ago?", curious.

Serina: "Nothing you need to now." She said with a smile.

Warren:He scowls and says,"What do you mean, girly?"

Serina: "G-girly? Excuse me? Oh and that meant that it had nothing to do with you," She lied but used her charmspeak to get him to believe that.

Warren: He was about to retort but then he suddendly felt that she was right. it had nothing to do with him. He looked slightly confused.

Serina: She smiled seeing that it worked. "So, are you new here?"

Warren: He nods still a bit dazed,"Yeah.", he says to her,"I'm Warren, son of Ares."

Serina: "Ares huh... I'm Serina Brown, daughter of Aphrodite. Nice to meet you." 

Warren: He nods, the effects of the charmspeak wearing off. He said,"Yeah. Nice to meet you too Serina."

Serina: "how long have you been here?" She said.

Warren: He shrugs, starting to come back to his senses. He starts,"I think like...5 days?Maybe 6?"

Serina: "Mhm" She nods. "Met any people?"

Warren: "Not really...just Vanessa.", he said, rubbing his temples.

Serina: "You know Vanessa? Vanessa as in Ophelia Prescott? That Vanessa?"

Warren: He raises an eyebrow,"Yeah. Brown hair, not too tall? Really nice,bubbly, gave me a leather bracelet she had in her purse? Yeah."

OOC: they don't have the power to do that either.... gummy next time remember to stick to the power sets! ^-^

Serina: "Wow. Vanessa meets a lot of people..."

Warren: He shrugged and said,"I dunno. Just met her like three days ago. (fixed it)

Serina: She nods. "That's cool. Vanessa is my best friend here in camp."

Warren: He rolls his eyes,"That's interesting?"

Serina: She ignores that comment, "So, what's your preferred weapon?" She asked with curiosity in her voice.

Warren: He smiles as he yanks the charm off the necklace. It becomes a spear.He forcefully turns the face of the watch and it expands to a shield a boar head depicted in the middle, a vulture on each side. He smirks,"You, girly?"

Serina: She takes off her bracelet and it morphs into a sword.

'"Warren'": He grins,"Nice." He connects the charm back to the necklace and the spear disappears.He twists the watch forcefully and the watch shrinks to its normal state.

Serina: She morphs her sword back into her charm bracelet and puts it on.

OOC: could we put on hold? forgot we had this rp xD lets finish elsa/finnick rp first

Warren:He nods,"Interesting...and what's it like here? Like anything fun around here? "


Elsa: She was once again walking around camp, not knowing what to do.

Finn: He was sitting under a willow tree, admiring how the long branches and drooping leaves make some kind of kaleidoscope of shadows all over him.He chuckles slightly, his chin resting on his knees

Elsa: She steps on a tree branch and it makes a big snap.

Finn: He looks around unsure of where the sound came. He arched an eyebrow, unsure.

Elsa: She sighs and thought in her head Well, so much for being quiet.

Finn: He stands up and looks around, trying to see what made that sound when he sees Elsa. He smiks slightly as he walks over to her.He says,"Hey there Mrs. Pond Freezer.

Elsa: She jumped a little, surprised by the sound of Finnick's voice, she turned around and sees Finnick. "oh, it's you again, what do you want fish boy?"

Finnick: He placesa hand over his heart in mock hurt. He says,"Well, I just wanted to greet the little ice nymph."

Elsa: She glares, "i'm not little. And gee, thanks, that warms my heart." She said the last part sarcastically.

Finnick: He smirked and said,"I tend to have that effect on people."

Elsa: She rolls her eyes. "So what are you, some sort of flirt?"

Finn: He shook his head,"Oh of course not, Elsa.",he grinned,"What makes you think that?"

Elsa: "Never mind," She muttered. "So what are you doing?" She said.

Finn: "I was just relaxing under the shade of a willow tree when I heard a tree branch crack.", he shrugged,"Turned out it was you."

Elsa: "Mhm." She just said.

Finn: "And what were you doing? Y'know apart from walking loudly and cracking tree branches?", he says with his signature flirty/sweet/handsome smile

Elsa: She shrugs, "Just walking around and finding more ponds to freeze..."

Finnick: He sighs and says,"'ll be unfreezing them today, am I correct?"

Elsa: She shakes her head, "Normally I just walk away and let them unfreeze by themselves. That's why we have summer, ya know because the sun's rays do all the unfreezing for me."

Finn: He does the same pout/plead he'd done the other day,"Please?For me?"

Elsa: She rolls her eyes, "I'll think about it." Which basically to her meant 'no'.

Finnick:He smiles,"Great.", he says,"And how has the ice nymph been?"

Elsa: "Fine. And you?"

Finn: "Great. Talking with fishes, meeting campers, spirits, other nymphs", he shrugs but smiles

Elsa: She nods, "Met any demigods? I've met a few but most of them were annoying."

Finn: He says,"Ah, I met Candiss...", he smiles 

Elsa: "Never heard of her," She said while kicking a pebble with her left foot out of boredom.

Finn:  He smiles,"I met her today, earlier...I found her shoes for her.", he said before chuckling

Elsa: She raises an eyebrow, "Her.. shoes?"

Finn: He nods and explains,"She had lost her shoes and I found them for her and then I lent her my jacket. She was cold, you see. Shivering."

Elsa: "Ah." Is what all she said, but really didn't care.

Finn:  He smiles,"Why do you say they are...annoying?"

Elsa: "I said for the ones I met today. not all of them." She rolls her eyes.

Finn: "Who'd you meet today?", he asked

Elsa: "I didn't meet anybody today but I met a few yesterday. A girl named Sydney and another girl named Vanessa."

Finnick: "And what'd they do?", he questions,"What made you think they were annoying?"

Elsa: "Why do you care so much?" She asked him. "why so many questions?"

Finn: He sighed,"Forget it then, I was just curious."

Elsa: She gets bored and sits on the grass that's covered in snow. She didn't mind the cold winter breeze that's swirling around them.

Finnick: He gives her a small smile hoping she doesn't blow up and yell or scoff

Elsa: She gets a pile of snow in her hands and pakcs it into a shape of a ball. She smirks as she gets an idea. She aims the snowball at Finnick's back.

Finn: He feel ssomething smack against his back and he stumbles. He looks around before glaring at Elsa,"What was that?!", he asked while he rubbed his back.

Elsa: She arches an eyebrow, "Woah woah woah, don't tell me you've never had a snowball fight before?"

Finn: He arches an eyebrow,"A what?"

Elsa: "My gods, a person who doesn't know what a snowball fight is!" She gasps and her hand flew to her mouth in horror. "Let me give you a lesson on snowball fights."

Finn: He smiles and nods,"Cool, I guess. So what do I do?"

Elsa: She makes another snowball and makes sure this one is packed tightly together. "Step one make a snowball. Grab a pile of snow and pack it tightly as you can. Step two, find your target. step three, aim your snowball at them, but don't hit the face, cause it will sting a bunch. Like so," She aims for his face and hits him.

Finn: He had been doing what she said so when she threw it at him he wasn't ready. It hit his face and he groaned slightly. He beushed the snow off from his now red face and throws the sbnowball at her stomach

Elsa: She didn't see that one coming and she fell down on her bottom. "It is on!" She muttered to herself while grinning like a crazy man (or in this case woman). She made more snowballs and kept throwing them at Finnick. Since she's an expert on snowball fights, making plenty of snowballs wasn't a challenge.

Finn:  He tried dodging them though some hit them. He threw some at her, aiming at her legs, stomach or neck.

Elsa: She dodged most of them but a few hit her legs and she smirked, "Newbies." She said as she kept throwing snowballs as if she were some sort of snowball throwing machine.

Finn: He smiles at this. He throws another at her stomach and cries out,"This is so much fun, Elsa!

Elsa: She smiles as well, not having this much fun in a long time. She gets off guard and the snowball hit her stomache. "Nice one!" She yelled at him as she threw a snowball on his neck.

Finn:He smiles and then feels the cold ice against his neck.He groans slightly but throws more, aiming at her neck and her stomach

OOC: Timeskip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elsa: After a long time constantly throwing snowballs at each other, Elsa plops down to the ground tired from the fun she had.

Finn: He smiles and says,"Wow. That was fun."

Elsa: She nods, "Very fun."

Finn: He smiles and nods,"You are...very good at that."

Elsa: She tilts her head, "In what? Snowball fights?"

Finn: He smiles and nods

Elsa: She randomly asks, "So, what did you do before you went to camp?"

Finn:He smiles and says,"Well I went to the carribean and saved many fishes from being illegaly fished and sold to this high-class endangered-fish-serving restaurant"

Elsa: She nods, "That's cool. The fish must have been happy."

Finn: He nods,"They were.", he then turns to ask her,"And you? What did you do?"

Elsa: "Well, I helped out Boreas with a couple others..." She said.

Finn: "And how was it?", he asks, curious

Elsa: "It was fun, but after awhile, he started making other nymphs and spirits and we all felt left out since they adapted to their jobs so fast."

Finn: He smiles and nods,"Interesting..."

Elsa: She sat there, not knowing what else to say

Finn: He smiled and asked her,"What do you like to do?"

Elsa: "I like to freeze ponds, as you know, create inanimate objects using my powers, and making snow days."

Finnick: He says,"You should really work on that pond freezing thing."

Elsa: "What do you mean?"

Finn: He says,"Well I mean it's not exactly nice, hoping that she doesn't blow up after this comment," I mean it's not exactly a good thing to do. Imagine the fishes and plants that use the ponds as homes. And then there are other animals that use it as a source of water to drink so it's not exactly...helpful for you to freeze them."

Elsa: She rolls her eyes, "Fine, i'll freeze the top layer only."

Finn: He smiles, his gratitude slightly evident," Well it's progress"

Elsa: She just sat there in the silence. She was really bored.

Finn: He feels bored as well, 

Elsa: She gets up, "Well, I have to go now. I need to do some stuff at Boreas' place."

Finnick: "Okay",he smiled,"I guess I'll see you later then."

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