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Fun with firewoks

Leo: He walks into the tent with Ali, browsing all the explosives all at a post-Independence Day price. He turns to her. "You think you powers could make it easier to get this? Like for free? Otherwise I'll burn them out."

Ali: She looks around the store and, noticing it is empty, nods, "Sure." She skips up to the shopkeeper, a bored looking man, and smiles sweetly at him before projecting his worst fears into his mind, causing him to collapse on the ground in a sobbing heap.

Leo: He whistles and starts to grab the biggest firecrackers, bottlerockets and smokebombs they have. "Note to self, don't make Ali hate me."

Ali: She giggles, genuinely excited since it's been a while since she's done anything remotely interesting. Once he has all the shit, she walks out of the tent, the shopkeeper beginning to come to his bearings.

Leo: He follows her with all his cargo pockets full and an extra bag he grapped. AS they leave the sound of a few dozen firecrackers go off with the sound of the shopkeeper scream. He smiles at her. "And now we start to cause a mess."

Ali: She turns around, grinning as she sees the chaos in the store. They begin to walk towards the residential area. "That house!" she says suddenly, gesturing to a rather large building with several open windows.

Leo: He pulls out a half dozen bottlerockets and some firecrackers. He hands the firecrackers to Ali and stands infront of the house. He holds three in each hand and lights them in sequence, tossing them aimed at the windows as the start to fly away. A series of loud pops and shouts come from inside the how as the bottlerockets explode.

Ali: She takes the firecrackers from him and watches the bottlerockets explode, laughing hysterically. The front door of the house opens and despite the fact that Leo is practically a human lighter, she takes her own out of her pocket and sets a bunch of the firecrackers off, throwing them at the doorway. 

Leo: He grabs a couple smoke bombs, lighting them and tossing in the door. He laughs just as much as Ali.

Ali: She throws more firecrackers, this time directed at the open window of the house next door. She twirls around in the smoke, listening to the screams of those inside, barely audible above the sounds of the fireworks.

Leo: He grabs a larger, mutli-staged firework and hurls it through the window of a third house. He shouts, "Fire in the hole." It sends sparks and explosions throughout the house. He turns and sees her and chuckles. "Having fun, Ali?"'

Ali: She looks over at Leo and grins, barely hearing him above the noise, "Fuck yes." She throws the rest of the firecrackers at another house and watches the chaos. 

Leo: He pulls out another one of the fireworks he had and runs over to her, putting it in her hand. He smiles and winks at her as he goes back for a couple rolls of firecrackers and tosses them in were he hears the most screaming.

Ali: She throws it at a house across the street as the screams grow louder. The faint sound of approaching sirens can be heard and she mentally debates whether they should stick around or bail.

Leo: He looks in the direction of the sirens then at Ali. He grins wide and ignites his forearms. "I'm down for some more mayhem if you are."

Ali: She grins back at him as the sounds of the explosions begin to die out and the sirens grow louder, "Oh definitely." 

Leo: He stands out into the middle of the road and starts to cook up a large fireball. He waits until the police cruser start to drive up the road at him, then he rolls/throws the fireball down the road, it bounces up and explodes in the engine compartment fo the car, throwing metal everywhere and brigning the cruser to a swift, grinding halt. The officers insde scamble to get their seatbelts off and get out of the car. He turns back to her and gestures gentlemenly towards the car. "After you."

Ali: She giggles and runs towards the car, drawing her daggers. With all the fear around them she grows stronger and literally leaps onto an officer as he gets out of the passenger seat. She rips at his throat with her dagger, her battle-lust taking control, his blood spilling all over her hands and arms.

Leo: He grins wickedly at her frenzy. He too sprints at the other officer, tackling him to the ground. He grabs his head in to deathgrip. Opening his mouth and breathing an intensely hot flame, He slowing burns away the face and skull of the officer, also melting the asphult behind his head. At the point where there isn't much left and he is beyond dead, he crushes his skull. He laughs manically as turns and looks at Ali once again.

Ali: She hops off of the corpse of the officer and faces Leo, blood coating much of her clothes and the ends of her hair. Her battle-lust still lingers and for a moment she looks as if she will attack him but she regains control of herself and laughs, "Shit that was awesome."

Leo: He laugh toned down for a second when she looked like she was going to attack him but quickly turns back. "Fuck I know." He looks back at the house closest to them, barely catching a glimpse of a couple people diving into cover. He looks back at Ali and points his thumb to the house. "One more? "

Ali: She looks over at the house he is gesturing towards and nods, "Mmkay." She skips towards it and knocks on the door playfully before kicking it open, calling out, "Come out, come out wherever you are."

Leo: He moves around to the back of the house where the only other door is. He walks up to it and grabs hold of the metal door know and starts to heat the metal to the point of nearly melting. He waits with his ear to the door and then a scream echos as someone tries to open the door. He quickly bursts open the door and shoots jets of flame at the the man's legs, boiling and roasting his muscles as he collapses on the floor stills screaming. He shouts to her on the other side of the house. "Found one. I thinks the other one is a woman." He stands watch ver the man, grinning devilishly wicked. 

Ali: She skips around the house until she finds the woman hiding behind the couch, crying and beging for mercy. Ali laughs and yells, "Found the other!" She pounces on the woman and draws her dagger. She holds down the woman's hands above her head with her foot and starts carving into her arm with her dagger, the woman screaming in pain and terror. When she's done she grins, admiring the series of cuts messily, but clearly saying 'Ali was here'. In a sudden show of courage, the woman manages to move her head enough to bite Ali. Whilst not doing any damage it pisses her off, so she bites back, her teeth ripping at the woman's throat.

Leo: He drags the man by the collar into the room with Ali. He looks to she Ali with her teeth embedded into the woman's throat and his jaw drops slightly. He doesn't pay attention that he is burning through the man's collar as he drops to the floor, his shirt now in flames. Leo just watches Ali with both amazement and a bit of lust.

Ali: She hears Leo come into the room and looks up at him smirking, her mouth still on the woman's neck. After causing significant damage she pulls away, the woman barely conscious. She raises her dagger and stabs her in the chest repeatedly, until she's lying dead in a pool of blood.

Leo: He half - smiles at her when she's done. "Ha, I think I'm in love." The man screams as his shirt is engulfed in flames. Leo pulls his eyes from Ali and kicks the man in the side, causing him to curl into a ball. Leo sets the man on his back and pants his knee in his stomach. He heats his fingers to plasma heat and sticks them into the guys chest, cutting his sternum and under his rib cage. Leo then takes both hands and tears his chest cavity open, blood spurting everywhere onto his short and face. He grabs the man's lungs and starts to burn them,  smokes flowing out of the man's mouth and nose as he tries to scream and get air. The man slowly suffocates and dies. Leo reaches in and cuts out his heart and holds it in his hand. He looks back at Ali with a smirk on his face.

Ali: Although his words are said jokingly, they remind her of things she's been trying to forget, so the smile momentarily falls from her face. She pushes the memories away and watches Leo with a mix of admiration and curiosity as he tortures and kills the man. As he holds up the heart she giggles and stands up from the woman's corpse.  

Leo: He also stands up and walks over to her. "Remind me if I ever go on a murderous rampage to bring you along Ali." He smiles at her.

Ali: She giggles again, looking up at him, "Mmkay." She looks around the room, the smell of burning flesh filling the air, "Ooooh you should torch this place."

Leo: "I was just thinking the same thing. Now you'll want to be about fifty feet away from the house before I torch it. I don't want to burn that wonderfully fiery hair that you have."  He walks over to the front door to see her out.

Ali: "Aren't you the gentleman," she teases before skipping out of the building and down the street. She lies down on the road propping her hands up behind her head, looking very much dead with all the blood on her as she waits for the house to go up in flames.

Leo: He smiles at her as she leaves and watches her as she skips off. Once she's far enough away, he ignites his whole body and rushes around the house almost as a ball of flame. He hoses everything in flames and them stands into the middle of the house and collects himself as he releases a massive inferno all around d him. He dashes out of the house as the semi ball of flame and lands next to looking back the house, then to her. "Sup?"

Ali: She watches with awe as the flames start and then overwhelm the house, her expression like a small child in a candy store. As he catches up with her she grins, impressed, "Shiiiiit that was fast."

Leo: He grins back at her. "As a son of the Phlegethon, it's a bit easy to light things on fire. Hope it was a befitting finale to our fireworks show."

Ali: She laughs, "Totally." Sirens can be heard in the distance again and she sits up, looking at Leo, "Think we've killed enough people for today?"

Leo: He looks off in the direction of the sirens. "Yea I think so." He hops up onto his feet and extends his hand to her to help her up. "Time for the great escape?" He smiles rather gently at her.

Ali: "Mhmm," she takes his hand and stands up, "Thanks." She dusts herself off and looks towards the sirens, "They're getting pretty close, you got a plan or shall we just wing it?"

Leo: "Kind of a plan." He quickly throws a fireball in to the police cruser already there, causing the gas tank to explode and burn up the car and the dead officer on the ground. He turns back to her. "And now we run." He sprints over to the next house and turns just past it, burning a runway for he both of them into the shortest routes route to the near by woods.

Ali: After watching the explosion she runs after him, laughing like a maniac. She loves how alive this makes her feel, not fearful of any consequences their actions could have. She grins as they reach the woods, knowing they are much harder to track now. 

Leo: He stops for a moment and blows into his hands, then opens them, letting small embers float away. Several hundreds of feet they drift until landing and starting a fire almost 1500 feet away from them. He smiles and looks to her. "That should distract them. But let's get a bit further away." He turns and walks brisk fully in deeper into the woods, away from the fire.

Ali: "Good thinking," she says, impressed by his intelligence. She skips alongside him through the woods, slowing down when they are far away. "Man that was craaaaazy," She smiles up at him, the dead woman's blood still on her teeth and coating her lips.

Leo: He stops and faces her. "I know. That was the most fun I've had in like forever." He smiles back at her. The mix of his murder high and her alluring psycho looks drives him to lean in and kiss her bloodstained lip, setting his hands on her shoulders.

Ali: She responds immediately, wrapping one hand around his neck, the other tugging on his shirt as she kisses him back. 

Leo: He moves his arms to around her mid section anand pulls her close to him, kissing her more deeply and intensely. 

Ali: She snakes her tongue into his mouth and tugs on his shirt until she rips it off, placing a hand on his defined chest. 

Leo: He twists his tongue with hers. He hooks his finger at the hem of the back of her shirt and burns/cuts all the way up to the collar. He then cuts across her shoulders and her shirt falls to the ground. His hands explore her newly revealed skin, caressing and feeling her up.

Ali: She moans lightly and becomes rougher, raking her nails down his chest as she presses herself against him.

Leo: He groans low as she digs her nails into him. He reaches and grabs her butt, hoisting her up onto him. He wraps her legs around his waist and holds her as close as possible, kissing her more hungerly. 

Ali: She wraps her legs around his waist and both hands around his neck, her nails digging into his skin as she kisses him. After a while she pulls away slightly and moves her lips up to his ear, biting and sucking on his earlobe as she whispers, "Pants. Off. Now." 

Leo: He grins mad at her forwardness, spanking her once. "You first." He sets her down and nearly turns her shorts and panties off, then he takes his pants and boxers off. He picks her back up and...Time Skip.

Ali: She retrieves her panties and shorts and puts them back on. She sees their ruined shirts and shrugs, "Guess I'll go topless." She turns to Leo and smiles, "Ready to head back?"

Leo: He pulls his boxers and pants on and turns to her, smiling back. "Yea, I'm ready." He picks up his torn shirt and looks at it before throwing it aside. "Guess I'm going topless too." He smiles again at her and starts to walk back to the Sanctuary.

Ali: She giggles and walks alongside him, humming softly to herself. As they approach the Sanctuary she looks up at him through her lashes with a cheeky smile, "Yours or mine?"

Leo: He smiles back at her. "Yours." He puts his arm behind her, resting his hand on her waist.

Ali: She leads him through the Sanctuary to her room, the members they pass gawking at her shirtless chest. When they reach her room she opens the door and steps inside. The bed is unmade, there are a few piles of clothes on the floor and a beat up guitar lies in the corner. Bottles of alcohol, primarily vodka are scattered on dressers and bedside tables in various states of fullness, as well as several tablets and powders she doesn't try to conceal. The room is kinda messy, but very impersonal, and there are suspicious looking bloodstains in several spots on the floor.

Leo: He walks into the room after her and closes the door behind him. He looks the room over and nods. "Nice place you got here." He walks over to the dresser and grabs an unopened bottle.  He holds it for her to see. "You mind if have some?"

Ali: She turns to see what he is referring to and nods, "Sure, go ahead." She picks up a random open bottle off of her dresser and takes a swig before placing it down again. "I'm going to have a shower... you can join me if you'd like," she winks at him and walks through another door leading to her bathroom. She strips and turns on the faucet, letting the hot water wash all the blood and dirt off her body.

Leo: He cracks the bottle open and takes a good sized swig from it. He grins at her proposal and takes another swig before stripping down himself and following her in. He stands behind her, putting his hands on the front of her waist and kisses her neck sensually. 

Ali: She smiles slightly as she hears him enter the shower. As he kisses her, she tilts her head so he can have better access, and slowly starts to grind on him.

Leo: He hums low as she grinds on him. He kisses up her neck to her ear, nibbling and sucking on her earlobe. One of his hands slides up her wet body and fondles her chest playfully. 

Ali: She moans, continuing to grind on him for a while. She then turns around, getting slightly impatient, and hungrily kisses him on the lips as she presses her body against his.

Leo: His hands move to her ass, gripping it, as he kisses her back. He holds her as close as possible, sliding his tongue into her mouth.

Ali: She digs her nails into his shoulders, wrapping one leg around his waist, then the other and they... Time skip

Leo: He walks out of the shower and graps a towel and wraps it around his waist after he dries off. He shakes his hair dry mostly. and stand waiting for her.

Ali: She steps out of the shower and dries herself with her own towel. She ties her hair into a messy bun and leaves the bathroom, walking over to her dresser. She picks up her bottle from earlier and finishes it before getting out some clothes from a drawer. She puts on her underwear and an oversized tee, leaving her towel on the floor.

Leo: He goes and puts his boxers and pants back on, picking up the bottle of jager he was dricking earlier and taking a couple swigs. He kicks his towel against the wall and sits down on her bed, nearly finished with the bottle now.

Ali: She raises her eyebrow, looking at the nearly empty bottle and back to him, "Careful now, don't want you to throw up on me, or, you know, die." She's starting to feel somewhat awkward now, because she's not usually the kind of girl who stays around to chat after sex.

Leo: He smiles at her slightly buzzed. "Aw, thanks for caring Ali, but I'll be fine." He opens his mouth and a small flame licks out of his lips and he burns off some alcohol before it gets in his system. He gets up and sets the bottle aside. He walks over to her and stands in front of her. He snakes his arms under her shirt and sets his hands on her lower back, pulling her a bit closer. "I had a lot of fun with you today Ali. Haven't don't anything at all in ages it seems."

Ali: She smiles up at him, resting her hands oh his chest, "Yeah it was pretty wild, we should do it again sometime."

Leo: He smiles back at her. "Definitely." He leans in close to her, his face less than a couple inches from her face. "I'd also like to get to know you even more." He presses his lips against hers, kissing her deeply.

Ali: His words make her feel a little uneasy, because she doesn't like letting people get close to her, but she kisses him back regardless, tugging on his bottom lip as she pulls away. "Well, you know where to find me," she winks.

Leo: He grins and kisses her cheek, then whispers in her ear. "How about I find you in bed the rest of the night?" He kisses down her neck slowly, his hands sliding down to her ass.

Ali: She trails her hands across his chest, but doesn't have any intention to go further. "As tempting as that is, I'm nocturnal," she says jokingly, though it's actually kinda true. Also, sharing a bed with the intention of actually sleeping is way too intimate for her, unless she is absolutely wasted.

Leo: He frowns a bit. "Alright Ali. I guess hit me up if you want to hang out and fuck around with mortals. I'm in Opus. I'l cya then I guess." He kisses her once last time, more softly. He lets his hands slide aginst her skin as he steps away, turning and heading for the door. He opens it and walks out, closing it behind him.

Err...title, there we go

Leo: He sits outside in the moonlight, stretched out and relaxing. He's leaning aginst a rock, rubbing a large stone with his thumb as he looks up at the stars.

Ali: She walks towards the forest dressed in a black bikini. She passes Leo without noticing him, humming to herself as she goes. 

Leo: He wouldn't have noticed her either if he didn't hear her footsteps. He looks down from the sky and can barely make out her figure in the dark. He holds his fiinger up and ignites a flame at the end of it like a candle, lighting up himself and a small area around him. "Who's there?"

Ali: She stops when she hears his voice and turns around, recognising him, "Oh hey Leo!" She giggles, playing with her hair, "Whatcha doing?"

Leo: When he hears her voice, he smiles at her. "Hey Ali. Just relaxing, getting lost in the stars sort of. What are you doing in a bikini?"

Ali: She looks down at herself, like she forgot she was wearing it before giggling again, "Oh yeah! I feel like swimming. Ooh, you should come!"

Leo: He looks down at his cloths, and can dry them later when he needs too. He stands up and walks over to her. "Alright, you convinced. So where are we headed?"

Ali: She smiles, "Yay! Ummm the pond, it's this way." She skips off into the forest ahead of him and starts humming again.

Leo: He smiles back and walks after her. "Cool." He continues to follow her until they reach the pond. He pulls his shirt and looks to her.

Ali: She dips her foot into the water and pulls it out quickly, "Oh shit that's cold." She turns to Leo, "Could you warm it up, like only a little?"

Leo: He laughs and kicks off his shoes and pulls off his socks. "Now I'm a water heater. I see how it is." He keeps laughing as he steps into the water, heating up his body as he goes in. He heat it up to a pretty warm temperature. He turns to her and motions her to come in. "Come on. It's feel like a bath."

Ali: She dives in and resurfaces on the other side of the pond, "Holy shit this is amazing!" She swims under the water again, coming up next to him. From this proximity, it is clear that Ali's pupils are dialated, and she giggles again, "It's like being on the moon!"

Leo: He raises his eyebrow at her,  but then he sees her pupils.  "I wouldn't guess there's a hot tab on the moon. What's got you on cloud 9 Ali?"

Ali: She smiles at him, "Oh, you know, just some pills and stuff." She dives under, resurfacing on the other side of him, "Oh yeah," she says as she reaches her hand into her bikini top and pulls out a small sealed plastic bag, "I forgot about these, want some?" She gestures to the bag, which contains several small light blue pills.

Leo: He turns around in the water and looks at the pills, shrugs. "No reason for me to not to." He takes to back from her and takes one of the pills, handing the bag back to her. He pops the pill and a few minutes later, he runs his finger through her hair, chuckling to himself.

Ali: She seals the bag and puts it back in her top, grinning as he takes it. She watches him play with her hair and giggles, "Go under, it's so amazing." 

Leo: He grins at her. "Only if you come with me" He quickly wraps his arms around her and pulls her under with him. He looks around at the pond floor, the moon through the water, and especially her hair and it drifts color fully in the water.

Ali: She goes to speak, but remembers she can't, so she leans in and kisses him, trying not to laugh.

Leo: He kisses his back, smiling against her lips. He surfaces them both. He takes a both before crashing his lips back against hers, chuckling and laughing in between kisses.

Ali: She continues to kiss him for a while, but forgets to breathe, so she pulls away gasping and laughing.

Leo: He laughs with her. He moves so he has his feet are touching the bottom of the pond. He hoists her up and makes a sit for her on his forearm with her legs on either side of his torso and her upper body out of the water. He teases for a kiss, licking her lips and barely sliding it into her mouth 

Ali: She makes a whimpering sound like a puppy as he teases her before leaning forward and biting his bottom lip a little too hard, drawing blood. She giggles and licks it off.

Leo: He looks down at his lips as she licks up his blood. He smirks and stretches his neck so he can reach hers. He sucks hard and bites on her neck, leaving a noticeable hickey. He returns his mouth to hers, his tongue seeking out hers.

Ali: She french kisses him and runs her hands over his chest, moving them down to his pants, which she tugs at. 

Leo: He french kisses he back and she slidslides her back into the water. His hands explore her sides and chest.

Ali: She tugs at his pants again and starts to try to remove them, somewhat struggling to do so in the water. 

Leo: He finally notices her struggle and helps undo his belt which let's his pants and boxers slide right off. His hands quickly find the knots holding her bikini together, pulling and tugging them loose as fast as he can.

Ali: The small plastic bag falls out of her bikini top and she pulls away from him slightly, opening it and taking the few pills in there before kissing him again. She then wraps a leg around him and they... Time skip.

Leo: After a couple hour, due to their drug induced state, he finally puts his pants and boxers back on. He starts to heat the water back up a bit. He waits next to Ali until she has he bikini back on, then he wraps his arms around her.

Ali: She shakes her head as he heats the water, her face flushed, "No, no, not too hot." As he wraps his arms around her, she leans against him, a smile on her lips. She would normally not feel comfortable with this sort of intimacy, but she doesn't care at the moment for obvious reasons.

Leo: He nods and immediately cools his body again. He smiles and presses his face into her hair, completely enjoying their closeness. 

Ali: She giggles and snuggles up to him, content to just relax in the water in his arms.

Leo: He snuggles back, smiling more at her affection. He kisses the tip of her nose softly, holding her closer.

Ali: She looks up at him, fluttering her eyelashes and smiles. "You're so much fun, Leo," she says, laughing lightly.

Leo: He laughs a bit, "You're a lot of fun too Ali." He grins and kisses her lips gently.

Ali: She kisses him back for a while before resting her head on his chest, humming to herself. "You're going to feel like absolute shit soon," she says casually.

Leo: He shrugs, "Yea, but you know we could feel terrible together.  How about we try to sleep some of it off at my place?" He hands starts to stroke her up and down her back.

Ali: She laughs, "You won't be able to sleep for a while." The sun begins to rise and she looks up at him, "But I guess we could try?" 

Leo: He smiles at her. No wanting for her to leave his arms, he picks her up and walks them out of the water. He sets her down gently and then picks up his shirt, shoes, and socks. He stands up staight, and can't help himself, kissing her softly a few more times, before pulling away. "Ready?"

Ali: She giggles as he lifts her up and smiles at him after he kisses her, "Mhmm, lead the way."'

Leo: he leads her a short distance to his room, only a couple other members are awake at this hour. He opens his door to his room and wait for her to come in. His bed sits in the middle of the room with a mini fridge next to it. There is a pill of dirty clothes pilled up against the wall. There are a few scorch marks on the floors, walls, and ceiling. On one wall there is a burnt in smiley face. He closes the door behind her. "Your welcome to wash up in the bathroom." He walks over the minifridge and grabs a bottle of beer and pops the top off, sipping on it.

Ali: She looks around his room and watches as he takes the beer and has a sip. She’s tempted to have some herself, but knows that what they took and alcohol doesn’t mix well, especially given how much she had. She smiles at him, “Mmkay, imma shower.” She walks into his bathroom and strips, stepping into the shower. She starts singing softly to herself, her voice smoky and somewhat raspy, but sounding amazing given what they’ve taken.

Leo: He tosses his clothes and shoes aside, taking a few more drinks. He hears her singing softly and smiles. He decides to whistles along with her, roughly matching the tune.

Ali: She smiles when she hears his whistling and continues singing until she turns off the faucet and grabs a towel. She dries herself off and wraps it loosely around her body before walking back into his room, "Can I borrow a shirt?"

Leo: "Oh, yea." He goes over to her dresser and searches through his clothes for a second before returning to her with a dark blue tank. "Here you go."

Ali: She takes it from him with a small giggle, "Thanks." She drops her towel and changes, not turning away or trying to cover herself up. She then walks over to his bed and sits cross-legged on top of the covers, humming idly.

Leo: He smiles as she 'dresses' in front of him. He takes the last few sips of his beer and tosses the can in the trash. He walks over and sits down next to her, wrapping his arm around her back. "So, what do you want to do know? "

Ali: She leans against him and giggles, playing with her hair, "I don't know, let's talk, tell me about yourself, Leo." 

Leo: He chuckles a bit. "Well, uhm, I grew up in Panama Beach. I told you about my firedancer Mom and that's what got the attention of Phlegothon. One day my mouse caught fire and both my parents died. I got out thanks to this girl, Belladonna. She started a gang with me of demigods that were cast out by the mortals. We roamed around for a while together and ended up here." He turns to her. "What about you?"

Ali: She giggles, "Umm, my mother didn't want me so I was adopted by lots of people untill I found the right family. My adoptive brother was in a gang, so I joined. Then I met this boy, from a rival gang, and we dated but then he tried to kill me... it was kinda f*cked up." She laughs, twirling a piece of hair around her finger, "Then I went to camp, but that didn't work out so here I am."

Leo: "We all has sort of f*cked up live, don't we." He rests his head on top if hers. "But that's why we're here." He holds her a bit tighter.

Ali: She giggles, still playing with her hair, "Well, also 'cause my dad is a piece of shit. Y'know, I used to only be interested in getting rid of the gods, but now I kinda want to kill everyone." She laughs again, still high as a kite.

Leo: He Laughes with her. "Like the other day when we were f*cking around with the fireworks? Yea I sorta got that impression." He laughs for thinking about the fun they had murdering.

Ali: She laughs, "Mhmm. Soo, how do you like to spend your time? Other than burning things," she looks at the scorch marks on the ceiling. 

Leo: He srcatches the back of his neck with his free hand, trying to think through his high. "Uhh, eat, sleep, bathe, workout, train. The usually. You?"

Ali: She shifts her gaze to him, "Umm I play a lot of music, train, dance... that sort of thing."

Leo: He looks at her. "Oh you dance? I'll have to see that some day." He smiles and chuckles.

Ali: She giggles, resting her head on his shoulder, "Mhmmm, remind me to show you. Next to music, it's like my favourite thing to do." 

Leo: "Will do." He kisses her temple, resting his head on hers for a bit before kissing her lips.

Ali: She kisses him back, uncrossing her legs and turning towards him slightly. She places a hand on his chest and moves the other to his hair, which she plays with.

Leo: He moves his free hand to hook under heher knees. He lifts her onto his lap, now kissing her more deeply. His hands rest on her right and on her lower back.

Ali: She snakes her tongue into his mouth, running her hand across his chest as she kisses him back.

Leo: He twists his tongue with hers, french kissing her. He pulls her close against his body.

Ali: She kisses back for a while before pulling away slightly to pull his shirt off of herself and toss it to the side. She moves closer as she starts to kiss him again.

Leo: He wraps his arms arounds her, feeling upi her bare body. After a bit more making out, her rolls over so he's holding himself over her on his bed. He quickly takes his shorts and boxers off again, kissing her again as he...Time Skip.

Ali: She lies on his bed, curled up against him with a small smile on her lips. She snuggles closer to him, humming softly to herself.

Leo: He lies right next to her, snuggling back. He smiles and her and kisses her cheek. "It's a wonder why we even put clothes on."

Ali: She giggles, and looks up at him, "F*ck clothes. Totally going to go without them from now on." She's completely serious.

Leo: He chuckles. "I'd love to see you without clothes all the time. And I'm sure almost every other guy and a numbert of girls would too." He runs his hand down her side slowly.

Ali: She laughs lightly, "Oh yeah? Well then it's settled, I'll just burn my wardrobe next time I'm in my room."

Leo: He laughs with her. "Even those sexy bikiinis and any little black dresses you have? I'd like to see how those fit you first." He grins and winks at her.

Ali: Her smile widens, "Mmkay, then I'll burn them. Oooh you could help." She places her hand on his chest and starts idly drawing shapes with her index finger.

Leo: He chuckles.  "I might, maybe after we sleep this last bit of your drug off or something." He kisses her lips.

Ali: She kisses back, "I'll be seriously impressed if you manage to fall asleep." 

Leo: "Well, what do you suggest we down until it wears off?"

Ali: "Ummmmm," she bites down on her bottom lip, thinking, before looking up at him again, "I don't know, do you have any ideas?" 

Leo: He shrugs. "Make out, f*ck till we can't anymore, snuggle and chat, up to you."

Ali: "Ummmmm," she bites on her lip again and giggles when she has an idea, "Ooh, I know, let's play 21 questions."

Leo: He chuckles and smiles and her idea. "Sounds like fun, I'll start." He stops and thinks for a couple seconds.  "Are you a dog or cat person? If you're an animal person at all."

Ali: "Cat. Meoow," she giggles and purrs, snuggling up to him like a kitty, "Umm, favourite food?"

Leo: He laughs and snuggles back. "Uh, anything spicy, especially Indian."

Ali: She giggles, "Totally could've guessed that, given your affinity with fire."

Leo: He chuckles some more. "Yea, if you had to go on vacation, would you go to the Swiss Alps and ski, or a beach in South America?"

Ali: "South America, definitely." She thinks for a minute, before asking, "Uhm, what's the worst thing you've ever done?"

Leo: His mouth open almost as if he's going to say something but stops and looks off thinking about all that he's done. He does a little side nod and looks back at her. "Probably when I smashed this kids head in and sliced up his legs, but left him alive for him to either crawl home or be eaten alive. What about you Ali?"

Ali: "Um," her smile has faded slightly, but aside from that she isn't really affected by his words, "I'm not entirely sure, a lot of what I've done is kinda fuzzy..." She thinks for a moment, "...I killed a lady who was with child, that was pretty shit, but it was kinda an accident." She looks down at her hands before shifting her gaze back to him, "What's your favourite memory?"

Leo: "Watching my mom's dance for the first time. It was hypnotizing. What's your favorite type of music.?"

Ali: "Soul, definitely, but I'm into a range of genres." She twirls a lock of hair around her index finger, thinking, "What quality do you value most in a person?"

Leo: He thinks for a bit. "That they're open and real with me." He snuggles closer to her and holds her tighter, smiling.  "What's something you want to do before you die?"

Ali: "I want to find my mother." She continues to play with her hair, "Um, what's your least favourite thing about yourself?"

Leo: a throbs start pounding in his head and he pressing his hand against his temple in an attempt to stop it. "Uh, probably my ears, they're shaped kind of weird." He smiles at her through the increasing throbbing.

Ali: She giggles and checks out his ears. "Yeah, they are," she teases, sticking her tongue out playfully.

Leo: He laughs and nips her tongue gently, smiling at her before sucking on her tongue softly.

Ali: She smiles back and kisses him, rolling over so she lays on his chest.

Leo: He kisses her back, holding her close to him. He deepens the kiss, putting some passion into it too.

Ali: She snakes her tongue into his mouth, french kissing him as she digs her nails into his shoulders.

Leo: He french kisses her back. his hands feeling her up all over her body, carcessing, squeezing, and pinching her in all the good spots.

Ali: She moans into the kiss, enjoying the feeling of his hands on her skin. She then slowly pulls away and sits up, resting her hands on his chest as she ...Time Skip.

Leo:  He lays right next to her, snuggling close.  He has a massive grin still. He kisses up her neck to her ear and whispers. " Damn,  you're amazing Ali."

Ali: She giggles softly, "I know." She smiles up at him and snuggles closer, "And you're not half bad either."

Leo: He chukles. "Thanks." He kisses her softly.

Ali: She kisses back and then rests her head against him, humming softly to herself. 

Leo: He strokes her back gently, smiling more. But his smile slowly fades as a depression crawls over him slowly.

Ali: She doesn't notice his fading smile at the onset of his comedown. She just lays against him, still humming to herself.

Leo: He buries his face against her neck, between her and the bed. He closes his eyes and breathes deeply and slowly, trying to keep his composer.

Ali: She closes her eyes, feeling physically tired since she hasn't slept in a while but restless from just lying around.

Leo: He whispers to her. "Hey Ali. I think I'm going to stand in the shower for a while. You can some if you want." He starts to get up and sits on the edge of the bed, rubbing his eyes. He gets up and heads into the bathroom to start the shower.

Ali: She watches him walk into the bathroom and lies on her back for a moment, staring up at the ceiling. She noticed he's starting to feel off and contemplates whether she should join him, stay in bed or simply leave. She decides on the latter, knowing she's going to feel like shit later, and gets out of his bed and walks out of his room completely naked.

Leo: He stays ing the shower for like 40 mintues, just letting the water run over him. He gets out of the shower and looks around his room, noticing she left. He bends his head back and curses. He sees her closes and picks them up. He curses more and he's emotions swirl inside him. He finally decides to get his shorts on and slowly trudge to her room. Once he gets there, he knocks on her door, holding her clothes in the other hand.

Ali: She hears knocking and walks to the door, confused. She opens the door, still naked, and looks at him awkwardly, "Um, hey?"

Leo: He holds up her clothes in his hand. "You left these. I thought you would want them back." He hands the clothes to her.

Ali: She looks at the clothes and takes them before directing her gaze back to him, "Oh, thanks." She just kinda stands there since she hasn't been in this kind of awkward situation before.

Leo: "Guess I'lll talk to you later." He kisses her and turns to leave.

Ali: "Mmkay bye," she closes the door as he leaves and tosses the clothes on the floor.


Ali: Ali walks through the Broken Covenant grounds in the direction of the exit, dressed in Doc Marten knockoffs, denim shorts, a bright orange bra and cat eye sunglasses. She’s holding a combat knife in one hand and a bottle of vodka in the other. It’s about 2 o’clock in the afternoon and the sun is still shining bright, far too early for her to usually be outside. 

Leo: Leo walks along the grounds from eating when he nearly runs into Ali. He torgues his body so he doesn't full on collide with her. "Shit, watch where..." He looks up and sees it's Ali. "Oh, Ali it's you. Sorry about that." He looks her over, admiring the shorts and bra, and also noticing the alcohol and dagger.

Ali: She was about to plunge the knife into his side on instinct, but when he speaks she recognises his voice and so refrains from doing so. “Oh hey Leo,” she says sleepily. "What's up?"

Leo: "Well I just ate. I thought you were nocturnal Ali. Shouldn't you be asleep?"

Ali: She shrugs, "I need money, thought I'd rob a convieniance store or two."

Leo: He grins. "Think I could tag along?"

Ali: She smirks and says playfully, "Only if you don't get in the way." 

Leo: He smirks back. "I think I can handle that." He leans in and kisses her teasingly.

Ali: She kisses him back briefly before pulling away, "Let's go then." She starts walking towards the exit again, pausing to pick up a backpack she, for some strange reason, placed behind a bush. 

Leo: He raises his eye brow but just shakes his head aand let's it go. He sprints over to a small weapons store shed and comes back wiwi a Styxian iron gladius that he strips on to his waist as he runs back to her, following up next to her. "This normal how you spend your afternoons? Robbing and drinking?" He half smirks, half grins at her.

Ali: She yawns, looking at his weapon, “Well I usually sleep through the afternoon. But yeah, I need to get cash somehow.” They walk out of the grounds and start walking towards town.

Leo: "And what's the cash for? Not like anything back there costs anything." He points with his thumb to the grounds of the BC.  "And I see you got scare or charm anyone to get whatever you want."

Ali: She shrugs and says casually, seeing no point in lying about it, "Drugs."

Leo: He simply nods. "Still think you could scare a dealer shit less to get, but I'm sure you wouldn't get on a customer loyalty program if you did that."

Ali: She giggles, "If I stopped paying he'd go out of business." They keep walking, starting to see the town in the distance.

Leo: He waits a few moments before speaking again. "You do anything else other than the ecstasy."

Ali: She doesn't reaaally like where this conversation is going, "Yup."

Leo: "Cool." He just follows her for till the edge of town. "So what store are we hitting up today?"

Ali: She gestures to a store in the distance, "Voila. Convieniance stores have less staff, more cash purchases, etc etc."

Leo: He nods. "Sounds like a good deal all around." He walks with her up to the store.  He pulls the door open for her and follows her in.

Ali: She walks into the store and looks around, noticing the cashier and several customers, none of which looking like they are about to leave any time soon. Most of the customers are at the opposite side of the store to the cash register, so she decides she would like to do this without them noticing if possible. She walks over to the cashier, a young, scrawny looking guy who doesn't notice her knife or the alcohol because he's distracted by her boobs. "Heyy there," she passes him a note with a small smile. He unfolds and reads it, looking up at her with a mix of confusion and fear. She passes him her backpack and he empties the cash from the register inside. She's about to turn around and walk out when the cashier pulls out a handgun from under the counter and aims it at Ali, his arm clearly trembling, "Aww you had to spoil it, didn't ya." She turns to face Leo, "Oh Leo, time to have a little fun." 

Leo: He grins and rushes the clerk, superheating his hand and melting the gun's barrel in to a wad of metal. He draws the gladius and puts it's to his throat, leaning forward to cover it from the other patrons. "Don't say a word and don't do anything, and you want have to taste your burning tongue. Got it?" He pricks his neck with the tip of the blade. He sheathes it and let's go of the gun. He turns back to Ali, smiles, and puts his arm around her back and leads her out.

Ali: She's kinda irritated that he de-escalated the situation so quickly, but it's hard to see her annoyance through her sunglasses. When they are a fair distance away, she opens up the backpack and looks inside. There is a considerable amount of cash, but not as much as she would like. She turns to Leo, "Up for more?"

Leo: He nods. "Sure, this is the only fun I've had all day."

Ali: She closes the bag, slinging it over her shoulder. "Mmkay." She takes a swig of the vodka and starts walking in another direction, headed towards a similar store to the one they had been to.

Leo: He follows next to her, walking into the store first this time. There is a slightly older lady behind the register and a few teen loitering around the back of the store. He turns to her. "You want to do the honors again?"

Ali: She walks in after him and nods, "Yup." She walks up to the counter and smiles at the lady. She's about to pass the note over, but impulsively decides that she is bored and wants to make things more exciting. She suddenly reaches over the counter, grabbing the woman's hair and yanking her head towards her. The woman lets out a scream as Ali drives her knife into the side of the woman's head before slamming her face into the counter. Ali then jumps over the counter and opens the cash register, emptying its contents into her backpack as the teenagers start to panic.

Leo: He laughs as he follows her lead and shoots jets of fire at the back of the store, engulfing it and the teens in the flames.  As Ali gets the cash, he grabs the woman's head and incinerated it to leave no evidence.  He looks at her as he pushes the body back and aside. "Ready?"

Ali: She watches him set everything alight with mild interest as she slings the backpack over her shoulder. She climbs back over the counter and turns to Leo, "Yeah." They walk out of the store and she takes another swig of the vodka, "Everything is so f*cking easy."

Leo: He smiles and nods. "We're the most godly thing they'll ever see. And half the time they barely put up a fight." He looks at her bottle. "Mind if I have a swig?"

Ali: His comment pisses her off; she doesn't like to be reminded of her father. She takes another swig, "I don't like to share."

Leo: He notices her slightly sharper tone and agitated appear and takes the hint. "Ok, I'll bring my own bottle next time."

Ali: She's still annoyed, unnecessarily so, and looks up at him, briefly considering stabbing him before deciding that might not be the best course of action. "Back to the Sanctuary then?" she says with disinterest, not really caring what they do, or where they go.

Leo: He tries to think quickly of somewhere they could go that might help put her at ease. But he decides that It would probably be best if he let her cool off by herself. "Yea, I've got sbome things I want to take care of when I get back."

Ali: She nods and starts walking in the direction of the Sanctuary, "Mmkay."

Leo: He follows next to her the way back.  Along the way,  he pops one of his ear buds in and nods to the music as he walk, sometimes mouthing the words to the song.

Ali: She gets kinda bored of just walking in silence with him, especially once he starts using the mp3 player. She continues to walk towards the Sanctuary, getting progressively sleepier since it's been a couple days since she slept.

Leo: He looks over at her and seeing her boredom. He takes his far ear bud out and offers it to her, a bit sheepiahly."Hey, want to listen with me? Sorry for not offering before, sort of douchey of me to shut you out." He avoids her eye contact a bit.

Ali: She looks at it for a moment but doesn't take it from him, moving her gaze to his face. She drinks more of the vodka and continues to walk. "You're boring now Leo," she says with little regard for his feelings. 

Leo: He raises his eyebrow and looks back at her. He starts to feel hurt, but something in the back of his mind makes him realise that she's probably never really liked him. He nods. "No one is exciting 100%. I like to just chill sometimes, you know, not give a f*ck?"

Ali: She continues to drink, sculling a lot more than she should. It's not enough to kill her, but enough that she's going to be pretty f*cked up soon. She looks at him with curiosity, "But you do give a f*ck." 

Leo: He reaches over and takesaids the bottle from her. "Maybe about the massive about of drugs and alcohol you take. But after that, don't have much more reason to care." He melts the bottle in his hand. The alcohol ignite but his controls it into a small area above his hand. He balls up the molten glass and tosses it off. "There enough shit out there trying to kill us, you don't need to being doing it either." He looks back at her, a mix of concern and sternness.

Ali: She looks mildly pissed off as he takes the bottle from her, but this changes to surprise and confusion at his concern for her, "I'm not trying to kill myself, but if I do that in the process, then what does it matter?"

Leo: "You're here, aren't you?" He motions around them at the BC grounds. "And somebody has to care about you, or do you just shut everyone out with the drugs and booze."

Ali: She shrugs, "Everyone who said they cared is gone; I have nothing to lose." She doesn't like where this conversation is headed or the memories that are resurfacing as a result. 

Leo: "Maybe looking at the present and leave the past might show you that there are person that care about you."

Ali: "And who might that be? You?" She laughs, "This isn't about leaving the past; haven't you ever heard the saying 'Live fast, die young'?"

Leo: He rolls his eyes. "You ever hear of "out in a blaze of glory"? Yea, no shit." He puts an earbud back in finally getting a bit irritated with her attitude.

Ali: She rolls her eyes and starts walking in the opposite direction to him, with no particular aim except to get away.

Leo: He sighs and walks off to the training grounds.

Another time around

Leo: He walks against the grounds fo the BC with his gym back over his shoulder, heading off to workout and train.

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