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AJ and Ryu's Trip to California

Aj: She walks up to Ryu's cabin and waits outside for him. She's wearing jean shorts and a blue half-shirt and carrying a blue/green duffel.

Ryu: Walks out of his cabin in shorts and a t-shirt, holding his duffel over his shoudler and closes the door behind him. He turns to her, smiles, and kisses her softly with out saying anything.

Aj: She kisses him back then pulls away after a moment with a smile on her face. Thanks for coming with me, Ryu.

Ryu: Hey, it's my pleasure to go with you Aj. He takes her hand and looks into her eyes.

Aj: She takes a deep breath. You ready to go?

Ryu: Yea, I'm ready. So are we flying to California or are we catching a bus?

Aj: We're flying, it's quicker. She leads him to the camp entrance where a taxi is waiting for them.

Ryu: Opens the trunk up and puts their duffels in, closes it, and gets into the back sit of the back of the taxi.

Aj: She sits next to him and plays with his hand nervously.

Ryu: Let's her play with his hand, and whispers to her. It's ok babe.

Aj: She looks up at him. I dunno... I can't really remember how I left the house, I was to much in shock to know what the other two demigods did to the place.

Ryu: We'll find out together. You won't have to do anything by yourself. I'm here for you.

Aj: She nods and curls up to his side.

Ryu: Puts his arm around her, holding her tight.

The Airport

Aj: Once the taxi stops, she climbs out and looks around, noticing that the airport is super crowded.

Ryu: Gets out and walks to the trunk and gets their bags out, then walks over to her and talks her hand.

Aj: She squeezes his hand then leads him inside, buys their tickets and heads toward boarding. Man, I have been in an airport in forever. I used to be in these at least every other week.

Ryu: Last time I was in an airport was when I was getting off a plane that I had escaped Russia on.

Aj: She looks up at him. Do you ever regret leaving Russia? 

Ryu: I miss my mother, but I know she is proud I did this. And now that I have left, I can't go back. Looks into her eyes. But I have my reasons to never go back.

Aj: She smiles then hugs him tightly. Maybe someday your mom could come here.

Ryu: Hugs her back just as tightly. Maybe, it would be great to have us all together, but it will take some time and money to have her get over here.

Aj: I could sell some of my mom's old surfboards. There worth thousands of dollars each.

Ryu: Raises his eyebrows. Are you sure you want to do that? Also, I'd have to talk to my mom for a while to get her to leave her home.

Aj: She laughs. My mom had so many surfboards at my old place, the basement was full of surfboards and we had a big basement.

Ryu: We don't need to do anything now. But if you want, we can use them when we need them. Ok.

Aj: She nods and they board the plane. She puts her duffel bag in the over head conpartment then sits down in the seat by the window under it.

Ryu: Puts his stuff in the overhead compartment and takes his seat next to Aj. He takes her hand and interlocks their fingers.

Aj: She smiles, squeezes his hand then lays her head on his shoulder.

Ryu: Smiles back and leans his head back against the chair.

A couple of hours later, the plane lands in California.

Aj: She's asleep, her head still on his shoulder.

Ryu: Speaks softly has some people start to get their things. Aj, time to wake up. We're here.

Aj: She buries her head into his chest and curls up into his side before mumbling adorably. But, I'm sleepy Ryu

Ryu: Smiles and takes her hand. I know Aj. You can sleep at the hotel when we get there.

Aj: Okay. She sits up and yawns. Let's get going so I can get back to sleep sooner.

Ryu Laughs as he gets up and gets their bags. Alright.

Aj: She stands up and streches then takes his hand in hers and follows him off the plane.

Ryu: Once they get out of the jetway and into the walkway for the concourse, he turns around to her. So you want to get something to eat before we get t the hotel?

Aj: Sounds good. She yawns again.

Ryu: Leads her over to a cafe and gets orders a sandwich and a soda, and pays for whatever she wants.

Aj: She orders a latte and bagel. Thanks Ryu.

Ryu: Not a problem. Goes over to a table with her and sets their stuff down and sits down as starts to eat.

Aj: She takes a sip of her latte, her eyes closing slowly then she brushes her hair away from her eyes.

Ryu: Continues eating his sandwich, watching her to see if she falls asleep again.

Aj: After a moment of trying to stay away, her eyes close and she rests her head on her hand and dozes off.

Ryu: Laughs a bit then takes a drink before moving his chair next to her leans his head in close and whisper almost inaudible. Aj, you are so adorable.

Aj: She mumbles in her sleep but, continues to doze.

Ryu: He smiles and gently wakes her up. Come on, you can't sleep here. We'll head to the hotel right now.

Aj: She jumps and spills her latte on Ryu. σκατά!

Ryu: дерьмо. He runs and graps enough napkins and quickly starts cleaning up her latte.

Aj: She stands up quickly and tries to help. Gods, I'm so sorry Ryu!

Ryu: It's fine. It's fine Aj. He finishes up cleaning up her latte and walks away to throw the napkins away. He comes back and sits next to her. You ok Aj. I can get you another latte if you'd like

Aj: I'm good. She laughs. I don't want to spill another latte when I'm just going to fall asleep again.

Ryu: He laughs with her. Alright, well, we better get to the hotel then.

Aj: That's sounds like a great idea. 

Ryu: Ok then. He picks up their bags and takes her hand. Let's go.

Aj: She nods and follows closely behind him.

Ryu: He leads her out of the airport and flags a taxi. He gives their bags to the cab driver to but in the trunk and opens the door for her.

Aj: Thanks. She climbs in and looks out the window. The sun is just now rising but, there are tons of cars at the airport.

Ryu: He climbs in the car after her and tells the driver the hotel they are staying at. He sits back in the chair and closes his eyes.

After a few minutes, the taxi arrives at the hotel and they both climb out, getting their bags. 

Aj: She looks at Ryu. I'll check us in.

Ryu: Ok. He goes over to one of the chairs in the lobby and sits down as she checks them in.

Aj: After a few minutes she comes back with their room key. We're in room 313.

Ryu: Alright. Gets up and follows her to their room.

Aj: She opens the door to reveal there hotel room and she drops her bag in a chair before floping onto the bed. Finally. (this is what it looks like

Ryu: He tosses her bag bag down as well and lays down next to her. He wraps his arms around her and holds her close.

AJ: She sighs and cuddles up to him sleeply, her eyes already closed.

Ryu: He cuddles back and closes his eyes, laying his head back.

Aj: She's soon fast asleep.

The next mornig, a few hours later. The sun starts to stream through the cracks in the curtains.

Ryu: He wake up and groans quietly and he opens his eyes.

Aj: She buries her head into his chest, blocking the sun from her eyes.

Ryu: He looks down at her and smiles, then kisses the top of her forehead.

Aj: She smiles against his chest then lifts her head up slightly so you can just see her eyes.

Ryu: He smiles and looks into her eyes. Morning baby.

Aj: Morning. She mumbles then sits up and kisses his nose softly. 

Ryu: He kisses her lips after she pulls away from his nose. You sleep well?

Aj: She smiles. Perfect. I had an amazing pillow.

Ryu: He smiles back. I'm glad to hear that.

Aj: What about you?

Ryu: I always sleep great when I'm with you.

Aj: That's good. She sits up and streches her arms then yawns. What time is it?

Ryu: Rolls over to look at the clock on the night stand. Uh, about 9.

Aj: She nods and climbs out of bed, opening her duffel bag. Well, I'm going to go shower, I'm freezing.

Ryu: Alright, let me know when you're out so I can get on too.

Aj: Okay. She heads into the bathroom and five minutes later she comes out wrapped up in a grey towel. Done.

Ryu: He smiles at her and  gets up, walking over to her and kisses her cheek and whispers to her. You look so hot. He goes into the bathroom and closes out five minutes later with a matching towel around his waist.

Aj: She's laying on the bed, dozing off, cuddled up to a pillow just wearing a t-shirt, bra and panties.

Ryu: He puts on a part of boxers and shorts. He walks of to the bed and gently picks her up in his arms and holds her as he sits down on the bed.

Aj: She cuddles up to him, burying her head into his chest. 

Ryu: He holds her tight and putting his nose in her hair and smelling the fresh shampoo.

Aj: She kisses his chest softly, then nuzzles his chest.

Ryu: So what are we going to do first. I think breakfast would be a good start.

Aj: Yeah, then we'll head over to my old place.

Ryu: Sounds good. He continues to hold her until she makes to move to leave his arms.

Aj: She gives him a quick kiss then stands up and pulls out a pair of shorts from her duffel. Let's order room service, I really hate dealing with California mortals. She laughs to herself.

Ryu: He kisses her back. What's so back of the people here? He gets up and walks over to his bag, picks out a shirt and pulls it on.

Aj: The people here are annoying, people don't know when to take a hint when people are in relationships... She pauses for a moment, her laugher stopping too.

Ryu: He turns to her with a concerned look on her face. He walks over to her and takes her hand. What are you worried about?

Aj: She shakes her head. It's nothing.

Ryu: Are you sure? If there is something, just tell me.

Aj: It's stupid, just a bad feeling, okay? She smiles, even though it's fake, and kisses his cheek, before walking into the bathroom, leaving the door open.

Ryu: He follows her to the door where his leans on the wall next to the door.

Aj: She's leaning on the counter with her head in her hands.

Ryu: He looks into and sees her. He walks in behind and wraps his arms around  her waist.

Aj: She moves her face away from her hands and turns around in his arms so she's face him then buries her head into his chest.

Ryu: He hlods her tightly. Aj, are you going to tell me what's wrong?

Aj: She sighs then mumbles. I don't want anything to happen to us.

Ryu: Like what? You aren't going to loss me, and I'm not going to loss you.

Aj: She looks up at him. But, you know how you were before we got together. There are plenty of girls here that are much better than I am.

Ryu: He hangs his head for a few moment then looks into her eyes. I know, but now it's different. He cups her face in his hand. I love you Aj, and there is nothing any girl could do to take my heart from you.

Aj: She smiles then kisses him softly.

Ryu: He kisses her back softly. Breaks away for a moment, then he leans in and kisses her deeply and lovingly'.

Aj: She kisses him back deeply, tangling her fingers into his hair before pulling away. I trust you.

Ryu: Thank you Aj. There is a pause for a few moments where he just holds her. Want to see what room service has?

Aj: She nods and leads him out of the bathroom and over to the desk where a phone and paper with list of food is. What do you want?

Ryu: Uh, pancakes and sausage sounds good.

Aj: Okay She picks up the phone and calls room service, ordering Ryu and her the same thing only her's has bacon instead before finishing le phone call. I wonder what my old room looks like now.

Ryu: I don't know. We'll see, I guess.

Aj: I guess. She sits on the edge of the bed, going into deep thought.

Ryu: He lays down on the other side of the bed and closes his eyes.

Aj: She looks over at him and smiles, crawling silently over to him and lays next to him, she begins slowly trailing kisses across his neck softly while reaching her hand under his shirt and massaging his stomach gently.

Ryu: He smiles and turns to her, runnings his fingers through her hair, then holds the back of her head. He leans in and kisses her sweetly.

Aj: She kisses him back softly, still massaging his stomach.

Ryu: He kisses her more, moving his hand down from her head to her lower back and pulls her closer to him.

Aj: She smiles against his lips and is about to deepen the kiss when there's a knock at the door, causing her to pull away and glaring at the door. I now hate breakfast.

Ryu: He smiles and gets up and starts to walk over to the door and turns to her. I love you too. He get to the door and lets room service in has he bellhop brings the food to their table and leave. He closes the door behind him and walks back ove to her.

Aj: She glances over to the food. Okay, now I'm torn between hating breakfast and not hating it.

Ryu: Let's just eat then.

Aj: Okay She walks over and grabs her plate before reaching over and turning on the tv to the news although she totally ignores it and begins to eat her breakfast.

Ryu: He grabs his plate and sits next to her and starts to eat as well, glancing at the TV a few times.

Aj: After she finishes, she pushes her plate away. Hey Ryu?

Ryu: He finishes up as well. He swallows the last of his food. Yea?

Aj: She looks at him. So the reason why you can go back to Russia is because you left the army, right?

Ryu: He nods. Yep. Is there something you want to know?

Aj: Is it possible if they learn about your whereabouts here in America, could they come and arrest you?

Ryu: It's possible, but I don't think they care now, Also, the satyr who brought me here was very good at covering our tracks.

Aj: She let's out a breath in releave. Okay good.

Ryu:He sets his hand on hers. Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere. not without you.

Aj: She smiles and leans over and kisses him softly and lovingly.

Ryu: He kisses her back just as lovingly.

Aj: She moves onto his lap gently, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Ryu He wraps one arm around her waist and holds her thigh with his other hand.

Aj: She moves one of her hands down under his shirt and traces his muscles lightly and kisses him deeply.

Ryu: He kisses her back just as deeply, pulling her as close to him as he can.

Aj: She pulls away after a moment, pulling off his shirt before returning her lips to his.

Ryu: He continues kissing her. His hands slides up her thigh slowly and sensually.

Aj: She shivers at his touch. She begins to slide her hands along his chest toward the waistband of his jeans.

Ryu: He moves both of his hands and takes off her shirt.

Aj: She straddles his lap and grinds against him, moving her lips to his jaw, kissing along it.

Ryu: He pulls her shirt off, then glides his hands to her thighs and grips them.

Aj: She grinds harder against his crotch while she kisses down his neck, nibbling every so often.

Ryu: He groans. He moves one of his hands to her ass and the other unzips his pants.

Aj: She grabs his hands and pulls him up and over to the bed.


Aj: She lays her head on his chest and wraps her arms around his waist.

Ryu: He holds her close to him, snuggling cozily with her.

Aj: She kisses his bare chest softly before looking up at him. We should get going.

Ryu: Alright. He sart to get up.

Aj: She gets up also, grabbing her clothes and heading into the bathroom to change.

Ryu: He puts his boxers and shorts back on and waits outside the bathroom for her.

Aj: She comes back out wearing her t-shirt and shorts. She smiles and kisses his cheek before pulling her sneakers on.

Ryu: He smiles back and walks into the bathroom. He comes out a couples minutes later, finally putting his shirt on, and slipping his sneakerrs on. So, how are we going to get to your house?

Aj: Rental car. Me and my mom were the only people who knew where my house was so that we could have some privicy. She pulls some cash, a ring of keys and her necklace out of her duffel. She puts the cash and keys in her pocket and her necklace around her neck. 

Ryu: He walks over to her and looks at the necklace, picking part of it up then looks at her. From your mom?

Aj: She blushes., my dad. It's a magic item. It was kinda of a "Great job, you made it to camp without being maimed" gift.

Ryu: He smiles. Well, he cares for you safety. Probably a lot cooler than what my dad got me.

Aj: What did your dad get you?

Ryu: Pair of celestial bronze ice picks to climb with. I have in my day pack, just incase.

Aj: She grabs his hand. Okay, let's go. She leads him back down to the lobby, rents a black Jeep Wrangler and climbs into the drivers seat.

Ryu: He climbs into shotgun, adjusting the seat to bearly fit him.

Aj: After around half an hour of driving, she pulls down an old dirt road, almost blocking all sight by the trees. Once she reaches the end of the dirt road and parks the jeep. There's clearing and a great view of the beach and ocean and in the middle of the clearing is an abandoned looking house. ( ). She studies the house the mutters. Home sweet home.

Ryu: He looks over at her. Do you know want we are looking for here?

Aj: No. She heads up the steps and pauses at the front door. One of the windows has been distroyed and she shudders at the sight before pulls the keys from her pocket and trying to find the house key but, it's hard to do it because her hands are shaking so badly.

Ryu: He walks up behind her, wraps his arms around her, and takes her hands in his. It's ok Aj.

Aj: She nods, takes a deep breath and her hands relax a bit but, not fully though just enough so she can find the key. She quickly unlocks the door and opens it. A thick scent of dried blood flows from the house causing her to falter slightly. 

Ryu: He catches her incase she falls. He pulls his shirt up to cover his face from the smell.

Aj: She walks slowly inside the dark house. Everything's covered in a layer of dust and the smell is stronger. she walks through the living room, not looking down at the floor were there's a large dark red stain.

Ryu: He follows her, glancing down at the stain but doesn't stop.

Aj: She enters the kitchen and freezes when she see something outside. Suddenly there's a scream and a harpy tackles her to ther kitchen floor, clawing at her arms and clothes.

Ryu: He jumps at the scream, then tackles the harpy himself, trying to use his weight to get it of Aj. He attempts to lock up the harpy in a hold.

Aj: She lays on the floor for a moment in shock before she grabs her necklace which turns into a dagger and crawls over to Ryu and the harpy before stabbing the harpy, turning it to dust.

Ryu: He relaxes a bit when the harpy disintegrates. He gets up and brushes the dust off of him. He turns to Aj. You ok?

Aj: She nods, not trusting her voice. Her shirt's ripped across the stomach but, other than that she only has cuts and scratches. She's shaking slightly still slightly in shock.

Ryu: He wraps one of his arms around her shoulders, loking around. He spots an open cabinet and walks over to it and brings back a couple rags and gets some medical tape from his pack. Where are you cut bad? 

Aj: I dunno.

Ryu: He walks her over to where there is better light. He finds two bad cuts,one on her arm and one on her side. He ties one rag around her arm. He lifts up her shirt so it's out of the way. He uses one rag to clean it up some, then press another one onto the cut. He takes the medical tape and wraps it around her two times, keeping the rag in place. There.

Aj: She nods but she's still shaking. She wraps her arms around her stomach as if to calm it but only winces.

Ryu: He wraps his arms and hugs her comfortingly.

Aj: She leans into him then whispers. I saw my mom's bones in the backyard.

Ryu: He looks out to the back. He sees the bones too, and a chill runs threw his body. He looks back at her and holds her. What do you want to do?

Aj: She thinks for a moment. Leave the bones, but I want to get something from my room, if it's still there.

Ryu: Alright. You remember where it is?

Aj: Yeah. She stands up weakly and walks through a doorway before disappearing down the hallway.

Ryu: He quickly gets up and follows her down the hall.

Aj: She opens a door with the words "KEEP OUT" on it. Inside there's a bed with curtains around it, desk, dresser, a few surfboards and the walls are covered with photos. She walks over to the desk and begins fumbling with the lock on the drawer.

Ryu: He walks over and looks at the walk of photos for a few seconds then goes back over to her. Need help?

Aj: She looks up at him and blushes. Yes, please.

Ryu: He smiles a little at her, then reaches in to her pack and pulls out his pick. He locks the blade out and hooks it into the lock. He prys the lock off with a sudden pop.

Aj: She hugs him. Thanks.

Ryu: He hugs her back. No problem Aj.

Aj: She opens the drawer, revealing a bunch of random stuff. She pushes the stuff aside and lifts up the fake bottom. She pulls a black box out of it and cracks it open slightly before reclosing it. Okay, we can go now.

Ryu: He nod and stands in the doorway, waiting for her.

Aj: She takes one last look at her room then walks over to him with a smile on her face and takes his hand in hers.

Ryu: He holds her hands securely and starts to walk down the hall to leave the house.

Aj: She follows him, hiding her face slightly by her hair.

Ryu: He walks out the front door and away for the house before turning around to her, brushung the hair out of her face. You ok?

Aj: She glances back at the house. Yeah. I just don't want my last memories of it to be the living room.

Ryu: Ok. Anything else you want to do here?

Aj: No, I want to get crap hole. She stands closer to him.

Ryu: Alright, want me to drive us home?

Aj: Yes please.

Ryu: Ok. He walks her over to the passenger side, lets her get in and goes over and hops into the driver side. He starts the Jeep and drive the half an hour back to the hotel.

Aj: Once they get into their hotel room, she lays down on the bed and hides under the blankets.

Ryu: He crawl under the blankets behind her and wraps his arms around her stomach.

Aj: She sighs. That was horrible.

Ryu: He rest his head in the crook of her neck. I know. I'm sorry Aj.

Aj: she turns so shes facing him and lays her hand gently on his cheek. Don't be sorry, it wasn't your fault.

Ryu: I could have stopped that harpy from ever touching you.

Aj: She smiles slightly. But, I'm fine. If you weren't there, I might have been shredded to pieces like my mom.

Ryu: He rests his forehead against hers. I just don't want anything to happen to you.

Aj: Nothing's going to happen to me. I promise. She kisses his nose softly.

Ryu: He smiles a bit. I'm still going to worry.

Aj: She laughs softly. I know you are.

Ryu: He kisses her softly and holds her close.

Aj: She kisses him back softly, brushing her thumb against his cheek.

Ryu: He snuggles up to her, nuzzling her neck gently.

Aj: She grabs his hand in hers then lays her cheek on their connected hands, closing her eyes after making sure his hand was touching her cheek.

Ryu: He smiles and snuggles up closer to her, and kisses her other cheek.

Aj: She snuggles up to him then whispers. Thank you, Ryu. For everything.

Ryu: He snuggles back and whispers back. I love you. You are my everyhing. There is nothing I won't  do for you. He kisses her softly. And you're welcome. He smiles.

Aj: She smiles and opens her eyes. I love you too.

Ryu: He smiles back. So what are we going to do tomorrow?

Aj: How about we go to the beach and just relax?

Ryu: That sounds like fun. 

Aj: Sweet. I know the perfect spot. She snuggles closer to him and buries her face into his chest adorably.

Ryu: He smiles and snuggles closer back. You're so cute.

Aj: She smiles against his chest. I am not.

Aj and Ryu's trip into the city

Ryu: He walks up to he cabin with a backpack on, knocking on her door.

Aj: She swings the door open, a somewhat nervous smile on her face. Hey! You ready to go?

Ryu: He smiles and takes her hand. Yes AJ.

Aj: She squeezes his hand and they walk toward the camp entrance. I got a hotel room just in case we're too tired to come back to camp or it's late. If that's okay with you of course.

Ryu: He holds her hand securely. It'll be fine. I'll be with you won't I?

Aj: She nods, a smile on her face before kissing his cheek. Thanks.

Ryu: Smiles and  follows her to the city.

Once they get into the city, their dropped off in front of a tattoo shop.

Aj: She starts to get nervous. Well here we are.

Ryu: He holds her hand tight. It'll be fine. I'll get one too it you like.

Aj: Oh you don't have to if you don't want to.

Ryu: It's ok. I've been sort of needing an excuse to get one. And I'll be there with you.

Aj: She smiles then heads into the shop with him, it's surprisingly dark on the inside and a guy walks out from a backroom covered in tattoos. He grins at Aj and they have a quick conversation before the guy heads into a different room. She turns to Ryu. Jake's an old friend of my mom's, he said that since your my boyfriend he'll give us both tattoos on the house.

Ryu: He smiles. That's awesome.

Aj: She takes a deep breath. Well here goes nothing! She leads him to the room Jake went into, where he's preping the stuff. You want to go first or should I?

Ryu: I'll go first if you want me to.

Aj: She nods quickly. 

Jake:He laughs then looks at Ryu before patting the table/chair. Take a seat, young man. Where and what do you want your tattoo.

Ryu: He pulls his shirt off and sits down in the chair. An eagle and my right shoulder blade. He whispers. And have the letter A J in each of the wing.

Jake: He grins and nods beginning to clean his shoulder blade off. It's gonna sting at first but after a few minutes, you'll get used to it.

Ryu: Keep the muscle relaxed?

Jake nods as he does the final prep. 

Aj: She pulls a chair up next to the table/chair and sits in it, taking Ryu's hand. 

Ryu: He holds her hand firmly, closing his eyes, controlling his breathing and relaxes his muscles.

Jake: begins working on Ryu's shoulder, creating the tattoo at a slow pace, after about an hour and a half he finishes. Done, you can look at it in the mirror before I bandage it up.

Ryu: He grabs the mirrow and positions it so he can see it, smiling. Perfect. thanks man.

Jake: He grins. No problem. He pats the table/chair. Your turn little lady.

Aj: She nods and lays on the table on her stomach, lifting her shirt, stopping it just at her bra line so her back is almost perfectly bare. You got the e-mail with the design I wanted, right?

Jake nods, beginning to clean the skin on her back/side then starts preping the needle.

Ryu: He wheels a chair over and takes her hand as he sits down.

Aj: She squeezes his hand tightly, her eyes also shutting.

Ryu: He holds her hand tightly back, smiling softly.

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