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Laistrygonians with Dinner Plate and Immortals with Meathooks!

Thomas is training in the Deep Forest

Haython see's Thomas and walks into the clearing.

sees him

Thomas: Oh it's you, so is this thee part where you try and kill again?

Haython: Oh it's you, so is this the part where you stereotype me and try to beat up my girlfriend?

Thomas: She had coming the second she talked about my mom! 

Haython: Well maybe I should beat her up so you know the feeling of having someone close to you get hurt!

Thomas: She went missing you Assassin's Creed Reject!

Haython: How was I suppose to know? *He began to do pullups on a tree branch.* 

Thomas: whatever! *he starts doing jumping jacks really fast*

Haython: *He laughs and continues doing pull ups.*

Thomas: Hey what's so funny!?

Haython: Nothing. *He continues doing pull ups.*

Thomas: Yeah damn right nothin! *he quickly pulls out his plastic card, it turns into his katana, Wingblade. He starts slicing into the air. He smirks* Alright getting good with this thing

Haython: *he continues doing pull ups.*

Thomas: *he starts firing wind blasts at branches in trees for target practice, he accidently shoots one at the branch haython's on* oh crap *he starts laughing*

Haython: *He laughs as well and begins to swing on the branch from the wind.*

Thomas: The hell? a blast like that should sent you flying!

Haython: Well lookie, I'm still here.

Thomas: Is that a challenge? *fires another at him*

Haython: *He dodges.* Learn to stray your temper boy. Or ya going to be seeing Hades a lot sooner then naturally.

Thomas: I'm not afraid of dying, oh and practice what you preach *he smirks*

Haython: I already have a hold on my temper boy.

Thomas: Yeah that sounds like some serious bs

Haython: Believe me I would have slit your neck and ties your body to the trees with your organs if I wasn't able to control my temper.

Thomas: Sounds like a threat, *points Wingblade at him*

Haython: Take it like you want to.

Thomas: Okay that's it! *he quickly swings Wingblade at Haython's arm*

Haython: *He holds out his arm and it's cut deeply.* Oh lookie a new scar. *He takes out his meathook and swings his blade at Thomas' leg.*

Thomas: *He does a backflip, dodging it* damn! still as creepy as the last time we fought! *fires 3 wind blasts at him*

Haython: *He's pushed back and something stands behind him. It's a Laistrygonians.*

Thomas: Haython you got off lucky! *He flies towards the Laistrygonians, he slices one's neck and it fades away*

Haython: *Another Laistrygonian walks up behind Thomas and Haython jumps on its back and rips open it's throat.*

Thomas: Hey not bad 

Laistrygonian 3: Get them! *10 more laistrygonians come and attack them*

Thomas: Damn.... *he flies towards them*

Haython: *He runs in front of one and it goes to punch him. He dodges and causes it to hit another laistrygonian and they start to fight. Haython laughs.*

Thomas: *The two laistrygonians go at it until one falls over on the ground and dies. The other injured from the quick fight. Thomas quickly flies down and cuts his head open. Causing him to fade as well. But another runs behind him and bats him away. Knocking into the ground, he has bruses over his body* Aw man no fair.....

Haython: *He runs at the Laistrygonian that hit him and sliced open his stomach area. All his guts fall to the ground.*

  • The Laistrygonian falls to its knees and it tries to scoop up its guts and fades away into dust. Two more gang up behind him and pick him up* 

Haython: *He starts cutting at their arms but seems rather calm.*

they endure and squeeze him

Thomas: *tries to fly up and help up but a laistrygonian punches him back into the ground

Haython: *He cuts off one's hand and digs the meathook in causing it to scream in pain.*

  • The Laistrygonian quickly drops Haython, while the one next to the first one quickly kicks Haython into a boulder

Haython: *He stands up and cracks his neck.*

Thomas: *He crawls up the back of the Laistrygonian who dropped Haython and stabs in it the neck, but before it fades into dust. It angrily throws Thomas into the ground again, knocking him out*

  • The other Laistrygonian runs up to Haython and steps on him*

Haython: *He dodges and swings the meathook ripping up its calfs and tendons.*

  • Before it fades away, it falls on Haython*

Haython: *He slams his head on a rock and is knocked out.*

  • Another group of Laistrygonians walk in* 

Laistrygonian 1: Geez it took like 10 of us take those two down *He picks up Thomas* 

Laistrygonian 2: True, but it's what they say, harder prey makes for good eatin! *Laistrygonian 1 is about to eat Thomas, but the second one stops him* No you idiot! We need to bring them back to the lookout! to be properly cooked! *he licks his lips and picks up Haython*


Thomas and Haython wake up in a large kitchen, both held in a cage

Haython: Ah shit...... Hey Thomas. *He tosses a carrot at him.* Wake up.

Thomas: *He wakes up* Sweet a carrot! *he takes a bite out of it*

Haython: *He eats his.* Now how to get out of here.

Thomas: *The cage their in is on table by the edge* I have an idea but it might hurt

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