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Cyrus Young -Son of Apollo
-The Fiery Swordsman

 Age: 15  Height: 6'5  Weight: 140lbs
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship: Single
 Health Status: Healthy 
 Main Weapon: Twin Swords

He strolls around the area, pondering on what he should do next. He's seen most of camp, so he's got a good feel for it, but he feels like he needs to make some friends. He decides to take a seat on a bench and think about how he'll go about it.

~ Daughter Poseidon
She's already sitting on the bench, eating skittles while reading a book. She notices him and decides on whether or whether not she should introduce herself.
    ~ 07:26, February 23, 2014 (UTC)

More Info:

-Princess of the Sea ; Lt. Counselor of the Poseidon Cabin

 Age: 14  Height: 5'8  Weight: 123 lbs.
 Sexuality: Straight 
 Birth Place: Miami, Florida.  Main Weapon: Celestial Bronze Sword
 Accent: Neutral
 – One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”


[[|Miles]] -Child of Aeolus
-The Wild Cyclone

 Age: 17  Height: 5'10 
 Sexuality: Straight 
 Health Status: Healthy  Main Weapon: Air Striker, a ring that transforms into a xiphos or a halberd
 – 07:50, February 23, 2014 (UTC)

He's flying over them, noticing one of the figures to be Justine. He's wearing pilot goggles because frankly the idea seemed cool to him. "Justine!" He said as he flew down towards her, but since he didn't remember to slow down. He crashed into her.


Cyrus: As Miles comes crashing down into Jay, he is also caught up since he was next to her. They all go tumbling into the ground in front of the bench; Cyrus on the bottom, Justine in the middle, Miles on top. He was bewildered and angry at the situation, but decided blowing up wasn't the best idea. "Uh- Having a hard time breathin' 'ere-" He says, pleading for them to get off of him.

Justine: "Holy sh*t, Miles."she mumbles gasping for air. Being sandwiched between to guys wasnt her idea of fun. Especially since she didnt know one of them. "I'm gonna drown you." she states struggling under him.

Miles: "Oh come on, it was an accident..." He says managing to roll himself off of her. He rubs his forehead and takes a deep breath.

Justine: She rolls off the stranger and catches her breath. "It's all good." She says getting up, and offering a hand to Cyrus. "What made you go biserk" she asked Miles.

Miles: "Berserk?! I was just happy to see ya!" He said with a smile.

Cyrus: He quickly gets to his feet with Justine's assistance, and dusts himself off. He decides to take it lightly and turn the situation into a positive one. "Well, you might want to clean your goggles off, or stop oggling pretty gals while you're flyin' 'round. 'Fore you get someone hurt." He gives Miles a cheeky grin.

Miles: He pushes up his goggles, so they rest over his forehead. "Whatever..." He glares at Cyrus, somewhat intimated and envious of his height. He turns to Justine, blushing a bit because he had wanted to ask her out again.

Justine: She blushed as a smile formed on her face. "Awww." She gushed before kissing him for the first time.

Miles: He was quite surprised by the kiss, but since it DEFINITELY wasn't his first kiss he returned it with a smile. Quite proud of himself.

Cyrus: He figures these two were an item by the dumb look on Miles' face, so he thought it best to lay off of Justine. Besides, he had his eye on someone else anyway. At any rate, he decides to cut in and introduce himself. "Well, Flyboy and Jay, I'm Cyrus. Could call me Roshaun if you'd like, I'm not partial to either. Figured I'd introduce myself 'fore anythin' else."

Justine: She pulls away abit light-headed. "Sorry... what?" She asked, since she hadn't been paying attention before.

Miles: "It's Miles..." He says in a slight annoyed tone, due to Cyrus' superior height and the fact he somewhat sees him as a threat >.<

Cyrus: "And this lovely lady must be yours, then? Justine was it? Nice to meet you both." He had no intention of taking her from Miles. In fact, he just wanted some friends. He crosses his arms, extending both of his hands to each of them for a shake. He supposed the easiest way to make some friends was to assure them that he wasn't an indecent ass. That was a tad misleading, though.

Justine: She smiled and took his hand. She being half his size, she was kinda intimidated but pulled it off. "Nice to meet you to Cyrus."

Miles: He rolls his eyes but reluctantly shakes his hand anyway. Somewhat feeling like an ass, since he realized how uncalled for his hostility was. "Uhm, what she said and yeah I guess..."

Cyrus: "Well, I hope I'm not intruding on anything. Jus' lookin' for some comp'ny is all. I'm new to camp y'see? I'm from Atlanta. How 'bout y'all?"

Justine: She slipped her hand into Miles' hoping to calm him down. "Oh, we'll I'm from Miami. And I'm about a few months new here.

Miles: He blushes, becoming quite calm. "Well I'm from New York, ya know I'm a tough kid had to grow up on the streets and I've been at camp for well over a year now." He says, hoping to impress Justine.

Cyrus: "Can't say I can relate. I was livin' a decent life in comparison. But never min' that. Who are y'all's godparents? Mine's Apollo, but I wouldn't really call 'im a dad, y'know?" He looks at the sun, shakes his head, and then faces the two of them again.

Miles: "Meh not bad I guess, but frankly when it comes to godparents I think I scored big time! Mine's Aeolus, god of the 4 winds. It's pretty awesome!"

Justine: "I always like letting people guess who my god parent is." she says, "It's more fun." she shrugs.

Cyrus: "Well if I had to guess, I'd normally say you're a child of Afro-die-tee, but that might be a little cheeky of me. But consid'ring your last threat, I'll guess you're a daughter of Poe-sigh-done."

Miles: "Dude you really talk weird..." He says, quite unfamiliar with his accent or w/e >.<

Cyrus: "Can't really help that, mate." He then decides to playfully switch to a New York accent to trip him up. "Is theese mahre comfourtahble four youu?" He then lets out a laugh, unable to keep a straight face.

Justine: She laughs, abit. But seeing Miles' straight face she stops, and squeezes his hand, biting her lip to stop another laugh.

Miles: He bites his lip and begins to laugh, he just took a minute to decide whether he thought it was funny or offensive. But he blushes, feeling Justine's quite welcome grip.

Cyrus: Once he's done laughing, he decides to ask them out to town. "Well, I'm goin' to make my way to town, for the first time, to see a movie. Would y'all like to tag along? I've got extra money if that's a problem."

Justine: She shrugs "Sure, I'm down." She digs in her pocket, "I'm not about to let you pay for all three of us though. Cuz I'm a complete fat a*s." she says pulling her her sea green wallet.

Miles: He looks through his wallet, panicked to see he's completely broke. "Uhm okay sure, I'll let you two pay.."

Cyrus: "Nah, I'll take care of it. I offered, I should pay." With that, he checks his watch. "We've got about an hour before the movie starts. Best head over there now. And it'll probably be better to use our feet." He gives Miles another grin, and then turns around to walk off. "Coming?" He calls back to them as he walks away.

Justine: "Wait! I got this." she grabs his arm and directs he and Miles to a puddle. She closes her eyes and they submerge into the small amount of water. A few seconds later they find themselves in front of the movies.. She being the only one dry. She lets go of Cyrus, and tries not to laugh at the state they're in.

Miles: He breathes heavily, somewhat shocked and freaked out from the experience. "That was... freaky." He said with a smile, not noticing that he's holdong onto Justine rather tight.

Justine: She laughs, and blushes. She didn't want to tell them that was her first time. For all she knew the could have ended up in China.

Cyrus: His head whirls, as he is definitely not used to such transportation. The only other time he had used similar means was with Uriel, and he got sick after that. "Oh shi-" he says, as he doubles over, feeling like he was going to puke.

Justine: She steps away from him not really wanting to get pucked on, surpressing a laugh. "You okay there buddy?"

Miles: He stands next to Justine, ready to snap his fingers and conjure a wind shield to prevent being barfed on. "Looks like someone doesn't like water travel" He said, chuckling.

Cyrus: He trys to stay positive, but he really wasn't used to this kind of mumbo-jumbo. "Well so~rry. The only other time I've done anythin' like that was with a certain mage— And I got sick then, too." When he starts to regain his equilibrium, he stands up and rubs his forehead. "A little warnin' would've been nice, ma'am."

Justine: She blushes from slight embarrassment. Being impulsive caused her to do stuff like that. >.< "Sorry about that Cyrus."

Miles: He can't help but laughs some more, but he's cut short by his stoacmh grumbles. "Come on guys.." he says as he advances into le theater.

Justine: She follows Miles, but looks back just to check if Cyrus was entirely okay. "Which movie?"

Cyrus: He seems fine now, as he walks ahead of the two of them into the theatre. He takes out the tickets from his pocket and hands one to both of them. He replies to her question, "I didn't really check to see what it was before now, but apparently these are tickets for Twelve Years a Slave. Never heard of it, but supposedly it is pretty good." He walks up to the attendee, oblivious as to what he was about to watch. They were all directed to theatre 12, but not before making their way to the concession stand. "So, what're y'all hungry for? Remember, it's on me."

Justine: "Skittles." she says without any real thought. "And.. some water, but that's it really." she feels bad knowing that he was going to pay for everything even though she had offered. "Um. I'll pay for Miles." she offers.

Miles: "Uhhhh Popcorn, Soda, two hotdogs and three bags of M&M's!" He said in a rather excited tone, he gives Justine a sweet smile. Hoping she'll buy him everything he asked for.

Justine: She gives him a straight face trying to stop the blush creeping up her cheeks. She sighs, "I am not about to pay for all that especially not here, with these expensive movie theater prices." She hands him a twenty. "Go pay for the popcorn and the hot dogs, I'll be back." She starts a puddle in the floor, and disappears in it.

Cyrus: He decided to yield to Justine this time, but he didn't think too highly of Miles for making his girlfriend pay. Oh well, not his place to judge. With all the food settled, they made their way to theatre 12. As per usual, he makes his way to the very back of the theatre, and highest point row. He sat next to the wall, and left two open seats for Justine and Miles to sit in.

Miles: He sat a seat away from Cyrus, much more willing to sit next to Justine. Hoping to get to snuggle with her and such.

Justine: She comes back, with the M&M's and soda, not really sure where Miles or Cyrus are. She scans the theater and spots them way at the top. She sits in between handing Miles his M&M's and soda. "Did I miss anything..?"

Cyrus: "Not a thang. The movie just gettin' started." He says, as the room grows dark and the screen begins to display trailers for upcoming movies.

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