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Carina Valentine: She tiptoes nervously through the dark forest, the bare trees allowing moonlight to spill through the branches. "We shouldn't be here," she whispers nervously, wringing her hands. "It's too dark."

Saphronia: As she listens to Carina's complaints, she rolls her eyes and whirls around to face Carina, a bit unnerved herself. "Be quiet. We're just taking a little walk, okay? It's not like we're going to run into the boogie monster..."

Callista: She pulls her shawl more closely around her shoulders and shivers. "Well, let's get this walk over with quickly. I am freezing, and this place is giving me the creeps."

Dante: He detects their three life forces, the opportinity is too great for Dante to turn down. He passes by the trees, careful to hide behind them. He looks them over his xiphos sheathed, trying to decide who to pick off first..

Kaydenza: Wearing her scarlet red-riding hood styled cape that only showed her blonde hair she walked through the forest carrying a very sharp sword at her side.

Dante: "Well damn, sexy ass chick and a badass sword.." He muttered under his breath as he saw her. He remains in his hiding spot, hoping that Kaydenza would spot the three campers. He wishes to see what she'd do if she did.

Kaydenza: Out of the corner of her eye she spots Carina, Saphronia and Callista and stares at them for a while before grabbing her two throwing knifes from her belt and aimed it right behind the trio, to scare them off.

Callista: As the knives whiz past, just barely missing the trio, Callista shrieks and jumps a foot into the air. "What was that?" she cries, clutching Saphronia's shoulder nervously. "I didn't see exactly what it was!"

Saphronia: Saphronia, a bit unnerved herself, shudders and spins in a circle, warily trying to spot the source of the objects thrown. "Who's there?" she demands as the three demigods form a tight triangle, watching for any movement.

Carina: "M-maybe we should go back into Camp," she suggests, slowly reaching toward her bow slung over her shoulder. "I don't think it's safe here."

Dante: He chuckles very lightly, but moves behind a tree so he's right in front of the trio's exit route. He still wants to see what the daughter of abyss shall do.

Kaydenza: She smirked slightly, ditched her cape and transformed her sword into its bracelet form; and walked behind the girls passing off as an innocent camper. "H-hello?" She greeted them like an old friend while gripping on the bracelet.

Callista: With a gasp of surprise she whirls around, half expecting some terrible monster to com hurtling out of the darkness, but she realizes when she spots Kaydenza, realizing she is just a girl. "Hello," she says in a friendly way. "What are you doing out here?"

Saphronia: She narrows her eyes suspiciously, a bit uneasy. "Yes. What are you doing here?"

Carina: She places her hand on Saphronia's shoulder to calm her. "I'm sorry, my name is Carina Valentine. What do you need?" She mentally prepares herself to grab her bow if necessary, though this new girl seems like any other camper out for a stroll.

Kaydenza: She batted her eyelashes innocently and twirled her blonde hair around her finger. "Oh just out for a little stroll."

Callista: She smiles, though a bit uncomfortably, and begins to walk again, steering her companions with her. "Us too. We thought we heard something, but I guess it was you..."

Saphronia: "Callista!" she hisses, eyeing the new demigod cautiously. "We must be getting back to Camp."

Carina: "Come on, Saphronia, it's just another camper," she rolls her eyes. "Loosen up a bit."

Kaydenza: "Yeah.." She echoed Carina. "Don't worry, I'm not someone from the Broken Covenant." She smiled again and flipped her hair before grabbing her bracelet as it transformed into a large sword and pinned Callista to the ground, her sword at the girl's neck.

Callista: The others were pushed roughly away as Kaydenza tackles Callista to the ground, her blade just touching Callista's throat. With a squeak of terror, Callista struggles beneath the stronger girl, a bit disoriented from the violent take-down. "Wh-what are you doing?" she stammers, seeing Carina pick herself off of the ground a few yards away. "Get off of me now!"

Saphronia: She scrambles up as soon as she hits the ground, knowing immediately that this girl is not what she seems. Her heart sinks in her chest as she watches Kaydenza shove Callista further into the dirt. "Let her go," she demands, trying to keep her voice strong.

Carina: As soon as she is pusehd away, she reaches for her bow even though she is falling to the ground. She hits the ground but instantly jumps up, her bow in her hand. She stares in horror at the pair on the ground, Kaydenza pinning Callista victoriously to the ground. She wants to nock an arrow in her bow, but she knows that Kaydenza would kill Callista before the arrow reached her. So instead she reaches out, using her persuasive powers as a child of Eros. "Get off of her," she orders, pointing at Callista.

Kaydenza: "My pleasure." She smirked under her breathe, stabbing Callista at her stomach with her sword and shadow-travelled away onto a nearby tree.

Callista: It seems to take her a moment to realize that her life is pouring out. She feels a small, burning pain in her stomach that intensifies with each passing moment. Blurred shapes are rushing toward her -- away from her -- the world is spinning. She tries to open her mouth to speak, but all that comes out is a wet gurgle, and a bubble of blood bursts in at the corner of her mouth as she lays on the ground in shock, her blood seeping through er shirt and onto the dirt, staining it crimson.

Saphronia: It, too, takes her a moment to comprehend what had just happened. One moment, Callista was alright, the next blood was pouring out of a wound in her stomach, and Kaydenza had shadow-traveled away. "Callista!" she cries furiously. She turns on Kaydzena,anger surging through her and blocking out any sensible thought. "I'LL KILL YOU!" With a vicious shriek, she transforms into an owl and dives at her enemy, her talons outstretched.

Carina: She turns toward Callista, her heart pounding fiercely as she runs over to her, kneeling down and scrabbling for her canteen of nectar, which she also keeps for emergencies, when she realizes she doesn't have it. Stricken, she turns back to Callista, lost for words. "You'll be okay," she whispers. Then she turns on Kaydenza, her bow drawn and an arrow nocked.

Dante: Out of nowwhere, a form of dark and red energy begins to take form. It takes the shape as a 7 foot vicious raptor. Upon Dante's psychic command, it charges towards Callista. Trying to bear it's fangs into her neck.

Carina: Immediately she spins around, directing her arrow instead at the raptor, but in the surprise and her panic, she missed, and the arrow flew far from the target. It starts to bite and tear and Callsita, who is as still as death. Blood flying everywhere, Carina pulls out another arrow to kill it, but by this time it has flown away. She makes sure the raptor is not coming back and turns back to Callista. Through the blood and muck layering her face, Callista's eyes are wide open in shock and terror. They are glazed over, an unmistakable sign of death.

Dante: With Callista dead, Dante has the raptor charge towards Carina. It shrieks loudly, which would possibly frighten her. It tries to bite at her bow hand, which could snap her bow in half and tear through her hand like tissue paper.

Kaydenza: Seeing Saphronia she rolls her eyes and conjures a replica of the walls of Tartarus, blocking her incoming attacks. While looking down to see the situation, she spots Dante and screams with joy. "DANTE!"

Saphronia: Pelting toward Kaydenza at full force, it is impossible to stop. All of a sudden, a wall materializes in front of her,. She tries to halt, but fails and smashes headfirst into the wall, falling to the ground unmoving.

Carina: She dodges the raptor's first stab and was about to draw another arrow when the vicious bird strikes again. She tries to dodge, but she doesn't move fast enough and suddenly feels a searing pain in her wrist as her bow is snapped into pieces. Looking down at her broken bow, she wonders why she is in so much pain and realizes that she has no left hand.

Dante: He smiles, glad to see that Kaydenza is still happy to see him. He commands the raptor to us it's claws and fangs in a violent motion. He wants the raptor to reduce Carina to nothing but a pile of flesh and bones.

Carina: Falling to her knees, dizzy, everything is tinted red with pain. She cannot tell what's up and what's down, what's right and what's left. Then her attacker commanded the raptor once again. Carina can do but watch and whimper as it streaks toward her, screeching. She closes her eyes, but they snap right open again as the raptor begins its foul work. "AUGH!!!" With a loud scream of agony, Carina doubles over, her face practically planted into the ground, which was spinning beneath her. Writhing and twisting under the bird's attacks, she sobs, wishing for death's sweet nothingness. The bird's first stab gouges her arms, ripping huge amounts of flesh out of her arms. Great claw marks begin to form as the raptor whirls itself into a frenzy.. It tears relentlessly at any exposed skin, and soon, after only a few minutes, it even starts to rip through Carina's bloodstained clothing.

Carina sighs. She feels no more pain. She manages one last grimace of pain before she slips off into another world, her last breath that of someone resting in peace.

Dante: The raptor vanished in a wisp of black/crimson energies. Dante emerges from the tree, slightly wobbly from the raptor and how long it existed. He looks over the corpses of Callista and Carina, very happy with his handy work.


Kaydenza: Kaydenza smiles, very satisfied at the dead bodies. "Should we burn them?" She asks Dante.

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