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Nayra: Back in her room, Nayra stands arched over her dresser, her tears slowed down. There's a heap of tissues covering most of the dresser, except a little section that held a picture of Nathan and Nayra, and the clay rose Nathan had given her on their first date. Nayra stamped her foot, and made an exasperated noise. In a fit of emotion, she swept her hand across her dresser and the rose and picture fell to the floor, shattering on impact. Nayra began crying again and she fell into a heap on her bed.

Andrew: After arriving back at his cabin, the Apollo Counselor was nice enough to quickly heal him. He tried to get to sleep but just couldn't. He hoped playing his new Transformers game for a while would help him get sleepy, but to no avail. He was thinking about Nayra, she was willing to tear that girl apart just because she was all over him. Andrew grew fed up, he left his room and departed for the Hecate Cabin. Realizing he had to confront Nayra about this.}}

Nayra: Nayra was fast asleep on her bed, a shimmering golden blanket having been thrown over her by another Hecate camper. She had changed her outfit and washed off her body paint before she had gone to sleep, so she was wearing a summer pj set with witches on it and her haur was wet from being washed. She was having bad dreams, and she kept tossing and turning, looking unhappy in her slumber.

Andrew: After pleading with the Hecate Counselor He agreed to allow Andrew through the metal wall so he could see Nayra. Drake told him which room was Nayra's and went off to his own devices. Andrew stood in front of the door to her room for a while. Before knocking, knowing he simply couldn't rest until he received some closure.

Nayra:Nayra kept tossing and turning, until finally she woke up screaming, her dreams haunting her.

Andrew: "Nayra!" He called out to her instinctively, his worry growing.

Nayra: Hearing the voice that had been haunting her dreams, she screams again, and clambers off her bed to grab her cane from her floor. She hurridly unscrews the cap, checking which potions she had stored in the shaft. She finds a sleeping potion abd quickly skulls it, thinking this is all one horrible dream she can escape. She collapses in a sweaty heap, breathing heavily until her eyes flutter shut.

Andrew: He sighed as he took his leave, upset and distraught with himself. As he exited the hallway, he began to think the whole incident was his fault.

Nayra: In her haste to drink the sleeping potion, Nayra unknowingly smashed another vial from her cane, a poisonous gas. The purple gas was slowly spreading around the room, killing Nayra slowly in her peaceful sleep. Some of the gas begins seeping under her bedroom door and out into the cabin.

Drake: "Dammit Sean I know you stole my explosive potion! He yells as he begins to cough loudly. "Goddammit!" He yelled as he busted down the door to Nayra's room, tracking the horrid smell. He quickly yells "Purify" in Greek, a bright white light spreads throughout the room. Eliminating the deadly chemicals from the gas from existence, by extension the effects of the sleep potion lose their grip on Nayra. "Nayra wake up!" He shouted after kneeling down and shaking her body. "No no no no, can't lose another one. Can't lose another one..." He said in a panicked tone as he held her body.

Nayra: Despite having lost the effects of the sleeping potion, it was the right time of the morning for her to still be asleep, and she was. Nayra was unfortunately still dreaming unsettling dreams, and her body tremored slightly as Drake held her, bot from the dreams and the remaining effects of the poison.

Drake: "Ugh..." He groaned before saying "Awaken" in Greek. The spell would make Nayra feel like she got a complete 8 hours of slumber. Drake's worry grew, ready to teleport her to the Infirmary.

Nayra: Nayra awoke with a shock, her sweaty body pale and clammy, still weak from the effects of the poison. Her breathing was shallow, and her eyes looked as if they had sunken into their sockets, the eyes themselves bloodshot. She was shaking, foam at the corners of her mouth, clearly still effected from the poison (made of all natural ingredients *salesperson wink*) and wracked by her nightmares.

Drake: "Quiet I knew she's in bad shape!" He barked at some invisible passerby, his left eye twitching. "Leave us alone!" He screamed as if a group of people were there, laughing at Nayra's state. He attempted to cast a Detox spell or something, but his current stress caused him to mess it up and summon a 3 doves instead. "Focus.. focus!" He told himself as he attempted the spell again, fear and doubt spiraling in his mind as the doves flew out the window. Leaving a small number of feathers on the ground.

Nayra: A few pale feathers floated onto her face, one covering her right eye. Slowly, her eyes fluttered shut, her body shutting down to erase the poison. Deep in her subconscious, Nayra was weaving spells within her body, healing herself. This was just a lie, a dream that Nayra had conjured to make herself believe she was healing faster, and therefore heal faster.

Drake: "Mom please, I don't wanna lose another one...." Tears ran down his cheeks. His emotional state not allowing him to conjure a proper teleportation spell. He hoped the spell would do it's job. One of his tears dropping towards her forehead, Drake couldn't leave with himself if he lost another sibling, another child of magic dying while under his watch...

Nayra: Once again in her sub-conscious, dream-Nayra is still casting spells to heal herself. As she is only a dream she does not tire, and eventually her work begins to have visual results. Purple liquid begins slowly oozing out of Nayra's ears, nostrils and open mouth, a sign of the poison leaving her body. However, it doesn't look that healthy, a pale, unconscious girl with dark liquid seeping from multiple orifices. 

Drake: "OH GOD!!!!!" He panicked as he saw the liquid. "Come on! Come on! Come on!" He repeated over and over again, his heartbeat raising. He quickly summon a green light around them both, teleporting them to the Infirmary. But in Nayra's room, a large scorch mark on the ground could be seen. In the infirmary, were 5 children of Apollo, 3 Hebe kids and 6 Healing Nymphs. The workers scrambled as Drake left Nayra on one of the open beds.

Nayra: The movement of her body unsettled the dream-Nayra, and she toppled in her dream-cave, stopping the healing for a moment. The dark liquid kept oozing however, something that would most likely put off all the attending healers, or at least make them a little concerned for Nayra's health.

Drake: The apollo kids scramble their medical books, never having seen anything like this before. The healing nymphs attempt to get a hold of her current status. Trying to make sure she's still breathing and such. Drake is just hypervenilating, wishing he could just fix everything.

Nayra: The dream-Nayra gets back to work, and the dark liquid begins turning clear over a period of an hour. Eventually, Nayra is cured enough and the dream-nayra dissipates into her subconsciousness, never to return. Nayra's breathing returns to normal, and her eyelids begin fluttering open.

Drake: The infirmary workers seem relieved, Drake looks over her in disbelief. "You okay..?" He asked sheepishly, pushing aside all those troublesome voices.

Nayra: She fully opens her eyes, squinting as they adjust to the light in the Infirmary. "Ugh..." She looks around, and upon finding Drake's face her eyes widen. Her memory of the previous night's events was hazy, but she certainly doesn't remember Drake being a part of any of it. Nayra slowly props herself up on her pillow, then fixes her inquisitive gaze on Drake, as if to say, "Explain."

Drake: "Well I mean i found you in your room passed out, there was some crazy poison gas in the room. Like i don't really know, everything happened really fast. I wasn't exactly cool headed about the whole thing.." He admitted

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Nayra: "Great..." She mutters under her breath. The last thing she needs right now is an unstable counsellor trying to talk to her. She closed her eyes again, trying to put together the events of the previous night. Suddenly remembering something, she jolts up. "Where's my cane?"

Drake: "I didn't take it!" He quickly yelled in a terrified and panicked tone. His left eye twitches before he regains composure. "It's in your room I think.."

Nayra: She winced in response to Drake's panicked tone. Jeez, he needs to get out more. Or see a psych. Nayra thinks. She wishes that it wasn't Drake with her, but someone perhaps a little more sane. Perhaps even Andrew, although she suspected last night's fiasco had something to do with him. She scowls and rubs her temple. "Okay, get someone to get me my cane. I want it."

Drake: He quickly nodded, telepathically commanding one of the wolves from the cabin to retrieve the cane. A few moments later, albeit stained with canine saliva Drake accepts the item from the beast. "Sorry.." He told her, gulping a bit.

Nayra: Nayra looks at her beautiful cane in disdain, seeing the saliva and slight indents from the wolf's teeth. She sighs in an exasperated manner, as snatches the cane from Drake. "You're an ok counsellor, but you're a shit carer." She mutters as she unscrews the cap of her cane, her brow furrowed. Once the cane is opened, she tips it upside down and the remaining potion, a healing potion, slips onto the folds of Nayra's bed. Nayra stares at it, and then at Drake, then back at the cane, then at Drake. She motions with her hands to the potion. "If there was a 'crazy poison gas' in my room, it had to have come from somewhere, right? Right? And mayyyyyyyybe I made an antidote, hm?" 

Drake: "I-I didn't really think you had one, most people can figure out poisons but not cures." He pauses for a moment. "Not to say that you're inexperienced! I'm sure you're very well educated, I worried and panicked..."

Nayra: She stares at Drake blankly, an eyebrow raised. She was choosing to ignore the almost-insult that Drake had thrown at her, and she chose to concern herself with her counsellor's well-being. "Who the f*ck messed around with your head?"

Drake: He stares at her blankly for a moment, before plainly responding. "I ask myself this question every morning..."

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