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Hunter: He lays back in his room in the Asteria Cabin, he looks up stuff on his laptop. He has a pleased grin with himself.

Céline: She knocked on his room door, waiting for him to open it. She was in a good mood, and wanted to do something for Hunter.

Hunter: He quickly shuts his laptop and hides it under his bed. Before getting up and opening the door. "Oh hey babe.." he says, trying not to sound surprised.

Céline: "Hey," She says, moving closer to him. She kisses him quickly, and then moves into his room. She looks around. "Do you EVER clean this place?"

Hunter: He kisses her back. "Not really, I'm a busy guy y'know, Lt counselor and all.." He told her, hoping she isn't exactly aware of the cabins VERY low population.

Céline: "Right. All of the three people who are here must be tough to deal with." She laughs at his silliness, but sits on his bed. "I have a gift for you, y'know."

Hunter: "Listening.." He said in an excited tone as he sat down next to her. His mind going straight to the gutter.

Céline: "The gift requires that you clean out your room first though. I'll be back in five minutes." She says, snickering. She walks out, and sits on a bench and waits for him.

Hunter: "Fine!" he yelled, clearly annoyed as he sprinted to clean his room. He kicked trash enter the bed and threw clothes into his drawer.

Céline: "I'll be doing a full check over when I get in there, so make sure you really clean. Unless you don't want your gift."

Hunter: "DAMMIT!" he yelled out as he began hurling his trash out of an open window at a fast rate. He then went into hi drawers and began to actually fold his clothes.

Céline: She was done waiting; his time was up. She went back to his door and knocked. "Time is up, Hunter. I hope you cleaned up."

Hunter: He quickly opens the door and invites her in. Showing how neat everything is..

Céline: "Hmmm. Not bad. Alright, I'll show you my surprise for you in just a moment. First things first, though." She says, as she walks over to his bed. She drops to the floor and begins rummaging underneath it. Her skirt exposes the fact she was revealing a very lacy, black thong of the Victoria's Secret variety. She pulls out his laptop, and sits on his bed with it. She opens it before he can do anything, and attempts to look through his browser history.

Hunter: He gets somewhat aroused as he sees under her skirt. "Uhm do you REALLY wanna check my history?! I'm not sure if that's such a hot idea..."

Céline: She raises an eyebrow. "I'm not stupid, I know you watch porn." In fact, she finds the last video he was watching. The positions were interesting, for sure. Perfect, she though, for what she had planned. "Alright. I'm going to let you in for a treat today."

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