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Dante: He waits by the entrance in town, anxious for a good target.

Draco: He walks into town, aiming to go get some pizza after another depressing day of depression.

Dante: He notices him, not really caring if he's a mortal or a demigod. Since his xiphos is half steel and half Celestial Bronze, he infuses it with his life force. He commands it to fly towards the back of Drace's left knee.

Draco: The sword flies into his knee causing him to fall over, and he yells out in pain. "F*cking shit! What the f*ck!?"

Dante: He quickly releases his 5 second grip on the sword, he dashes towards Draco. He pulls out the xiphos and tries to stab it into his left shoulder.

Draco: He yelps in pain once more. He's weaponless and has no escape. Left with no choice, he taps into his powers as a son of Thanatos and grabs Dante's head with his right hand, draining his life force in order to daze him.

Dante: He feels dazed by the training, but he quickly pulls away. Performing the same trick on Draco, trying to drain some of his life force as well. Wanting to make him slow and very sedated. All before moving down and attempting to tear his right eye out.

Draco: Desperate, he grabs his hand and forces it back. He's too dazed to fight back fairly, so he does something no man should ever doze: he tries to kick him in the balls.

Dante: He jumps back, nimbly avoiding his foot. Dante tries to slice it with his xiphos.

Draco: His foot comes clean off. Blood sprays out everywhere, and he screams bloody murder. It's a wonder how someone hasn't noticed all the screaming yet. At any rate, he Conjurers two weak skeletons; one to distract Dante, the other to carry Draco away. Sadly, he knew it wouldn't work and that this was the end for him. In his mind he prayed for salvation, and the damnation of Dante.

Dante: He smirks as he sees one of the skeletons move towards him. He swings his xiphos down it's legs, breaking them both and causing him to fall on the ground. He runs towards the other trying to save Draco, he punches it so hard it's skull goes flying off. He then moves down towards Draco, trying to rip his eye out again. While trying to stab him in the gut.

Draco: This time he's successful. And Draco doesn't even try to fight back; he knows it's hopeless at this point. With his last, conscious breathe he curses Dante's name. His eyes flutter and finally shut, as he descends into the darkness.

Dante: He smirks, taking his eye in his hand. He places it on a note, puts it next to Draco's body and he walks away. The note says "I'm watching you..."

~Some time later~

Uriel: He walks into town, in search of Dante. He spots Draco's body in the street, pools of blood and bones scattered about. He slowly over to him. With each step it seems as though he enters an ethereal world, the situation too surreal for his mind to comprehend. He bends over near him, checks his pulse to find that there is nothing there. "Draco? DRACO!? Oh gods, no, this can't be happening. C'mon wake up." He notices his eye socket devoid of its eyeball, and if he had seen this sight before he came to camp, he would've certainly thrown up. He reads the note, and in a fury lights it on fire. "He did this to you, didn't he?" He asks the lifeless body. With that, he stands up, and runs back to camp to get help.

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