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November 16

  • Ember: Without Drake knowing, Ember has connected to Drake's email the last time she went to his room. Now, she stays in her dim-lighted room and hacks through his PC. She checks his browsing history first. Let's see what the Hecate counselor history and email composes of.
  • Drake: *His history comprises of samurai movies, some pokemon websites, dubstep and some Yuri manga*
  • Ember: With her fast eyes, she gives a scan through the samurai movies, pokemon websites, dubstep; but was paused by some japanese name, coming from a manga. She decides to open another browser to only know it was Yuri manga. She looks shocked for a split second before laughing. It seems she has never imaged Drake to check out mangas like this. She opens another application which takes note of that. Now moving on, she looks through his emails, just the names, particularly looking for any female recipients.
  • Drake: *The only one found seems to supply relationship advice "Just take her out on a date, try to make that special moment and pop the question" and on that note, Drake knocks on the door to her room*
  • Ember: Looking dazed from the email, her usual composure was shattered for a moment. She then gets alarmed by the knock on the door. She closes the tabs and folds her laptop. She quickly takes out a random book from her shelf, Pride and Prejudice, and places it on the table. She then calms herself and moves towards the door, not opening it yet. Who is it?
  • Drake: Uhm a handsome magician?
  • Ember: Her breathes out and her face becomes normal again. Smirking, she opens the door. I'm not familiar with that title.
  • Drake: Hey.. *he smirks a bit, trying to hide his shyness*
  • Ember: I'm just joking. She says in her usual cold tone. So, what do you need?
  • Drake: You *Upon saying that he worries if that sounded creepy* It's just I wanna take you out, ya know..
  • Ember: She misinterprets this for a training match.
  • Drake: Yeah! Why not it'll be fun, just the two of us
  • Ember: She frowns a bit. That's sad. I've always loved group battles.
  • Drake: battles? *he says with his eyes opened wide*
  • Ember: She nods Weren't you just asking to "take me out" in battle?
  • Drake: No! On a date einstein! *he squeezes his eyes together*
  • Ember: Thanks for the compliment. Knowing it was a joke, she smirks. She acts offended, despite not. So, should I slam the door on your face now?
  • Drake: Well I'd prefer if you didn't ^^"
  • Ember: I was hoping you'd say that. So, about the outing. Due to her pride, she doesn't deliberately say "date." Wait up, I'll get a few stuff, alright?
  • Drake: *He looks excited* Awesome! *he remembers he needs to try and play it cool* oh uhm okay...
  • Ember: She raises an eyebrow from his sudden switch of moods. She closes the door and wastes no time to get changed; however, she decides to leave her bag. Once she's done, she reopens the door. Let's go?
  • Drake: *He nods, still trying to play it cool* Uhm.. wherever you want okay! *he seems afraid that she'll think he's an idiot for not coming up with a plan*
  • Ember: She looks at him with a ._. face. I'm sure you're aware that using that alibi on me won't work, right?
  • Drake: Uhm Park? *He looks hopeful*
  • Ember: Her facial expression lightens as she can see Drake is trying. She decides to play along and not foil his plans for once. Alright. Being daring as she is, she entwines their hands together like what couples normally do.
  • Drake *He looks excited as she takes his hand, gaining some confidence he'll need for later. He decides to try and impress her as he snaps his fingers, teleporting them to the park*: {{{2}}}
  • Ember: Despite how impressive Drake's trick is, an incoming frisbee comes hurling towards them which Ember successfully ducks from. Somethings will never change, won't they? She looks at Drake, trying to hide her smile.
  • Drake: *He gets hit in the side of the head with the frisbee* Hey! *He yells as it falls to the ground, once he sees no one wants to claim it, he walks around. Wondering why Ember hasn't noticed his new height of 6'1*
  • Ember: She looks surprised by Drake not dodging the frisbee. She comes to pause for a while, noticing his height. She wonders how long it was since she has seen him, resulting to her obviousness. Growth spurt overnight.
  • Drake: Yeah Like it? *he flexes a bit*
  • Ember: With her freehand, she involuntarily facepalms. She endures the minor pain she inflicted on herself. I would---if there was one for the brain.
  • Drake: Hey! *He squeezes his eyes a bit* I study as much as I work out ya know...
  • Ember: She looks up to him to only chuckle lightly at his face. Please don't squeeze your eyes that much or you'll end up needing glasses.
  • Drake: *He sighs and sits down on a bench* So how goes life? *he says with a warm smile*
  • Ember: I try my best to avoid my siblings and train daily. I would like to congratulate you on your counselor position. By the way, would you mind doing a favor with me later night? I want to introduce you to someone special. A clear warm smile can be seen across her face after mentioning the outing later night.
  • Drake: Oh really? *He seems surprised* Who is i- *He a grim look paints his face* It's Kyler ain't it? Or that chick with the highlights?
  • Ember: Although the answer is "no," she decides to play along. Do you miss them that much?
  • Drake: What No! *He seems somewhat annoyed, he wants to badmouth them. But figures Ember would'nt like that very much*
  • Ember: She smiles from his usual reaction. Despite finding it annoying in most occasions, she had missed it. Don't worry. It's a "she" this time. You'll like her more or less
  • Drake: Well alright *He seems curious as to who this mystery person is, but decides not to ask*


  • Ember: After chatting and walking around, she looks around and sees the same ice cream man they saw a few months ago. She laughs to herself.
  • Drake: He sees him as well, realizing how long since Drake has even kissed her. He laughs as well, but decides he needs to ask her today. He holds her around her waist "We've known eachother for a while now, huh?"
  • Ember: Despite being bothered by his sudden touch, she nods firmly. A smile appears on her face. Quite too long to be honest.
  • Drake: "Yeah, just you're a really special girl ya know?" He kisses her on her cheek softly.
  • Ember: It only works since we both are. She says with a patch of red blush blush appearing on her cheek.
  • Drake: He kisses her on the neck a bit, before stopping "Hey..." He seems slightly offended, but shrugs it off.
  • Ember: Thinking the compliment he said earlier might be an insult, she wonders why Drake looks offended. Why do you look offended?
  • Drake: He facepalms so hard, it seems painful. It leaves Drake's skin red. "Forget it" He wants to rekindle the moment so he begins chuckling a bit, before restarting the neck kissing.
  • Ember: Seeing Drake do such an act, she laughs sadistically to herself. Since it was the park, she sits there awkwardly, hoping Drake would stop. She then gets an idea and hits her chin on top of his head hard as if an accident. Er, weren't you suppose to tell me something?
  • Drake: He gets hit, receiving the message. "Well maybe I could.." He looks away, embarrassed "be your boyfriend?" he was blushing like a tomato.
  • Ember: She blushes, innocently look elsewhere. Aren't you already?
  • Drake: "Well i guess, but I heard you're always supposed to ask...."
  • Ember: She laughs in glee for a while, which makes her go redder.
  • Drake: He kisses her cheek "You're the best, I hardly deserve you."
  • Ember: You know my answer anyways. She nods along with his words. Yea.. Just kidding. You're not the smartest and calmest chip on the block but you're the most hardworking, protective, and yuri-loving one. She says the last one in a silent tone for Drake's ears only.
  • Drake: "Awww, WAIT WHAT?! uhm uh what's yuri?" he says, wondering how the hell she knows about his yuri interests.
  • Ember: She laughs once again until she turns really red. Apparently, she can't get over his reaction. Wh-wh-why don't yo-you ask y-you-your-self?
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