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Continue from the Movies

They both sit down before the movie starts

Kamilla: Vou know, Thomas, I hear from my brother and sisters about some boy named Thomas coming to the infirmary quite a bit. Could that possibly be you?

Thomas: Yup, sometimes i go a lil overboard with training, i have a lot of training matches and i go into the deep forest for monster hunting. So yea i tend to get messed up a lot

Kamilla: Vell, if vou get put in the infirmary for something, shouldn't vou learn to not do it again?

Thomas: Meh i well by that logic, i'd have to stop training and i can't do that

Kamilla: Not all training has to be so, uhm, brutal though.

Thomas: I get that, but i gotta push myself hard, really hard! so i can be a big time hero. He points at himself with his thumb I'm gonna be the next Percy Jackson!

Kamilla: *Raises her eyebrow* Percy Jackson? Who is that?

Thomas: he laughs Good one

Kamilla: *Looks confused* Good Vat? 

Thomas: he makes a 0.o face i see you weren't kidding. Okay Percy Jackson was the first demigod son of Poseidon since World War 2. He's this really cool hero. He has an awesome sword. He was on a bunch of epic quests. He saved camp so many times. He saved the Olympians from Kronos! This really evil titan who wanted to wipe them out. Plus he beat this other Titan, Hyperion all by himself. AND he beat this other one Atlas, sure he needed some help but he's still really cool! He's a badass and he's epic and I'm gonna be just like him!

Kamilla: Oh, I see. So have you saved Camp before like this Percy James guy?

Thomas: well um no not yet

Kamilla: Have you faced off against a Titan like he has?

Thomas: facepalms No....

Kamilla: Vell, vat's stopping you from doing those things?

Thomas: Lack of oppurtinity, the movie starts

Kamilla: *Starts to watch but, leans over and whispers to him* If no opportunities come to you, you have to make your own. *Leans back in her seat, and watches the movie*

Thomas: he blushes and whispers back thanks.....

Kamilla: *Smiles and nods at him*


they walk out

Kamilla: That vas a good movie.

Thomas: Sure was he holds her hand

Kamilla: *Blushes softly and holds his hand back* 

Thomas: blushes back so um wanna get somethin to eat?

Kamilla: *Shakes her head* I don't go out to eat on dates. 

Thomas: Why not?

Kamilla: Because eating is messy, and messy isn't good for dates.

Thomas: Pfft! i don't mind

Kamilla: Vell, I do.

his stomach rumbles 

Thomas: How about i just eat, i'm starvin

Kamilla: Vell, how about you just go to eat. I should be getting back to my Cabin anyvay.

Thomas: he makes a 0_o face, hey hey um or we could jus go by the park

Kamilla: *Shakes her head* No, if you're hungry, you should go to eat. I'll see you later. *Leans up and kisses his cheek, and then turns to leave*

Thomas: Wait! he kisses her back later

Kamilla: Blushes abit, and giggles. She waves at him, then turns around again, heading off to her cabin

Thomas: he smirks and flies to Burger King

Kamilla and ThomasEdit

Kamilla: She is standing by the Apollo cabin, talking to Dominik.

Thomas: He sees her talking to him, he hides by a tree and watches them talk, not hearing what their saying

Kamilla: Before long, she laughs at something, and they hug, Dominik walking away

Thomas: he eyes widen at what he just saw. He quickly runs up to Kamilla Who the hell was that?

Kamilla: "Oh, that vas Dominik, from the Ares Cabin. Vy?" 

Thomas: He looks somewhat angry Well why'd you hug him huh?!

Kamilla: "Vat do you mean? I hug all my friends."

Thomas: Yeah right! It's obvious your messin around with that guy behind my back!

Kamilla: She looks a bit hurt "Y-You think I'm cheating on you?"

Thomas: Well it's pretty obvious! 

Kamilla: "Vell not to me!"

Thomas: Quit lyin to me you two timer!

Kamilla: "I am not a liar and I am not a two-timer!" Tears start to come out of her eyes

Thomas: Stop crying dammit! 

Kamilla: "Vell, I can't help it when my boyfriend is accusing me of cheating on him ven I did nothing of the sort!"

Thomas: Well how about you go to that Dominik guy and cry to him about it!

Kamilla: "Because I don't vant him, I vant my boyfriend and for him to stop accusing me of stuff I never did!"

Thomas: He gets madder I hate you! he flies off to Aeolus' Cabin

Kamilla: She begins to cry harder, and she runs off, in slight embarrassment that this was in public but, all sadness that her first boyfriend hates her

Thomas: He goes through the window into his room. He's on his bed with tears in his eyes. Sad thinking that his first girlfriend cheated on him

Later That NightEdit

Kamilla: She is sitting in the woods, softly crying to herself, trying not to be heard

Thomas: He's flying above the woods. He sees her crying,he feels bad, but is ashamed at what happened. He flies to the top part of a tree and hides, watching her

Kamilla: She continues crying and, suddenly, a hellhound comes up to her, growling softly

Thomas: Upon seeing the hellhound, without even giving it a second thought. Thomas flies down and lands in front of Kamilla

Kamilla: She looks a bit bewildered as she looks up, but, she goes back to softly crying, thinking he's just a figure of her imagination. The hellhound growls again and charges at him

Thomas: He takes out his katana and charges towards the hellhound. Driving the katana through its face. It then quickly fades away into dust

Kamilla: She pays no attention to them and continues to cry, barying her head in her hands

Thomas: He walks up to her Ka- Kamilla.....

Kamilla: She shakes her head "N-No. Go away hallucinations. H-He's gone."

Thomas: I'm not a hallucination! 

Kamilla: "Y-Yes you are. When I touch you, you're going to disappear like the rest. He hates me and he's never going to come back to me because because I'm so stupid!" 

Thomas: He takes her hand I-I don't hate you and you're not stupid.... *he looks sad*

Kamilla: She looks up "Y-You're real?"

Thomas: Yes....

Kamilla: She looks shocked before scrunching up in a ball again She shakes her head "N-No. You shouldn't be here. You don't love me anymore. Y-You don't want me anymore. I-I'm no good."

Thomas: He wraps his arms around her No i love you a lot.... i'm so sorry

Kamilla: She starts to cry again softly and she shakes her head "N-No. There was nothing wrong with you. I-It's all my fault."

Thomas: No! I was the stupid one.... he looks down 

Kamilla: She shakes her head and buries it in his shoulder 

Thomas: He looks sad Well since you don't wanna talk to me. At least lemme take you back to camp. i don't want another hellhound attacking you

Kamilla: She snuggles into him and nods softly

Thomas: He flies up into the air and flies towards the Apollo Cabin

Kamilla: She holds onto him tightly, fearing the impending fall

Thomas: He lands in front of the Apollo Cabin and let's her go. Look can we talk about this sometime?

Kamilla: She looks down as she also let's go of him. She goes to wipe her eyes and softly nods her head

Thomas: He hugs her softly Have a good one.....

Kamilla: She hugs him back and kisses his cheek, whispering "You too."

Thomas: He blushes and then breaks the hug Sorry i just don't think i deserve anything like that right now he starts to walk off

Kamilla: She looks down again, thinking that there was something wrong with her to make him pull back and enters her cabin

DJ: As Kamilla enters her room. she sees DJ taking a nap next to her bed

Kamilla: She spots him and kneels down to him, slightly scratching his ears "Vat are you doing here, boy?"

DJ: He wakes up and licks her cheek

Kamilla: She smiles and pets him "If you are looking for Thomas, he vill not be here for a few years. Come on, let's go see if we can catch up with him outside" She stands up

DJ: He has a note tucked in by his collar. He nods in refusal

Kamilla: "What's this DJ?" She bends down and takes the note out of his collar 

DJ: The note says "Look i know you feel bad about this whole thing. You can keep DJ for the night, he'll keep you company it's signed by Thomas

Kamilla: She smiles softly and sets the note on her bedside table "Looks like you're staying the night." She sighs softly "I guess you can sleep in the bed with me tonight. The floor isn't too comfy." 

DJ:  He looks very excited and jumps on the bed 

Kamilla: She giggles at his excitement and goes to get ready for bed

In the MorningEdit

Kamilla: She wakes up under the covers at 8 AM 

DJ: he's cuddled up against her, sleeping

Kamilla: She giggles as she pets him softly. She gently tugs the covers off and goes to get ready for the day


Kamilla: She smiles as she walks out of her cabin in her day's outfit 

DJ: He walks aside Kamilla outside of the cabin

Kamilla: She smiles at him and pets his head affectionately 

DJ:  He looks very happy and cuddles her leg

Kamilla: She giggles and sits on the steps to her cabin, smiling at him

DJ: He starts to look sad, he moves from Kamilla and points his nose in the direction of the Aeolus Cabin

Kamilla: She looks down and tears come to her eyes again "You can go see him, I-I don't know if he wants to see me anymore."

DJ: He nudges Kamilla's legs, urging her to go

Kamilla: She looks over at him and, after a few minutes she brings her legs up to her chest, crying a bit. She mutters to DJ "He doesn't want me. H-He shouldn't anyways. He said he hated me, so, there must be something wrong with me."

DJ: As Kamilla was talking, DJ was shaking his head fiercely the whole time.

Kamilla: She looks down slightly spacing out "Yes there is. If someone doesn't like you, then, that means there's something wrong with you."

DJ:  DJ looks down, wishing he could explain that Thomas didn't mean what he said. Not wanting to leave the poor girl alone. He just stands by her leg.

Kamilla: She scratches his head and stands up "You can go to him boy. I was planning on working in the infirmary today anyways. Not sure if pets are aloud, even if they're as nice as you."

DJ:  He nods as he licks her cheek and runs to the Aeolus Cabin

Kamilla: She smiles as she heads to the infirmary.


Kamilla: She is just getting out of the Infirmary, after helping lots of peoples 

Thomas: he sits atop of a tree, moping

Kamilla: She begins walking away from the infirmary, no where in particular

Thomas: He sees her walking, he was about to go and talk to her. But he thinks "I've caused her enough problems" so he sits there on the branch looking depressed

Kamilla: She contineus to walk, sighing a bit as she walks

Thomas: He becomes sad when he sees her sigh Kamilla! realizing what he's just done, he quickly flies behind the tree. hoping not to be spotted

Kamilla: She turns around, hoping to see Thomas but, sighs when she doesn't "Here comes the hallucinations again."

Thomas: No.....  feeling even worse, Thomas flies in and lands in front of her

Kamilla: She looks up at him, and tears start to come out of her eyes again

Thomas: He puts his hands on her shoulders please stop crying..... he hugs her

Kamilla: She hugs back and nods softly, trying to wipe her eyes 

Thomas: Look we need to private place to talk this out. I don't want another public display

Kamilla: She nods, still trying to wipe her eyes free of tears

Thomas: My room or yours?

Kamilla: She looks up at him, shocked as a blush crosses her face, her tears now fully gone "E-Excuse me?"

Thomas: He blushes as well well we need a place to talk don't we?

Kamilla: She nods a bit "V-Vell yes but, a-a bedroom?"

Thomas: I know, i'd rather go in the forest. but well the last time we we're there. you almost ended up hellhound chow

Kamilla: "But my mommy told me a rather interesting tale of what a guy wants to do when he asks you to go to his bedroom."

Thomas: Kamilla! it's not like that! look we can go somewhere else, but not the forest!

Kamilla: She looks at her feet, "S-So you really don't want me?"

Thomas: No! Kamilla i want you more than anything in my life right now. We'll go wherever you want. If we go in a bedroom we won't do ya know "it" and if there's a monster attack in the forest i'll protect you! 

Kamilla: She smiles softly and takes his hand, going to drag him to the Aeolus Cabin

Thomas: Once they get there, they walk into the room, closing the door behind them. Thomas sits down on his bed okay where do we start?

Kamilla: She blushes and decides to just sit on the floor in front of him, wanting to stay near him but, not on the bed with him

Thomas: alright so look i wanna talk about how i yelled at you. it was stupid, really really stupid. i don't hate you, i love you.....

Kamilla: She looks up at him, smiling. "So, you don't hate me?" 

Thomas: Of course not

Kamilla: She smiles and stands up, leaning over to kiss his cheek

Thomas: he softly returns the kiss  Look Kamilla i just want you to know. I just don't think i'm good enough for you 

Kamilla: She looks down "I-I'm confused. Are ve going out now, or are you dumping me, again, but, because you don't think you are good enough?"

Thomas: Well do you think i'm good enough?

Kamilla: She rolls her eyes "Of course I do." She, rather hesitantly, sits beside him on his BED. "If I love you, you are good enough for me."

Thomas: He pulls her in for a deep kiss and pulls back, whispering right back at ya he resumes the kiss

Kamilla: She blushes as she kisses back

Thomas: He wraps his arms her passionately

Kamilla: She blushes more fiercely as she also wraps her arms around him, though a bit more hesitantly.

Thomas: He playfully strokes her hair and  places his other hand on her across her hip

Kamilla: She smiles through the kiss and attempts to kiss with more depth

Thomas: He starts getting sweaty and pulls back damn it's hot he takes off his shirt and throws it on the ground. ah better! 

Kamilla: She blushes fiercer than ever before and looks down 

Thomas: He quickly goes back to kiss her, causing Kamilla to stumble on her back

Kamilla: Her blush intensifies as she slowly starts to kiss back, while on her back, on Thomas' bed, with his shirt off. 

Thomas: He rubs against her body with his, maintaining the kiss. With one hand on her shoulder and another on her hip

Kamilla: She blushes again but, gets a little sidetracked with the kiss and everything that's happening as she slowly wraps her arms around him 

Thomas: his chest presses into hers, but thomas is to wrapped up in the moment to notice

Kamilla: She blushes again, continuing to kiss. HOWEVER DJ suddenly comes into Thomas' room, jumping up on the bed with the 2 of them. She slowly breaks the kiss, looking at DJ.

Thomas: He looks at DJ DJ! Get out of here! Now!

Kamilla: She softly hits him on the back "Don't you dare be rude to him." 

Thomas: He picks up DJ look em i gotta drop off DJ to the infirmary it's time for his shots 

Kamilla: She nods, sitting up. "Okay. Do you vant me to come with you?"

Thomas: No no! it'll be fine. i'll fly by the infirmary, drop him off and i'll be right back. Save those lips for me he runs out of the door

Kamilla: She giggles and blushes, sighing slightly "Clearly he doesn't mind he's shirtless."

Thomas: He quickly comes back without DJ. Alright where we're we? he quickly flies back to her. Causing her to stumble back on the bed. He quickly kisses her

Kamilla: She giggles and slowly break the kiss, slightly pushing him away "Not there, yet. I have to get back to my cabin anyways, ve all agreed to an early bedtime tonight."

Thomas: he blushes and gets up alright see ya later he kisses her cheek as he gets up

Kamilla: She giggles and kisses his cheek back See you tomorrow. She gets up, turning towards the door to leave

Thomas: He looks hesitant and then he shrugs as he slaps her on the butt

Kamilla: She squeals softly as she turns around, slightly blushing and looks at him a little surprised

Thomas: He rubs his head and blushes hey i'm just as surprised as you

Kamilla: She blushes again and giggles. She rolls her eyes and leans over, kissing his cheek "Now this is going to be my final good bye for the night. Please, no more, uh, slapping."

Thomas: He kisses her cheek back and rolls his eyes alright see ya, i can walk you back to the cabin if you'd like

Kamilla: She nods and smiles "I vould like that. Thank you."

Thomas: He takes her hand and they walk out of the cabin say kamilla i realized we almost, ya know.....

Kamilla: She holds his hand and walks with him "I know vat?"

Thomas: He blushes and turns away Bah nevermind, so you workin at the Infirmary tomorrow?

Kamilla: She rolls her eyes and turns him back to her "I do not know yet. I can ask to help, unless you don't want me to."

Thomas: Nah do whatever you want! I could use some training time anyway

Kamilla: She smiles a little half-heartedly "Oh. Then, yeah. I will probably be working at the Infirmary."

Thomas: But we can hang out instead! i mean if you want

Kamilla: She shakes her head "No, really. You vant to train. I do not mind." They arrive at her Cabin "See you later." She turns to go back in her Cabin

Thomas: Kamilla! Wait a minute! he flies back to the Aeolus Cabin and comes back with a necklace. I-I got this for you

Kamilla: She blushes as she sees it "A-A necklace? Y-You got it for .... me?"

Thomas: yeah i got it for you yesterday i was gonna give it to you earlier. but ya know what happened! i hope you like it!

Kamilla: She smiles up at him "I love it. Especially since it came from you."

Thomas: Come on lemme put it on you 

Kamilla: She blushes softly and smiles, taking her locket off "Okay. I would really appreciate that."

Thomas: He walks behind her and puts it on around her neck

Kamilla: She smiles "Thank you." 

Thomas: He kisses her cheek Your welcome and sweet dreams babe

Kamilla: She giggles and kisses his cheek back "Don't let the bed bugs bite." She turns to go into her cabin again

Thomas: He flies off back to his cabin

The next morning

A little while later, they are snuggling on Thomas' bed. They, however, are still in their undergarments, as they never removed them. As they still had a little bit of sense left. 

Kamilla: She snuggles closer in her sleep

Thomas: He snuggles with her, sleeping as well

Kamilla: She slowly starts to wake up, groaning softly, her hand going to her head

Thomas: He wakes up, looking dazed and confused what happened?

Kamilla: She shrugs, still half asleep

Thomas: He shakes her come on..... 

Kamilla: She moans softly, one hand softly rubbing her temply. She snuggles closer and shakes her head, not wanting to wake up.

Thomas: He realizes their both in their underwear and he freaks out. Ka- ka kamilla.... i really think you should wake up he sees their clothes on the floor

Kamilla: She groans a bit and snuggles into him again "Vat vould be so horrible that I have to get up?"

Thomas: I think we uhm did "it"

Kamilla: She sits bolt up right and looks around wildly. She notices the clothes on the floor, and them in just their underwear and bursts into tears.

Thomas: He gets up and hugs her look don't cry. i'm sorry

Kamilla: She continues to cry as she hugs back.

Thomas: Come on come on, i mean it's not that bad. look we won't tell anyone

Kamilla: "B-But vat if someone asks if I'm still a virgin? I can't lie! L-Lying is bad!" She once again begins to cry

Thomas: umm just tell them that's none of their business. ugh this is all my fault!

Kamilla: She shakes her head, snuggling into him more. "N-No. It's not your fault." 

Thomas: He sighs and kisses her cheek come on let's agree it's both our fault

Kamilla: She nods, kissing his cheek back "V-Vy do I not remember it, though?" 

Thomas: Um Kamilla i think we we're drunk, i have no idea how though

Kamilla: She shakes her head, tears coming to her eyes again "No, no, no, no, no! I-I can't be drunk, not during my first time, not at all!"

Thomas: he sighs ugh i wish i could stop this whole thing from happening. all i want to know is what happens after this?

Kamilla: She looks a bit confused "Vat do you mean?"

Thomas: Doesn't this change everything?

Kamilla: She nods a bit, looking at the bed "O-Oh. Vell. Yes. Sorry. I vas just a bit, uh, distracted.

Thomas: He sees her ripped shirt and picks it up umm feel free to borrow one of mine. he facepalms look i just ugh don't know. how will this well affect us?

Kamilla: She gets up and winces softly as the bed squeaks, her hand going to her head. As she gets up and walks to her pants, which she puts on, she looks a bit confused. She takes a shirt from his drawer that is far too big for her and puts it on. "Oh, uhm. I-I don't know." 

Thomas: He takes out a slightly smaller one try this, ugh get it on before i get all pervy again he facepalms again stupid hormones.....

Kamilla: She blushes and softly giggles, and turns around, switching the shirts. She turns around, a huge smile suddenly on her face and she basically jumps onto Thomas, hugging him. 

Thomas: Woah what is it babe?

Kamilla: "That I still am a virgin, and, I hope to Zeus that you are one too." 

Thomas: He hugs her back well what makes ya say that and trust me honey if your still a virgin so am I 

Kamilla: She smiles at him and kisses his cheek "Vell, I believe, ven a girl loses her virginity, her, uhm, hymen breaks. This causes blood and a bit of pain, that eventually turns into pleasure. There vas no blood on your sheets. Also, the vay my mother told me, her, uhm, area, hurt alot in the morning. It's not hurting at all." 

Thomas: Hmmm sounds legit he walks over to the washroom, seeing the broken lock and the vomit okay i don't even wanna know the story behind that

Kamilla: She looks at it and crinkles her nose "Eeeeeeew." 

Thomas: He laughs i bet it yours and i'm guessing i broke open the lock he looks at his arm muscles for a second i guess all that training is paying off

Kamilla: She pouts "Was not." She starts to walk out. 

Thomas: Ugh wait! Kamilla i wanna real talk for a bit he sits back down on the bed

Kamilla: She nods a bit and giggles, sitting beside him "Alright. I vas just going to get a new change of clothes though, then I vould've came right back." 

Thomas: He kisses her cheek you look really cute in my shirt anyway. but anyway, kamilla i mean when we get older. maybe we can ger married someday

Kamilla: Her face heats up and she looks at him "M-Married?" 

Thomas: He chuckles and hugs her i mean in like the far off future. we're talkin a few years 

Kamilla: She smiles and hugs back "Mmmmm. I vould like that, in the future of course." 

Thomas: ditto, i'm sorry i love this place way too much to leave

Kamilla: "It's fine. My mother vould kill me if she found out I got engaged this young." She giggles a bit then, looks down, all serious-like "Sh-She vould kill me if she knew I let a boy see me in my undies, too." 

Thomas: He chuckles relax just don't tell her wouldn't mind meeting her sometime though

Kamilla: She looks a bit astonished "You vant to meet my mum?" 

Thomas: Yeah it'd be nice, i mean if we're gonna get hitched, she's gonna have to get used to being called grandma

Kamilla: She tilts her head "Hitched?" 

Thomas: Married! he chuckles

Kamilla: She giggles back and nods "Fine. But, you should be varned. She isn't too, uh, friendly to my, uhm, guy friends." 

Thomas: he laughs i mean if she raised a girl like you, she must be nice

Kamilla: She nods "You'd think." 

Thomas: He snuggles with her your so freakin adorable right now!

Kamilla: She giggles and snuggles back "I've been meaning to ask, vat did you mean earlier ven you said you vould get all 'pervy' again?"

Thomas: I have blurry memories of our time together and i'm pretty sure i did some things i'm not proud of. so i'm really sorry

Kamilla: She kisses his cheek. "It's okay. You, and I, vere both drunk. I might've did something I'm not proud of. But, luckily, it seems that ve managed to stay confined in this room and nobody saw." 

Thomas: Wait i think i remember you saying wait what is it? no wait i got it! you asked "why you get to be in control all the time" what did that mean?

Kamilla: Her face heats up "V-Vat? I-I vould never say that!" She, quickly covers her face with her hands, embarrased.

Thomas: He laughs relax if you want some control feel free!

Kamilla: Her face heats up more and she shakes her head "N-No! I don't vant control. If you didn't take control I vouldn't know vat to do half the time."

Thomas: He kisses her forehead alright babe

Kamilla: She looks up at him "Y-You believe me right? Cause, i-it is the truth!" 

Thomas: Yeah of course, say do you remember how we got wasted, cuz i really don't 

Kamilla: She shakes her head "Nope." 

Thomas: He smiles Does'nt really matter. So we could go somewhere in town and grab some breakfast if ya want. i just wanna spend the day with you he cuddles with her

Kamilla: She giggles and cuddles back "I do not really mind" 

Thomas: Uhm okay, just go wash up at your cabin, i'll clean up and meet you at the entrance, sound good?

Kamilla She nods and kisses his cheek, standing up "Okay. Meet you there." She leaves the room, walking to her cabin in his shirt, 

Thomas: He yells keep the shirt by the way! 


Thomas: He sits on top of the camp sign and waits for Kamilla

Kamilla: She walks up to the Entrance of Camp

Thomas: He flies down and quickly scoops her up bridal style and flies up into the air. So where do ya wanna go babe?

Kamilla: She squeals a bit, still not used to being picked up and flew but, snuggles closer. "Mmm. You can choose, I don't mind anywhere, as long as I'm with you." 

Thomas: He chuckles and snuggles back Mcdonalds it is then!

Kamilla: She slightly tilts her head "McDonald's?"

Thomas: It's an awesome place with burgers, fries and soda

Kamilla: "Those sound so, uhm, greasy and fatty." 

Thomas: He licks his lips and tasty! trust me you'll love em

Kamilla: "B-But all the grease and fat." 

Thomas: Work it off later he sticks his tongue

Kamilla: She looks down "V-Vell okay."

Thomas: They fly down to the town and arrive at Mickey D's 

Kamilla: She looks at him a bit unsurely but, goes with it. 

Thomas: He runs up the counter and orders a deluxe breakfast with orange juice and turns to Kamilla so what do you want?

Kamilla: She shrugs "You know this place, you can decide for me." 

Thomas: He orders some pancakes for her. They get their food and sit down. Thomas quickly starts eating

Kamilla: She looks down hesitantly at the pancakes and pokes them with her fork 

Thomas: Honey your supposed to cut em with the knife and eat em 

Kamilla: She nods and cuts them up, but, hasn't put one in her mouth yet.

Thomas: He takes a slice with a fork and moves it towards her mouth say ahhh

Kamilla: She keeps her mouth closed

Thomas: He makes train noises and waves the fork around in her face 

Kamilla: She smiles softly but, shakes her head

Thomas: he makes puppy dog eyes please for me?

Kamilla: She sighs and obediently opens her mouth 

Thomas: He places the slice in her mouth

Kamilla: She chews slowly and swallows 

Thomas: Like it? he chuckles

Kamilla: She looks down "Y-Yeah. Sure." 

Thomas: You don't like it do you? 

Kamilla: She continues to look down, not wanting to disappoint him. 

Thomas: He shrugs and starts eating her pancakes xP

Kamilla: She giggles a bit and smiles at him

Thomas: Feel free to have my eggs or something. i don't want you going the day on an empty stomach

Kamilla: She shakes her head "No, it is fine." 

Thomas: He vigorously eats everything. Upon finishing he burps that was good 

Kamilla: She shakes her head with a sigh

Thomas: He jumps up so where do ya wanna go sweetie?

Kamilla: She giggles and stands up, taking his hand "Vere ever you go." 

Thomas: He blushes zoo?

Kamilla: She smiles and nods. "Sure!" 

Thomas: he tightens his grip on her hands and runs out of Mickey D's, dashing towards the zoo

At the Zoo 

They arrive looking around

Thomas: still holding her hand pretty cool huh?

Kamilla: She nods and smiles "Very cool." 

Thomas: Yeah! 

Later in the day

They arrive at the pool

Kamilla: She giggles and holds his hand

Thomas: He takes off his backpack good thing we packed some swimming clothes huh?

Kamilla: She nods and smiles 

Thomas: He takes out a sky blue bikini for her 

Kamilla: She giggles and takes it, "Thank you!"

Thomas: He smiles, okay go get changed and i'll meet you by the really big pool, sound good?

Kamilla: She nods "Okay." She kisses his cheek and goes to change 

Thomas: Before she goes, he kisses her back. And runs off to change


Kamilla: She is sitting on the porch to Apollo's cabin, crying softly into her hands

Thomas: He runs to the cabin with a bouquet of flowers. He's shocked to see her crying Honey what's wrong?

Kamilla: As she hears his voice 'She starts to cry harder 

Thomas: He wraps his arms around her Come on tell me

Kamilla: She shakes her head, still crying as she slightly pushes him away "No, no, no. I'm not aloud."

Thomas: Huh what are you talking about?

Kamilla: "M-My mom called earlier."

Thomas: I'm guessing it didn't turn out good

Kamilla: She shakes her head "Sh-She asked if I had met any boys, and I said that I had a boyfriend named Thomas, and, and then she asked if we did anything, and, I tried to lie but, she saw through it and I told her that we almost did it once or twice, and, then, she got really mad and yelled, and said I wasn't aloud to see you anymore."

Thomas: Gods..... so what's the gameplan?

Kamilla: She shrugs a bit and looks down at her lap

Thomas: Ya know we could just date and ya know, pretend she didn't say anything

Kamilla: She shakes her head "No, no. That's like lying and I can't lie. And, my mommy said no, so, no."

Thomas: Well we gotta figure out a way to change her mind

Kamilla: She looks at him "You vant to go to Germany and change her mind?"

Thomas: Hell yeah!

Kamilla: She looks at him as if he were crazy, but sighs "Okay. Vat do ve have to lose?"

Thomas: Our relationship

Kamilla: She rolls her eyes "I ment by going to Germany."

Thomas: Monster attacks?

Kamilla: She rolls her eyes, again "You are very lucky you are cute and can fight."

Thomas: He laughs your lucky your cute and can heal me now come on let's go

Kamilla: She nods and stands up 

Thomas: To the airport! he runs off with her


They reach the airport and catch their flight to Germany

Thomas: He sits next to Kamilla, So how should i impress your mom exactly?

Kamilla: She looks at him "You are a boy, she von't be very impressed."

Thomas: Hey hey it's easy, I just gotta dazzle with my powers. Tell her about some awesome stuff i did  like my quest and the Broken Truce mission

Kamilla: She shakes her head "No, no, no! She knows nothing about Greek Gods being, vell, real. And it vill stay that vay!"

Thomas: Your dad didn't tell her? There goes that idea.....

Kamilla: "My mother left the day after she and my father met. It is not her fault."

Thomas: Shrugs Yeah i guess so, i mean what if i act all gentlemanly? will that work?

Kamilla: "Vell, you can try."

'Th'omas: Well Alright, gotta get a tux though he leans in to kiss her 

Kamilla: She giggles. She also, sofly pushes him back "Thomas. Ve aren't going out. It vould be vrong to kiss you." 

Thomas: He moves closer to her and grins Come on baby don't be like that

Kamilla: She blushes a bit and slowly shakes her head "N-No"

Thomas: He rolls his eyes fine..... he moves away 

Kamilla: She looks down, a bit sad that he was mad at her 

Thomas: He smiles Come on..... i'm not mad, i just wanted to kiss you. but whatevs it's cool

Kamilla: She looks at him, slightly smiling "Trust me, Thomas. I do vant to kiss you, very badly, but, it's not proper to kiss someone who you are not going out with."

Thomas: Honey we are going out, we just need to talk to your mom so we can keep it that way

Kamilla: She tilts her head slightly "B-But my mommy said I vasn't aloud."

Thomas: He winks How's she gonna find out?

Kamilla: She blushes vigorously and looks down 

Thomas: He smiles and softly kisses her on the lips 

Kamilla: She blushes more, as if that was possible, and slowly kisses back

Thomas: He places his hands securely on her hips

Kamilla: She softly pushes him away and breaks the kiss "Thomas!"

Thomas: He chuckles what?

Kamilla: "W-We're in public." 

Thomas: Your point?

Kamilla: "We are supposed to be broken up so, kissing isn't proper in the first place and definately not in public."

Thomas: He grins and hugs her nothin wrong with a hug right?

Kamilla: She shakes her head and hugs back "No, I suppose not."

Thomas: He leans his forehead on hers Kamilla i wanna be with you....

Kamilla: I-I really want to be with you too."

Thomas: Well let's prove to your old lady that i'm a great guy

Kamilla: She nods softly 

In Germany

Thomas: they get off the plane So what's it like to be back home?

Kamilla: She smiles "I am no longer at home, Thomas. Camp Half-Blood became my home."

Thomas: He holds her hand and smiles okay your hometown as in, the place you grew up

Kamilla: She smiles "It feels nice."

Thomas: They walk off and see all of the small German town 

Kamilla: The finally come upon a one story house that was near the edge of the town 

Thomas: Alright so um this is it? 

Kamilla: She nods and looks at him "Nervous?" 

Thomas: Very, what would your mom say if we walked in holding hands?

Kamilla: "She vould be mad, and, ven I explain who you are, she ill be more mad."

Thomas: Oh come on then he starts walking to the house

Kamilla: She walks into the house first and calls "Mutter, ich bin hier mit einem besonderen Gast."

Thomas: Verpassen sankt Ich bin thomas, nice to meet you

A woman who looks like she's in her late Thirties comes down the stairs to where the couple stands. She smiles kindly at Kamilla, but turns her harsh glare to Thomas 

Anna Sankt: She glares slightly at Thomas "So, you are the one my daughter told me about on the telephone?"

Thomas: mhm! nice to meet you

Anna Sankt: She looks at him one last time "Vish I could say the same." She turns towards her daughter and hugs her 

Kamilla: She hugs back and gives an apologetic look towards Thomas 

Thomas: He shrugs Excuse me miss Sanke how about we all just sit down and you could get to know me better, sound good?

Anna Sankt: She rolls her eyes "Oh, yes. I vould love to sit and talk to the boy who has made my daughter a Schlampe."  

Kamilla: She slightly blushes and looks down "Mom!" 

Thomas: Look miss it's not like that

Anna Sankt: "I vas a teen once. I had Kamilla after a one night stand. I vill not stand for guys who think like that vith my daughter." She walks to the Kitchen to make soothing Camimille tea

Thomas: He runs after her Miss Sankt please! i don't have those kind of intentions with Kamilla!

Anna Sankt: She, not looking at him, scoffs a bit "So you do not have an attraction vith my daughter?"

Thomas: Well i mean she is beautiful, but i'm not trying to have sex with her or anything

Kamilla: She blushes a bit and groans, sitting on a stool in the kitchen 

Anna Sankt: She continues to face away from him "That does not answer my question. Beauty is not the same as an attraction, at least, to most. If beauty is all it needs for you to have an attraction to a girl, then, you vill cheat on her, if you have not already." 

Thomas: No No! Miss Sankt, Kamilla's the nicest, sweetest and most caring girl i ever met! And i'd sooner jump in the river- i mean a volcano then cheat on her. 

Anna Sankt: She pours herself a cup of tea "So you vill just dump her first?"

Thomas: No! Miss Sankt i love her, she's the most important person in my life. I don't know how i could live without her. And come on! I flew from Long Island all the way here! Just so i could be with her!

Anna Sankt: She takes a sip of her tea "I do not believe you." She heads into the living room.

Thomas: He turns to Kamilla Any ideas? 

Kamilla: She shakes her head "Did I not say that my mother does not like any guy friends of mine?"

Thomas: Can't you at least vouch for me?

Kamilla: She tilts her head "Vouch?"

Thomas: Ya know, tell her that i'm not what she thinks. tell her i mean what i said

Kamilla: She looks at him "Vy vould she believe me?"

Thomas: Your her daughter, i'm sure she would

Kamilla: She sighs and nods. She goes into the living room and sits next to Anna "Mom, I really do think Thomas meant."

Anna Sankt: She shrugs "You are young, vat do you know?"

Thomas: He sits down next to them We know that we really care about each other and we value what we have

Anna Sankt: She laughs "Oh, thank you. I have not had a good laugh in ages."

Thomas: How is that funny?

Anna Sankt: She sips her tea again "Because you two are teens. You don't know love. You might never understand." She stands up "It is bed time. I will be sleeping in my room, Kamilla's in hers and Thomas on the couch. Good night." She goes up the stairs and into her room. 

Kamilla: She obediently follows up the stairs.

Thomas: He sits on the couch, looking displeased

Kamilla: She, however, quickly rushes back down the stairs and kisses his cheek "Meet me upstairs in, like, an hour after my mom is asleep. We have to talk." She rushes back up the stairs

Thomas: An hour later, he slowly hovers over the stairs and opens the door to Kamilla's room. 

Kamilla: She quickly pulls him in and closes her door softly

Thomas: He floats to the ground and softly kisses her on the lips

Kamilla: She smiles and softly kisses back

Thomas: He pulls back i guess that was our last kiss as a couple huh? he looks sad

Kamilla: She shakes her head "I-I might have a plan."

Thomas: He smiles Let's hear it babe

Kamilla: "I was thinking ve could show my mom vat I vould be like if she really did make us break up."

Thomas: You mean really sad and junk?

Kamilla: She shakes her head and looks down "Ah, no. Not exactly." 

Thomas: He looks confused Then what?

Kamilla: "What if I showed her vat I'm like around, uhm, guys once I'm single again?"

Thomas: I'm not sure if i like where this is going

Kamilla: "Yeah, I figured you vouldn't." 

Thomas: He sighs and takes her hand Look if it's to save our relationship. i'm all for it

Kamilla: She smiles and holds his hand "So you von't mind if I flirt vith the other guys?"

Thomas: His left eye twitches of course not, as long as you don't really mean it....

Kamilla: She smiles and kisses his cheek "Of course I von't. You are the only boy for me."

Thomas: He kisses her back And well your the only girl for me.....

Kamilla: She smiles and hugs him 

Thomas: He quickly kisses her on the lips and pulls back I better scram before your mom comes back

Kamilla: She pouts a bit but nods "Guess so."

Thomas: Hmmmm i got an idea he locks the door and walks back to her if your mom comes and knocks i'll fly out of the window and sneak back to the couch, sound good?

Kamilla: She nods and quickly hugs him again

Thomas: He softly kisses her on the lips

Kamilla: She kisses back

Thomas: He places his hands on her hips

Kamilla: She wraps her hands around him 

Thomas: As they resume kissing, from Ms. Sankt's room. A click can be heard and a light is turned on. 

Kamilla: She blushes a bit and breaks the kiss, slightly pushing him away

Thomas: Oh crap! he flies out of the window

Kamilla: She dives into her bed, under the covers

The Next Morning

Thomas: He's on the couch, snoring loudly

Kamilla: She walks down the stairs and smiles at him

Thomas: He tosses and turns in his sleep

Kamilla: She gently shakes him

Thomas: He turns away from her hand and mumbles I'm not going to school, i'll just get beat up again.....

Kamilla: She smiles a bit and sits beside him "That's silly. No one could beat you up, Thomas."

Thomas: He quickly jumps up Damn right! not even some big, muscled zeus kid could take me on! yeah! he turns to her oh hey kamilla

Kamilla: She giggles "Hey Thomas." 

Thomas:You remember my reaping match right! it was so awesome! 

Kamilla: She puts her finger to her lips and then points towards the second floor

Thomas: Right he starts talking alot quieter you remember my reaping match right.....?

Kamilla: She nods 

Thomas: What's it like to date a reaping winner? he smirks

Kamilla: She giggles and sits on his lap "It feels so awesome."

Thomas: He wraps his arms around her and pulls her closer 

Kamilla: She smiles and softly kisses him 

Thomas: He kisses her as they hear footsteps from the stairs

Kamilla: She quickly jumps off him and blushes softly 

Thomas: He quickly gets up from the couch. As Ms. Sankt walks down Good morning Ms. Sankt! he waves

Anna Sankt: She looks at him a bit dismissing 

Kamilla: "Mom, I was thinking we all could go for a walk before our flight."

Thomas: Yeah! see some of the town, ya know!

Anna Sankt: "I guess so."

Thomas: His stomach grumbles we should eat first

After they eat and get dressed and blah blah 

Kamilla: She walks with her boyfriend and mom into the town, and looks at Thomas a bit nervously

Thomas: He nods at her reassuringly

Kamilla: She smiles back as they continue walking 

Boy: He walks near them and bumps into Kamilla um sorry

Kamilla: She smiles flirtatiously at him "Oh trust me, it's no problem."

Boy: He blushes Oh um that's nice to know

Kamilla: She giggles as she, Thomas and Anna Sankt, keep walking away from the boy

Thomas: I see your moving on fast

Kamilla: She blushes a bit 

Anna Sankt: "Vat vas that?"

Kamilla: "Oh, nothing."

Jack: Another boy walks up to Kamilla and smirks Why hello there beautiful 

Kamilla: She smiles flirtatiously back again "And hello to you too Handsome."

Jack: He takes her hand Perhaps we could hook up sometime he winks 

Kamilla: "Maybe, just, maybe." She also winks and continues walking

Thomas: He seemed like a nice guy

Anna Sankt: "Nice guy? He vas hitting on my daughter and she vas flirting back!"

Thomas: Well Ms. Sankt, remember you made me and Kamilla break up. so she's available. able to go around and flirt with any boy she sees

Anna Sankt: She twitches a bit but, calmly smiles "I-I see."

Kamilla: She looks up at Thomas

Thomas: He turns to Kamilla and winks Say Kamilla i bet cha can't wait to get back to school! i mean there are so many single dudes for you to hook up with!

Kamilla: She nods a bit, looking at her mom "Y-Yeah. Definately." 

Anna Sankt: She looks suspicious 

Thomas: Come on let's keep going they continue to walk

Anna Sankt: She finally comes to the realization and laughs "I see."

Thomas: Huh?

Anna Sankt: She rolls her eyes "I have the same mind set as my daughter. I know a plan when I see one. You two are trying to make me think she's better off with you."

Thomas: He looks confused no we aren't

Anna Sankt: She sighs and walks ahead "I guess you underestimate the power of vents in rooms, especially the one connecting mine and my daughter's."

Thomas: We are so screwed.....

Kamilla: She squeals a bit and stands in front of her mom "N-No! I can prove to you that I'm over and done with Thomas!" 

Thomas: Huh how?

Anna Sankt: "Yes, how."

Kamilla: She quickly becomes flustered but, grabs the nearest guy (As in single, no girlfriend, slightly pathetic, looking guy) 'and kisses him. 

Thomas: His eye starts twitching

Kamilla: She breaks the kiss and quickly drags her mother and Thomas along away from that guy. 

Anna Sankt: She however, stops them. "I guess it is clear to me that if you are willing to kiss a random stranger to keep your boyfriend, you must have some feelings towards eachother. By the next time I call you, Kamilla, if I get any more reports of you two having sex, I will drag Kamilla back here." She walks away

Thomas: He looks excited as he picks up Kamilla bridal style and runs off with her

BACK AT CAMP after a long flight from Germany and blah blah

Thomas: He flies down, holding Kamilla again, kissing her on the cheek over and over again

Kamilla: She giggles and snuggles into him, kissing his cheek as well

Thomas: I can't believe we can ya know, stay together!

Kamilla: "Neither can I. My mother is usually so stubborn."

Thomas: Well i guess we were more stubborn!

Kamilla: She giggles and nods a bit "I guess ve vere."

Thomas: He kisses her on the cheek again Hell yeah! Look i'm just so happy right now! he chuckles

Kamilla: She smiles "Don't vorry. I'm really excited about it too. And glad I can kiss you vith out feeling bad."

Thomas: How would ya feel bad?

Kamilla: "Because my mom said I vasn't aloud before, and, I don't like breaking rules."\

Thomas: Weird breaking rules is awesome,

Kamilla: She shakes her head but, snuggles into him

Thomas: He snuggles her back

Kamilla: She giggles "So, vat do you vant to do now?"

Thomas: He just looks at her for a second. Um get you back to your cabin?

Kamilla: She pouts a bit and shakes her head "Nooo. I don't vant to leave you."

Thomas: He blushes intensely But- but honey i'm tired from the flight.....

Kamilla: "Then I'll hang out in your room with you so you don't have to do anything tiring!" 

Thomas: Uhhhh i dunno my room's kinda messy

Kamilla: She looks down "Is it that or is it just because you don't vant to spend time vith me?"

Thomas: No no it's fine! we'll get to my room right away! he flies off to the Aeolus Cabin

Kamilla: She giggles and snuggles into him "Y'know. Ve could've valked if you vere tired."

Thomas: They walk into his room and he blushes.  Um uh i just got some energy back

Kamilla: She smiles "Really?"

Thomas: Mhm! he firmly kisses her on the lips

Kamilla: She blushes and kisses him back

Thomas: He's still carrying her and sits on the bed

Kamilla: She blushes softly 

Thomas: He deepens the kiss

Kamilla: She continues kissing and wraps her arms around him 

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