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humberto + caresse

Caresse: She's sitting in the grass hungry and extremely bored.

Humberto: He walks out of the cabin, wearing a red shirt and black shorts. He doesn't seem cold at all for some reason.

Caresse: She yawns and starts to purr.

Humberto: He sits on the same grassy field Caresse does, completely unaware he's a few feet from her as he lies back.

Caresse: She directs her attention to Humberto, and cocks her head a bit. "Hello," she says in her soft Hispanic accent.

Humberto: He turns her, happy to see such a pretty face. "Hey." He said in a relaxed tone.

Caresse: She sits next to him and runs her fingers through her straightened hair. "I'm Caresse."

Humberto: "Uhm alright." Since he's quite the extrovert, he doesn't have much experience talking to random girls he just met. "Name's Humberto, Hephaestus kid blah blah blah." He says wanting to avoid the typical "Who's your godparent" question.

Caresse: "Okay then Humberto," she says rolling her r's. She sat crisscross applesauce and leaned over a bit. "What's your favorite.. food."

Humberto: He laughs a bit "Okay that's a weird question, but I'm more of a burger man myself. But enough about that.." He says in a flirty tone as he leans in closer to her.

Caresse: She bites her lip and leans closer as well. She brushed her lips against his and pulled away. She winked, teasing him.

Humberto: He smiles a bit, somewhat appreciating the gesture. But he pulls back. "Movin a little too fast aren't we?" He smirked a bit as he pulled back a bit.

Caresse: She laughs, "If you hadn't realized Humberto, I am fast. It's called being a tiger nymph. Rawr." she smirked playfully.

Humberto: He smirked as well "Well maybe we could head over somewhere and see just how fast you really are.." He said in a sly tone.

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Caresse: "Okay. My place or yours?" she says seductively.

Humberto: "How about yours? My place is such a mess..."


Caresse: She leads him into her room, and shuts the door. "Are we f*cking now or..."

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Humberto: He lays back on the bed with her, he kisses her on the cheek as he cuddles with her.

Caresse: For some odd reason she blushes, even though he'd seen her naked this small piece of affection made her feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

Humberto: "So this a one-time thing or can I look forward to seeing you again gorgeous?"

Caresse: She closes her eyes, "Hmm. I'll definitely be calling you soon. We still need to go on a first date."

Humberto: "My thoughts exactly." He said with a smile.

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Caresse: She gets up from the bed and stumbles abit her legs still kinda numb. "I'm gonna take a shower."

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Caresse: She walks into the bar with Humberto, her black dress fitting her really well, she bites her lip at the scenery.

Humberto: He wears a black jacket and blue jeans, trying to look well dressed. He has his arm around Caresse, not really able to keep his hands off of her.

Caresse: She's kinda nervous, since she surprisingly had never drank before. She was hoping Humberto would take the lead.

Humberto: He offers the lady a seat, before ordering two tall cups of wine for the both of them. Once it arrives, Humberto quickly takes a sip. Enjoying the flavor.

Caresse: She takes a sip and her throat burns. She likes the feeling and takes another sip. She ends up finishing the cup, then blushes seeing that Humberto hadn't finished his yet.

Humberto: He finishes his, shocked to see Caresse is already done. "I see someone likes her booze." He said as he kissed her on the cheek. He ordered two jumbo sized glasses for the both of them, filled with more wine. He begins to drink, beginning to get slightly drunk.

Caresse: She giggles and drinks hers as well hiccuping moments after. A lot more drunk than him. She starts giggling for no apparent reason.

Humberto: The alcohol begins to cloud his thoughts. He starts chuckling as he pulls her tight. "I think you've had enough.." He says oblivious to his own intoxication.

Caresse: She pouts,"Noooo, I wan morr." she says not being able to speak right.

Humberto: He snaps his fingers and they get served glasses of Vodka. "Cheers" he says in his drunken state, before beginning to drink.

Caresse: She drinks the Vodka and whistles. She starts biting Humberto's neck.

Humberto: He moans a bit, somewhat enjoying it before pulling it away. "Not in front of all these people." But he was laughing a bit.

Caresse: She giggles, "Okay cutie." she hiccups and starts laughing again.

Humberto: "Maybe we should head back to camp sexy." He laughs well, clearly intoxicated.

Caresse: "Only if you carry meeee!" she grins like a child putting her arms up causing her fitting dress to ride up.

Humberto: "Fine." He carries her up bridal style, kissing her on the cheek as he took his leave.

Caresse: She giggles and blushes when he kisses her cheek. "Whatcha gonna do with me big boy?"

Humberto: "Oh you'll find out" he winked.


Caresse: She bites his neck again giggling, since they weren't in public.

Humberto: He moans , beginning to take off his shirt.

justine + miles c:

Justine: She looked at him shocked, but then plays it off. "I don't know.. I don't think your ready for this." she says with a smirk on her face. 

Miles: "Yeah I think I'm ready for anything" he said in a cocky tone.

Justine: She rolled her eyes, "Sure you are. You almost fainted when I felt your muscles." she spoke in a matter-of-fact tone.

Miles: He blushes, knowing how right she is. "Well same could be said for you." He said, looking away a bit.

Justine: She blushes as well, biting her lip. "Yeah right." she says trying to pull off the fact that he'd made her blush repeatedly, but fails. Instead of coming off careless it comes off in a timid way.

Miles: He laughs a bit "Told ya! So come on let's get out of here!" He said in a slightly playful tone, taking her hand.

Justine: She scoffed playfully, "Whatever Miles." she said. "Where are we going?" she bites her lip.

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Miles: "Movies it is then! I heard that new Robocop movie is sick..." He said before walking off with her, not minding the idea of actually walking somewhere.

Justine: "Wait it's already out?" she asked a bit eagerly, she was happy someone finally had the same interests as her.

Miles: "F*ck yeah it is!" he says in an excited tone, having wanted to see it for a while. But had NO ONE to go with >~<.

Justine: "Yes, thank the gods." she exasperates(sp?). "It seemed like forever." She gets all giddy.

Miles: He gets quite excited, he picks her up bridal style and flies off away from camp. "Uhm sorry, bad habit..." He blushes a bit and looks away from her as they soar the skies.

Justine:  She's blushing even harder since he picked her up. She was kinda anxious since she was almost sure Zeus would blast them out of the sky. But besides the fact she was grinning like crazy. "This is so f*cking awesome."

Miles: "Well yeah you get used to it, perks of being an Aeolus Kid." He tells her, a few minutes later they arrive at the movies. He sits her down, not exactly seeming excited to let her go :P

Justine: She stumbles a bit, her legs feeling the ground again. She runs her fingers through her hair before putting it in a messy bun. She takes his hand, ignoring the weird looks from pedestrians. "Ready to go in?"

Miles: He had already entered the theater, being quite excited for the movie. He expected Justine to have followed him.

Justine: "Someone's excited," she chided, looking at the movie menu thing.


Miles: He sits down, giddy like a school girl. He holds some popcorn and a large bag of skittles.

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Justine:  She takes a seat next to him and sets her feet in the empty seat in front of them. She couldn't help but notice how adorable Miles was being.

Miles: The movie starts "Awesome.." he can't help but mutter. He reached his hand over for some popcorn.

Justine: She watching the screen intently extremely focused, tuning everything and everyone out.

Miles: He does the same, clearly interested in le movie.


Justine: "Best movie ever." she chimes, popping a skittle in the mouth.

Miles: "I know right!?" He beamed, munching on a Crunch bar.: {{{2}}}

Justine: She laughed and nodded. "You wanna movie hop?" she asks, sipping on the almost finished drink.

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