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Dante: He walks the streets of the town casually, it's nighttime and Dante walks with a giant grin on his face. His xiphos is strapped to his back, along with his hatchet. He looks around the entrance to town, wanting to kill that Zeus kid he had into the other day. He wears his black and grey varsity jacket with bride, hoping not to get any blood on the jacket he recently stole

Hilary: While walking down the street, thick, dense fog hanging like coats between trees added an eery feeling to the usual ordinary scenery. She sauntered down the sidewalk, her face illuminated by a smile, and her arms were weighted down by vibrant pink shopping bags, that she got from the mall. When she saw Dante in the street, the moon's iridescent light gleaming off his stark black hair, she froze. Her vision shifted as soon as she took note of the weapon that rested on his back. She dropped her bags, and looked backwards, then to the left. Soon she was shaking and she staggered back, as she recalled the situation she had with Icarus. She bit her tongue and held her breath, standing almost completely still, looking up at the sky whose stars became her friends.

Dante: He smirks a bit, seeing her fear as she seems like a good target. He doubts she'll put up a good fight, but with his sports cup he's confident this will be easy. He quickly pulls out his bloody hatchet, throwing it towards her right leg, not wanting her to try and run

Hilary: Rationally, she didn't expect him to do any harm, but with her past trauma, her mind ran wild, and when she tore her gaze from the stars and looked straight at Dante. The hatchet had already been cutting through the distance between them, she tried to run, but was petrified, too horror-struck to move, so she moved three shaky steps to the right, then fell on the ground, avoiding the hatchet. She began tearing up and sobbing softly, helplessly.

Dante: He dashes towards her, drawing his trusty xiphos. Using it to try and stab at her knee, all while standing over her menacingly. Hoping to strike more fear into her heart.

Hilary: She shrieks and wears him down with adornments: a boa around his neck and an assortment of bangles and bracelets around his wrists. She then charmspeaks, in an urgent and shaky manner, though the common fluent delivery of the demand overshadows her underlying emotions. Please... Don't hurt me...

Dante: He looks plainly at her for a moment, his strength making it so the bracelets hardly affect his wrists. For a moment, the charmspeak affects him, along the happiness Hilary spreads. But then he remembers his bloodlust and his anger, he tries to clamp his hand over her mouth, while wearing leather gloves. He also tries to swing his xiphos towards her arm.

Hilary: Her senses tell her to move back, but she only manages to move her arm, which results in the sword grazing over her right arm. The light incision begins hemorrhaging, thick droplets of crimson-black blood leaving bright red trails down her arm. She took a look at the wound then at Dante and screamed. Her mouth opened wide, and the shriek shot out like a bullet, and she made sure it was loud. It was her last cry for help.

Dante: Dante's hand managed to censor some of the scream, lucky for Dante no one came to her aid. He snapped his fingers as he created a 5.6 foot rope out of his own life force, quickly trying to wrapp it around her and dropping his xiphos. He then picks it back up his xiphos, trying to make some light jabs at her thighs

Hilary: Out of instinct, her powers tap in and a heavy golden bracelet materializes on dante's sword wrist. Hoping it would hinder his ability to make steady jabs, she struggles backwards, using her legs to push back against the ground, pushing her away

Dante: He quickly rips off the golden bracelet, grunting in pain. But in a flash of dark red energy, the bruise on his arm heals. He tries to make a powerful stab towards her lower right leg

Hilary: She quickly spreads her legs apart, avoiding the knife. In those few moments, the rush of adrenaline that came with being a demigod calms her, and she's able to keep level-headed. In an act of defense, she induces a sense of bliss on Dante, then attempts a one-legged kick at his chest in her tied-up sitting position

Dante: The feeling of bliss and happiness takes him over, as he kicked in the chest. He feels a sharp pain, as he uses his powers to drain some of her life-force. Wanting to slow her down and sedate her as he tries to chop her left ankle

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