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New CaseElla RP

Drew and Poppy

  • Poppy: She sits on in a booth in Starbucks in town waiting for Drew to turn up. After deciding to give him a second chance she decided that going for a coffee with him wouldn't be so bad. She taps her nails on the table impatiently.
  • Drew: He sprints towards Starbucks, as a son of Pandia he was never a morning person. Only upon waking up, he remembered he had to meet Poppy. He dressed himself rather hastily and took some minty gum from one of his half sisters, as he ran he quickly chewed it in hopes to prevent bad breath. He finally reaches his destination, panting and sweating a bit upon opening the door.
  • Poppy: Hearing the door open violently and being one of the few who look up, she rolls her eyes and goes back to looking back at the menu. This time, unlike normal, she grins and chuckles slightly as she does so, seeming to warm up to him.'
  • Drew: He quickly steps up behind her. "I-I apologize for my tardiness madame!" He says in an exhausted manner and bows, not feeling it proper to sit down until he knows whether he's forgiven or not.
  • Poppy: She blinks a few times, "Tardiness sounds weird." She rolls his eyes and laughs again slightly and waits for him to sit down. When he doesn't for a while she coughs, "Are you going to sit down or stand there?"
  • Drew: "Of course!" He nods as he quickly sits down next to her. "Uhm what would you like?"
  • Poppy: She laughs with him, not at him and smiles, surprising herself after hating him for so many centuries, "Surprise me?" Anything but black coffee."
  • Drew: "Two uhm..." He looks up towards the menu, all the items being rather foreign to him. "Espressos?" He pronounced it somewhat strangely, causing the waitress to giggle a bit. Before leaving to get their drinks. "America is such a strange place.." He expressed to her.
  • Poppy: She looks down, rolling her eyes playfully, "Whatever." She thinks for a moment, "Aren't you the strange one?"
  • Drew: "I suppose.." Their drinks arrive, Drew quickly nods and thanks her. As he sips, he brainstorms on ideas to keep the conversation going. "How have you been over the years? If you don't mind me asking." He squeaked the last part.
  • Poppy: She waves her hand dismissively, "Oh I just ruined a plentiful of marriages and relationships." She chuckles to herself before looking at Drew, "And you?"
  • Drew: "Well I think I was some sort of dream of Hypnos' I'm not sure.." He said with uncertainty.
  • Poppy: She shrugs, "Sounds fun. Whilst you were being fantasised by a god, I had my entire appearance changed by my mother so."

Dante and Darius

  • Dante: He sits in his office overlooking some random files concerning the upcoming topic. Although he looks interested and captivated he's actually bored and taps his fingers on his desk. He sighs and pulls a cover over the papers and walks to the window of his office to try and take his mind off of it.
  • Darius: He quickly entered his office, hoping to discuss some matters. "Sir I wanted to let you know that business with those nymphs from Civitas was handled."
  • Dante: He turns, slightly surprised at the abruptness of Darius and nods, "Glad you managed to fix it." He walks towards his desk, "I didn't know you were coming, you could've notified me, I would've cleaned up a bit."
  • Darius: "I apologize sir.." He nods. "While I still have my concerns about that one spy from Civitas.." He seems quite angry at the mental image of Kina. "So anyway, there's something that had caught my attention.."
  • Dante: "She's a spy? Well, I'll leave you to deal with that." He then raises an eyebrow, "Hopefully it's not another nymph issue, they seem to be getting boring." He pauses for a moment, "Well?"
  • Darius: "Don't worry, no need to worry about those worms. But I had heard something about...mechanical cats was it? I'm not sure, just something I heard some of our members discussing."
  • Dante: He looks at Darius and a small grin forms on his face as he decides to test to see how much Darius wants to know, "Lions, to be exact. And you need this information to because?"
  • Darius: He shrugged. "You could say I'm just nosy, but as your Lt it's kinda my business." He said somewhat boldly.
  • Dante: He raises an eyebrow again, "Well, Heinrich specifically told us not to tell our lieutenants immediately, only when we feel the time is right. What plans do you have with such information?"
  • Darius: "Well these things would be pretty useful to us. They'd be great for guarding the walls, i'd volunteer to test them out if you're alright with it." He suggested, loving the idea of getting to murder mortals with such deadly creatures.
  • Dante: He shakes his, a small glare in his eyes, "Although it might be fun and useful to use them, we can't. We need to know the entire reason for existence and their attitudes beforehand. Whatever I say here mustn't be repeated to other faction members, understand?"
  • Darius: "Yes sir!" He replies in a firm manner, growing quite excited for the information he's about to partake in.
  • Dante: "And just remember that whatever you plan do it, it would be ideal if it goes through me first." He coughs, as if to signify that he wants a confirmation from Darius.
  • Darius: "Oh right, Of course. I wouldn't take them without your authorization.." He nodded.
  • Dante: He nods back, "You'll regret it." He coughs, "There's three of them; two lions and a lioness - all mechanical. Hephaestus apparently made them for Zeus and Hera. The exact reasons are unknown. Their names reflect their first impressions. Ammon - the lost one. Leander - the lion and Medea - the cunning."
  • Darius: "So you'd know how to fix and maintain them then? How'd you get them anyway? Did one of our members steal them from your fa- I mean Hephaestus?"
  • Dante: He twitches slightly and clicks his knuckles to calm himself, "They're in perfect condition and they seemed to be in their natural habitats to train. A collection of members from all factions got them and thanks to a few wind nymphs and children of the wind gods, they were able to access a part of the Earth that they're fairly confident will be safe."
  • Darius: "Well I could imagine Hephaestus would dispatch some campers to get them back. So naturally I have my concerns about that.." He smirks a bit, liking the idea of protecting his new toys and murdering some teenagers to get closer to his personal goal.
  • Dante: He return the smirk, "Inevitably. So naturally, as one of the leaders, I'll make sure to keep Opus ready just in case we need to do something about it. But I will stress that whatever you want to do you have to run it past me. Understand?"
  • Darius: "Understood.." He nodded as he turned around, remembering he was supposed to meet some girl from Liberi on a date. He takes his leave.
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