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Thomas: *He flies over the dark forest alone. He scouts it, looking for any BC members. Wearing his usual snapback*

Nick: He walks along the ground, throwing his spear into the air and impaling a few leaves before it falls and impales itself in the ground.

Thomas: *He hears the rustling in the leaves, he thinks it's nothing. But decides it couldn't hurt to investigate. He flies down and sees Nick, quickly hiding behind a tree. His eyes open in shock at seeing his missing half brother*

Nick: A wild hellhound lunges at Nick from behind, without missing a beat, he flicks his wrist, and a blade of air splits the hellhound in two. He looks in the direction the hell hound came from, and a larger blade cuts down the trees in the general direction, insuring another won't attack him.

Thomas: *He gulps before deciding to confront him. He quickly flies down and lands behind Nick* Where the hell did you go man?

Nick: He stares emotionless at Thomas, I defected.

Thomas: *He looks at him with horror for a moment, but tries to dismiss the feeling* Um good one dude! Ha ha got me good! *He tries to sound happy, but still has some fear in his voice*

Nick: He rolls his eyes, I'm not kidding, Thomas. The gods are old and senile, and should be put in their place.

Thomas:  Dude! what the f*ck! sure the gods aren't perfect, but i know damn well they're better then those psycho freaks at the BC!

Nick: he shrugs Those psycho freaks have the right idea, at least.

Thomas: Bullshit! the gods aren't the bad guys here. it's the freaking BC! Nick you can't just turn your back on dad!

Nick: The gods have gotten senile, like I said. Aeolus has never done anything for me, and I can bet every drachma I have that he hasn't done SHIT for you either.

Thomas: *He looks down for a moment, before looking back up* You're wrong! Dad worked his ass off to get a cabin for us! He worked hard to make sure he all got to camp! Hell he even visited me when i was at my worst! I know that's not alot, but that's just demigod life! And you just need to accept it! Hell the way i see it the BC would be nothing but dirty tyrants who would rule way worse then the gods! So ya know what Nick?! You're nothing but a dirty, good for nothing, bitchy lil traitor!

Nick: He sneers and a small tornado forms around them, trapping Thomas with Nick. I don't think it would be smart to call names now, Thomas.

Thomas: *He quickly pulls a golden card out of his pocket, it then transforms into a katana* I don't think it would be smart to try and corner me....

Nick: He points the spear at Thomas, and it changes form into a xiphos, the usual greek sword. I warned you already, I'm not going to be so lenient the second time.

Thomas: *He smirks* Nah, i'm not much a good listener. never was! *He uses the wind to increase his speed and then jump towards Nick's right. He raises his katana and tries to bring it down towards Nick's arm*

Nick: He expects the speed, and had already gone to using the wind against him, speeding Thomas up more than he had meant. With the extra speed, his slash easily misses, as Thomas could not have accounted for Nick's use of the wind. He turns and throws his sword like a javelin, it's form actually turning into a spear midflight. Aimed at Thomas' left thigh.

Thomas: Gah! *He gets stabbed in the thigh and falls to the ground in pain. He quickly manages to pull out the spear, leaving a deep wound, leaking blood. * Dammit! *As he tries to stumble up, he fires a powerful gust of wind at Nick. It has a fast yet small form to it. Somewhat resembling a bullet*

Nick: The "bullet" penetrates Nick's right shoulder, and he shouts in pain. He thrusts his hand out at his javelin, and it flies into his hand. He flies at Thomas with intense speed, swinging his javelin like a sword, which it turns into mid swing

Thomas: *He tries to jump back, but it's too hard due to the injury in his thigh. So Thomas is slashed across his torso*

Nick: He looms over Thomas, sneering, I warned you. Now it's time to say good bye,He raises his sword , bringing it down on Thomas's throat.

Alexander: In a fury of billowing black, Alexander appears between the blade and Thomas, catching it with the hook on his fireknife. In the darkness of the forest, Alexander's body is nearly invisible, but his grey eyes glow out like spotlights, Talofa, Nick..

Thomas: *He tries to look up, barely seeing Alex's eyes* What the.....

Alexander: He flicks his wrist, and disarms Nick, sending him backwards with a steady shove. Alexander thrusts his hand out at Nick, and a cage of Astral energy envelopes him. After dealing with Nick, Alexander turns and extends a hand to Thomas, trying to help him up, I'm Alexander, Thanatos. We should get you out of here..

Thomas: *He tries to get up, but the cut went rather deep. It starts to bleed out.* Crap... *he coughs up a little blood*

Nick: He lashes out from within the cage sending a steady stream of air bullets into Thomas's katana, shattering it,Remember me when you look at that katana, Thomas.A torando shields him from view, and by the time it disperses, he is gone, along with his cage.

Alexander: He pulls Thomas into a fireman's carry, and shadows travels back to camp. Namely the infirmary.


Thomas: *He wakes up covered in bandaged across his torso and over his thigh. He moves around slowly, still in pain* Man i suck..... *he holds his stomach*

Alexander: He speaks softly, I advise against moving too much, you'll reopen your wounds. You got your ass whooped.

Thomas: *He looks sad* Sure did, what sucks the most is that it was my own half bro. Say what's your name again, when ya told me i was too busy bleeding out

Alexander: He stands up and walks over to Thomas, holding a squeezy of nectar and a square of ambrosia, Alexander. Son of Thanatos, Head Counselor. I could tell from how he used wind that he was the recent defect. Poor guy, I hear he went through a REALLY nasty break. Like he was cursed by his girlfriend or some shit.

Thomas: *He takes the ambrosia and pops it into his mouth, quickly eating it* Thomas, Son of Aeolus! uhm former Lt. Counselor. I heard about that, i just thought he left camp. I never imagined Nick would defect *he facepalms* I'm so stupid. I'm his half brother, i should've done more to help him *he looks guilty and sad*

Alexander: He creates a chair for himself and sits in it, Don't be so hard on yourself, Nick was too far down the rabbit hole.

Thomas: *He sighs* You're right, but ugh please don't tell anyone! my girlfriend might lose it if she found out! *he makes a >.< face*

Alexander: He shrugs, "I should report this to Alexander the Great, because BC seems to be stepping boundaries, but I won't mention this to whomever your girlfriend is.

Thomas: *He nods* Fair enough, i mean i was out there on patrol! Hoping i'd find someone to save. But i ended up screwing up royally and had to be saved myself. Such a loser....*He looks sadder* So see ya later i guess man and thanks i owe ya big

Alexander: He grins happily Yeah you do. I'll come collect later. For now you should rest. With that, Alexander starts sinking to his shadow, teleporting away.

Rematch >:)

Thomas: *He walks the Deep forest with Alex*

Alexander: He walks alongside Thomas. Since Thomas was ravaged last time he went alone, Alexander thought her should come along, it'd be good for the both of them. He trots along happily, but his guard is still up.

Nick: He watches from the shadows of a tree canopy, glaring at the brother he once had. His blue hair rustles silently as he floats down behind Alexander, delivering a knockout punch to his head. Alexander falls unconscious, and Nick's spear forms in his hands, Hello again, Thomas.

Thomas: *He looks shocked at the sudden attack. Upon seeing Nick, he shivers with fear for a brief moment. Unsure of what to do. He considers simply flying away with Alex, not sure if he can outfly Nick or not. But then he regains his courage, deciding to confront his half brother. The ring on his left hand quickly transforms into a source of yellow energy and flies into his hand, it forms into an 8 foot beam of light. Then finally transforms into his halberd, Air Striker* Hey *He glares at him*

Le Fight

Nick: Nicholas jumps back, crunching the fallen leaves beneath his feet. Nick points his spear at Thomas's chest, and conducts the wind to shoot it at him like a bullet, while also using the wind to try to force him forward, attempting to impale him on the first move.

Thomas: What the?! *He feels the wind pushing him forward, also seeing Nick's incoming spear. So he uses the wind to increase his speed. So he dashes to his left. Avoiding the spear. Still empowered by the wind. He dashes towards his now unarmed half brother. Taking his halberd and brings it down towards Nick's shoulder. He considered aiming for his head. But can't bring himself to mortally wound his half bro*

Nick: Nick sees through his speed, and sidesteps the attack with ease. He aims one palm at his spear, which was lodged in a tree. A tornado swirls around it, thrusting it back into Nick's hand. It changes form into that of his xiphos, and he swings it up at Thomas's head, not caring enough to not kill. To ensure a hit, or atleast a connection between his sword and Thomas, he uses aerokinesis to force a TON of air down onto the halberd that is now lodged in the ground as a failure of his last attack.

Thomas: Shit! *He jumps back, the xiphos flies right in front of his nose. Thomas then advances towards Nick, quickly pulling his halberd out of the ground. He has a tight grip on it. Not wanting to be disarmed again. So he hovers slightly, his feet right above the ground. But as a child of Aeolus he can automatically move faster then he can on the ground. So in a quick burst of speed, Thomas uses his halberd to strike Nick's Xiphos swiftly. Hoping to disarm him*

Nick: Nick allows himself to be disarmed, and his xiphos lodges itself in a nearby tree. However, to his advantage, the momentum needed to pull off such an act with a halberd would leave him very vulnerable afterwards, due the the halberd's larger than average size. He simply points his finger at Thomas's chest, point blank, and fires a barrage of air bullets while also willing the air behind Thomas to slash at him in a horizontal line, aimed to slice him in half at the waist.

Thomas: Crap! *The bullets all collide into his torso, he yells out in pain. The force pushes him back into the air. But the slice hits his upper back instead of his waist* Crap... *He falls back on the ground in pain. Barely able to hold on to his halberd. So decides another swing with it would end badly for him. So he commands the wind to form into a sharp edge behind Nick, somewhat quietly flying towards his angle. Thomas slowly gets up*

Nick: He feels the wind against his back before it connects with him, and lets out a strong gust of wind to one side of the sharpened air, curving it. The colliding air starts swirling, becoming a ravaging tornado with a hint of sharpness on the inside. Nick quickly wills it down, stopping it before it connects with him, and uses the wind again to call his xiphos back into his hand. The use of his powers is becoming quite noticeable, and his body is soaked with sweet and his movements and slower, but not enough to hinder his fighting ability too much. It turns into a watch on his wrist, and he claps his hands together, sending out a horizontal burst of sharpened air in all directions, except behind him.

Thomas: *He considers creating dome shaped torrent of wind. But fears it would'nt be able to defend against all of the air. So he creates a massive tornado in front of himself. The top of it faces Nick. It sucks in a good amount of sharpened air, protecting Thomas. He hopes the tornado would suck in Nick. But Thomas also feels buffeted by the amount of strong winds and debris created by the tornado*

Nick: He's sucked into the tornado, but as a last minute attempt to save himself he thrusts all his appendages outward, capturing as much wind as he can and forcing it outward, creating a vaccuum. The tornado is vanquished, and Nick falls to the ground, unable to breathe. After he fails to hold it very long, Nick lets the air back in, and it brings with it a large amount of stones and large branches, aimed at not only Thomas but Nick as well.

OOC: changed his name btw

Miles: *He starts spinning his halberd, using the wind to increase the speed of his hands. Thus causing the halberd to spin fast enough to cause all the rocks and branches to bounce off. Once the onslaught of debris ends, Miles stops and and slams the end of the halberd into the ground, breathing heavily. He looks over at his brother on the ground*

Alexander: He had been watching for quite some time. He finally decided it was time to step in, and shadow travels in between Miles and Nick. He bends over and connects one punch with Nick's jaw, knocking him unconscious. After, he turns to Miles, grinning, You may want to work on your form there, Bro. Nice job not dying though.

After The Fight :P

Miles: Bro? Awesome! *He fistpumps in the air as his halberd turns back into his ring* Say, can i ask you about this....rumor i've been hearin about?

Alexander: He looks intrigued, Yeah sure, no secrets.

Miles: Okay so i've been hearing about a kid here in the Dark forest. he's kinda short, blonde. But they say he's super strong, Ares kid maybe? He goes around slaughtering campers like a pro. Know anything about that?

Alexander: He nod, sadly, as if he almost knows too much about Icarus, His name is Icarus. Son of Kratos, serial killer, etc. Yeah he's bad news. Do you remember hearing about the girl we found tied up with her own intestines and stabbed into a tree? That was him.

Miles: *He almost vomits in his own mouth, covering it with both hands. His eyes open up wide with fear. But he wants to look brave in front of Alex* Oh whatever *his legs shake with fear* Maybe we should head back to camp? *He turns around and starts to walk off, expecting him to follow* Say you a virgin?

Alexander: He chuckles, That's an odd question, but I can't say I am. Why such a sudden change of subject?"

Miles: *He looks nervous, rather surprised* Oh uhm me too! Just figured a topic change would be good. Something...pleasant. Okay here's another question, what convinced ya to try and become a Head Counselor?

Alexander: He shrugs I don't really know.. They come around to the edge of the forest, with camp in sight through a small treeline, I just sorta felt like I could. So I did. Now I am.

Miles: Makes sense, uhm gotta jet! Same time tomorrow? *he offers him a fistbump*

Alexander: He grins and returns the brofist, Of course, Dude.

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