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Le Soûl

Bryson's Stalker

Reap What You Sow..

Don't f* up o.o

Bryson: He leaned against the Camp entrance, he wore a leather jacket and jeans as he looked around. Looking slightly nervous.

Saphir: She exited the wards, feeling a little anxious that she would be late. She had loosely tossed on a white wavy halter top, grey jeans and sandals, while her hair was let down. Rushing out of camp, she wondered if Bryson considered the event a date.

Bryson: "Damn hello gorgeous.." He said upon seeing her, using his party boy bravado.

Saphir: Seeing his reaction, she huffed up a small laugh, her composure loosening itself a bit. It couldn't be a date, could it? "Not looking that bad yourself."

Bryson: "Thanks toots!" He snapped his fingers, knowing things have started off great. "I kinda hate movie houses and like I heard about this awesome rave party goin on in town and-" He paused for a moment. "Or we could just go on some quiet mushy dinner date?" He offered.

Saphir: She peculiarly raised an eyebrow. "How about that rave party?"

Bryson: "You're really interested?" He's genuinely surprised by this, thinking she had enough of parties after that incident. "Sure you up for it? Drugs, booze and horny teens everywhere.."

Saphir: She shrugged. "Well, you seem to want to go, so why not?"

Bryson: "F*ck yeah.."


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