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Dante's Night Out

Demolition Time :3

Precious Blood

  • Darius: He sighs as he explores the streets of an urban city. Darius was on the warpath again, using his knowledge of explosives and arson to set off 4 bombs and start two fires. He has a backpack full of his equipment, the son of destruction looks towards a hospital. He grins, seeing it as his next target.
  • Sharon: Sharon has on a hoodie, and a pair of short shorts. As she walks, she thinks, why not go visit some of the guys in the hospital, I'm sure they'd want some company. So Sharon walks towards the hospital, unknowing that Darius is looking directly at the hospital she's only 20 yards away from.
  • Carter: Carter walks up to the big glass pane windows of the ground floor of the hospital looking inside at mass mayhem as people are shuffled from one place to another, "Mmm, hopefully there aren't anymore explosions..." Carter turns away from the doors, and walks down the steps leading up to the glass doors of the hospital...
  • Darius: He enters the hospital calmly, grinning as he walks past all the workers. Because of how busy and cluttered the hospital is, no one notices an out of place immensely tall 20 year old. After a while he reaches a large pillar, 4 security guards are around. After Darius quickly murders all 4 of them with his steel axe, he takes off his backpack and pulls out a timer bomb. He places on the pillar and sets it, grinning madly.
  • Sharon: She walks into the hospital, and immediately notices the blood and dead floor guards... She screams.....
  • Carter: Having seen Sharon walk by, he decides to walk in after her, to try and get acquainted with her, but all he hears when he opens the door, is her screaming. Carter immediately looks around, but can't see that there's blood or four dead people, So he runs to the first floor guard by the door to ask what's wrong, but the floor guard doesn't even know...
  • Darius: The bomb is ticking, getting ready to set off. Darius has already dashed out of the hospital. Some people are suspicious to this, but their current worries make them forget about the man who has already made his way out of the door.
  • Sharon: She notices that Darius has fled, and so she runs after him, grabbing Carter, thinking he's a random buff looking guy, as she runs out the door.
  • Carter: After being dragged out of the hospital by Sharon, he spots Darius, yells at him, then begins running after Darius.
  • Darius: "3..2...1.." He says without turning back, the hospital blows up. The force of the blast takes down some of the support beams of the tower. The gas tanks all over the hospital expand the explosion. He can't help but laugh as burned corpses scatter across the area. The building is blazing, massive amounts of smoke and cinders can be seen. The building is crumbling and shall soon collapse.
  • Sharon: She is knocked forwards and down by the blast, she falls onto the concrete and busts her nose causing it to bleed, but she gets up, and runs after Carter, who is running after Darius.
  • Carter: He figures he's within range of shouting at Darius, so he screams out, "Come back Asshat!!!" and continues to run after Darius. Carter does however notice that Sharon is getting closer to him as he gets closer to Darius.
  • Darius: He fires a small and compact energy wave towards Carter's face after turning around. Annoyed with him, he hopes the wave would collide with his face. He kept running, needing to flee the scene.
  • Carter: He is hit square in the nose with the blast of energy, his nose is broken, and he falls directly too the ground, he begins to get up, but feels at his bleeding nose, trying too figure out how badly it is damaged...
  • Sharon: She runs past Carter, and runs even faster as she sees she is closing the distance between her and Darius.
  • Darius: He had noticed Sharon and heard her footsteps, he ripped off the large branch of a tree he passed by. Quickly vibrated it and hurled it behind it, threatening to smack her in the torso or face.
  • Sharon: She sidesteps the branch, and then continues to run after Darius. Sharon uses necromancy to make dark, black, smoky hands that come in swiping, and attempted crushing movements at Darius from nearby fumes from an air vent from a coal burning factory.
  • Carter: He still lies on the ground, touching his broken nose, trying to figure out whether or not it is actually busted or not.
  • Darius: He's obvious to the presence of the hands until it's too late. As he feels the intense grip of the dead matter around him. "F*ck this..." He groans as he emits an omnidirectional wave of energy around him. The hands break apart and fade away. Darius turns to Sharon and marches towards her slowly. "What the hell was that?" He asked, wondering what her organs looked like.
  • Sharon/Carter: "Wouldn't you like to know?" she replies snidely, "What you did in that hospital was carnal and illicitly ill mannered, and quite frankly, you f*cking suck," She says in a disgusted tone. Sharon notices that Darius is walking towards her, but then hears Carter shout at her, "Lady! Stay away from that guy, he'll kill you!" Sharon snickers and laughs at that, "Would you like to try and kill me? Quite f*cking frankly, it'd be fun to let you try and fail."
  • Darius: He smirks as well, closing the distance between them. "I like your attitude, frankly I'd rather kill that annoying motherf*cker over there. He sounds pretty freakin weak.."
  • Sharon/Carter: "What's in it for me if I let you kill him?" Sharon grins like the devil, waiting for Darius to give*Darius: her some form of a tasty deal. Carter however screams because he now realizes his nose is busted...
  • Darius: "Well we could just take it easy, get to know eachother. Won't be anything serious, just something fun.."
  • Sharon/Carter: "And why would I want to do that?" Sharon grins, then brings forth a stream of fire that travels from her shoulder-blade, down her arm and to her hand, which she promptly waggles around her fingers, toying with the flames, waiting for Darius to say something that displeases her. Carter screams again.
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