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The Death of Magic

Dante: After a day full of booze and sexual activity, Dante strolls the town in the afternoon. He wears his leather jacket and has his xiphos sheathed and strapped around his waste. He walks with that usual "I'll kick your ass" attitude like he always does.

Stephen: Bored with camp food, Stephen has decided to take a trip to town to pick up some junk food. He strolls nonchalantly into the gas station and looks at the candy options available.

Dante: Since he's not too far from the entrance to town, he can track all the life-forces that recently entered town. Meaning he can locate any camper in the area, he lingers around the gas station. Waiting for Stephen.

Stephen: Stephen ultimately decides to buy a large pack of sour skittles and a coke. He strolls out of the gas station and begins munching on the skittles, paying no attention to anything or anyone around him. 

Dante: He charges towards hi, trying to wrap his arms around his mouth and pull up into an alley.

Stephen: With his hands full, Stephen is unable to resist as skittles spill all over the ground. 

Dante: Successfully pulling him into the alley, he tries to force him against a wall. Drawing his xiphos and letting the tip hover around his face.

Stephen: Stephen dies of a heart attack.

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