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Jace:He sat in his room, somewhat jittery from all the soda he recently drank. Several empty bottles littered the floor, he was reading from his large stack of comics and hoped it's wear off. He wore this shirt and black basketball shorts. He occasionally shook his head and felt his left eye twitch.

Skylar: Skylar wasn't drunk, surprisingly enough but he sort of made a deal with himself that every time a new person joined the cabin that he'd try and stay sober for as long as possible. Of course Skylar had to find another stimulant (OOC:yes ik alcohol is a depressant shut up) to help him keep up with his schedule and he decided coffee would be the best thing to go for. It was midnight by the time a majority of the cabin was asleep. A few girls were still giggling in their joint bedroom but Skylar, obviously having no interest in who his sister's friends were sleeping with decided to go towards the male dorms passing his and Holden's room on the way. He quickly hauled when he saw quite a bright light shine out from the new guys's room and quickly approaches it, tapping lightly on the door before walking in, not really caring if he got a reply or not.

Jace: He was quite deep into a comic, so he was quite shocked when he heard the knocking. He cursed under his breath as he fell out of his bed. As he stumbled to get up, he tripped one of the empty bottles. He cursed far louder as he fell on his face, receiving a bloody nose. He groaned as he opened the door, somewhat unaware of the blood. "What?!" He asked, somewhat angry due to his current sensation of pain.

Skylar: He snorts slightly once he sees Jace's bloody nose and sits on his bed before grabbing one of his comics and scanning through it, obviously not paying much attention. "Hey."

Jace: He was grossed out once he noticed the blood. Grabbing a rag and holding it over his nose. "Who the heck are you again?" He glared a bit, not able to name any of his half siblings.

Skylar: He takes a sip of coffee before closing the comic and looking back down at Jace, "Really? After all the welcoming shit you did?" He sighs pathetically. "I'm Skylar Lune. Your head counsellor and possibly one of the bestest friends you'll ever have at camp, feel free to come to me with any question or problems and I will try and help you sort them out. Blah blah blah, I've said that so many time I can say it better than Alex the Great can. Heck I've said it while drunk and for some reason people still bought it."

Jace: "Wait wait wait, you guys get booze here!?" He asked with shock, never managing to drink any alcohol before. "Alex the Great was that guy with the stupid beard right?" He asked as he kicked some bottles out of his way.

Skylar: He opens his mouth to speak but it so shocked by Jace's reaction that he can't so he just takes another sip of coffee.

Jace: "Come on, tell me where I can get some dude, you JUST said you'd help me out." He whined a bit. He jumped next to him, trying to give him the puppy dog eyes routine.

Skylar: He raises an eyebrow, "I can't tell if you're an addict or a virgin...."

Jace: "Now y'see you wouldn't be wrong to just assume both.."

Skylar: He gets up and leaves the room for a few moments before panning back down the hallway and throws a bottle of vodka at him, "Now say thank you very much to your best brother ever."

Jace: "Thank ya!" He yelled, at first he was an giddy as a school girl. But then fear sank into his heart. But he shrugged and thought to himself If the head counselor gives booze to minors, why not? He said as he took the first gulp. He started feeling slightly woozy and began chuckling for no reason. "Th-This is not so bad! I mean dude you are the coolest!" He shot off the bed, laughing at some stupid joke he told himself.

Skylar: "That's literally the only pro about being a child of Eros that you get me as your counsellor, that and you get to basically get people to do whatever you want, including sleeping with you. It's amazing." He shrugs and gets up about to leave.

Jace: "Wait wait wait." He quickly stands in front of him. "Dude, you gotta have some. Tis what they tell ya when you're born right? Sharing is caring.." He began to sing his last three words over and over again, before taking another swig. "And go into detail about...getting whatever I want."

Skylar: "Uh...." He closes his eyes and takes a breath trying to decline but changes his mind and quickly takes the bottle and downs it in almost one go.

Jace: "Woah..." He began to applaud his brother. "'d you do that so fast?! Are you Superman?" He asked, definitely impressed.

Skylar: He laughs, surprisingly not seeming too intoxicated like he should be, "No just had a lot of practice."

Jace: "Awesome! Okay okay, how many chicks have you slept with? Cuz bro, I keep getting girls excited by accident. They were both asian, I-I might have a fetish for em. But that doesn't leave the room.." He pretended to be serious, but just ended up laughing more.

Skylar: He suddenly realizes how much of a pain in the ass Jace might end up being, "Uhhh, I don't know. Probably in the hundreds, possibly hitting a thousand." He shrugs, "Might be a slight exaggeration."

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