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Setting Things Right

Surprise Visit

  • Seo-Jun: It is late in the night, and he and his brother, Junshik are fast asleep in their beds. The window curtains beside Seo-Jun's bed are almost as still as the night, and the air is chill and quiet. Despite the tranquil, Seo-Jun is having quite the opposite in his dreams. He's tossing and turning, his sweaty forehead wiping against his pillow. The sobs he is making aren't that loud, but from Junshik's distance, they are clearly audible.
  • Jun-Shik: The dreams insinuated the brothers' nightly routines. Nonetheless, despite its regular happenings, his hyung’s nightmares was still painful to watch for Jun-Shik. It was difficult to not blame himself for his hyung's misfortunes. Unable to sleep, the son of Rhea unsheathed himself from the covers, walked over to his Hyung's bed. and sat on its edge. He opened the lamp on the bedside table. After wiping Seo-Jun's forehead dry with a nearby towel, Jun-Shik massaged his hyung's hand while singing a peaceful children's rhyme. Hopefully, the song will work its magic again.
  • Seo-Jun: As if the song transcended into Seo-Jun's subconscious, he slowly starts to calm down and stir. His face relaxes, the folds of skin near his eyes flattening with droplets of tears and sweat. His breathing also slows down, although crying made his nose runny and clogged so he's finding it a tad harder to inhale air. While he is stirring to Jun-Shik's song, his eyes tremble, as if trying to open themselves. And when they do... they are revealed to be pitch black. There is no sign of Seo-Jun's iris or pupil, just a void that seems to suck all of the darkness in the surroundings. Those void-like eyes seem eerily familiar...
  • Jun-Shik: The seemingly empty eye-sockets took Jun-Shik aback. That was definitely not normal. Out of fear, he stumbled back, slammed onto his bed's rear, and attempted to comprehend the situation. Then, something occurred to him. The son of Rhea cautiously rose, nearing his brother's body. "Circe!" He barked; though, for the goddess, it may seem like a squeak. Although the boy had grown a year away, his capacity for guts was still lacking.
  • Seo-Jun: Seo-Jun turns his face to look at Jun-Shik with his void-like eyes. He slowly rises from his bed so that he can sit across Jun-Shik; he's apparently showing no sign of his ordeal earlier. As he stretches his back with silent pops coming from his backbone, a malevolent smile forms on his lips. His mouth opens and the witch's voice speaks through him with the same tone of coldness and malice, "Ah, you still recognize me. I see that you have grown up into quite a fine young man, although I can still hear the trembling in your voice. Are you still hiding behind your brother like you always do?" Seo-Jun, as willed by Circe, strokes his arms, "Such a pity. The years are passing and so as your useless brother."
  • Jun-Shik: "Never call hyung useless!" No matter how much he saw, that was not his brother. "What do you want!?" He demanded, attempting but failing to hide the fear in his voice. The eerie, horror-movie like sounds and faces clearly made the younger Chen uncomfortable; however, as much as he wanted to flinch from the cold touch, Jun-Shik stayed strong. For both of their sakes, the son of Rhea must not fully show submission. The younger Chen stared at his brother's nose, hoping not to see those black, iris-less eyes.
  • Seo-Jun: Noticing Jun-Shik's struggle to keep his composure, he leans closer towards him so that their eyes are just a few inches apart. Seo-Jun's eyes bulge, staring blankly at his brother's, only that this stare reflects nothing but terror and intimidation. Chilly breaths blow against Jun-Shik's face and neck as his possessed brother speaks, "I believe we have a score to settle, haven't we? I just want to remind you, unless you have accepted the fact that your bravado to make a deal with someone like me is too careless and futile." His grip on Jun-Shik's arm tightens. "Did it take you this long to realize that there's nothing you can do but stay with me in my island forever?"
  • Jun-Shik: Though still enraged at his mother, the Korean boy mentally pleaded to her, wishing to end this nightmare. If she could save them from their torments, then he'd drop off the Broken Covenant and live as her priestess. Like the first years in Circe's Island, Jun-Shik was hopeful. He tried to calm himself with memories of plains and fields. His hyung's grip and stare made it utmost difficult to relax; however, Jun-Shik bravely swallowed the lump down his throat and replied. "I don't believe it; thus, I never accepted it," he referred to the goddess' false prophecy about their fates. Frankly, deep inside, the poor son of Rhea dreaded for what awaits the brothers.
  • Seo-Jun: Circe's voice cackles at Jun-Shik's cocky statement, "Oh, really? You don't believe or accept that, in one way or another, you will return to my island?" Seo-Jun presses a finger deep on his brother's chest and minute tendrils of dark, magical bolts escape from it. It's not really meant to shock, but to just attempt on paralyzing Jun-Shik in place so that Circe can emphasize her point. It is some sort of warning or a foreboding of what will happen to Jun-Shik and his brother. "If you really don't believe on me..." His hyung leans closer to the side so that his lips meet his brother's right ear, "Then come. Come to my island and prove your resolve. If you can get out alive, then I will fulfill my end of the deal, release my control over your brother, and never bother the two of you again." Seo-Jun's finger presses harder as the witch goddess impatiently waits for the younger demigod to respond.
  • Jun-Shik: Being pinned by a finger was depressing, especially after how much training Jun-Shik invested in getting stronger. The younger Chen, who was overwhelmed with fear, closed his eyes. Circe's instruction was very alluring; however, surely, it came it with risks. High risks, high return. "Swear in the River of Styx?"
  • Seo-Jun: For a moment, Circe falters on her words upon hearing Jun-Shik's proposal. For a goddess like her, swearing on the River Styx is an unbreakable and dangerous oath. But at the same time, she cannot show hesitance for its a sign of weakness--in front of two people whom she degrades the most. Finally, she whispers, "Already sworn." Seo-Jun leans back, studies Jun-Shik's face for a few seconds, then stands up to pace in front of him. "I admire your guts. You, a cowardly little demigod, invoke upon the oath-keeping Styx to bind our deal? For a moment, I saw your mother in you, when she defied the most of her Titan kind." She sighs tauntingly, "But, then again, Rhea has given up her search on the two of you. That's what she deserves, anyway. She always clings to hope, only to find the tables turned against her in the end."
  • Jun-Shik: The son of Rhea was quick to see the hesitation on Circe's part; however, upon receiving his desired reply, Jun-Shik nodded. He could care less about their mother. Her efforts were existent but not enough, and the end is what mattered. The younger Chen remained silent.
  • Seo-Jun: Seo-Jun stops pacing back and forth then studies Jun-Shik for a few seconds before Circe says, "Well then, child of Rhea, I see that we have agreed to our terms. I suppose this is the cue to take my leave." The older brother starts stirring, the void-like eye sockets dissipating like smoke to reveal his bloodshot and strained eyes. As a parting message, Circe echoes, "Let us see how much you will fare for the sake of your defiance from your pitiful lives. You will realize soon enough that fifty long years are enough to say that you already belong to me. I shall be waiting, sons of Rhea..." At the mention of the Titan's name, Seo-Jun collapses on the floor with a thud, unconscious.
  • Jun-Shik: The images and sounds from tonight would definitely be added onto Jun-Shik album of traumatic memories. This son of Rhea immediately fell to the floor, out of fear and protection of Seo-Jun. He caught his hyung's head at the very least. Using the dominion they had on earth, Jun-Shik summoned a wall to lift his hyung. Once Seo-Jun was at the level of his bed, he was transferred and tucked in. Now that his responsibilities were over, the younger Chen hit his chest moderately to let out the uneasy feeling. He fell onto his bed, looking at Seo-Jun and not expecting a reply. "Hyung, I think I signed up for suicide."

Across The Sea

The sun has just started to dip far into the horizon in the west, reflecting warm and gleaming light on the waters of the Caribbean Sea. Plowing through it is a rather tiny ship provided by the Broken Covenant; aboard it are the Chen Brothers and a demigod prisoner tasked to ferry them safely to their destination: Circe's Island. Based on their current coordinates, they are nearest the Symplegades or the "Clashing Rocks", a pair of huge rocks that bordered a portion of the Sea of Monsters. It is said to clash with one another whenever something passed between its very narrow gap, hence the name. The children of Rhea, having opted not to face the sea monsters Scylla and Charybdis, decided to try their luck with their own element--something they haven't encountered or manipulated in their journey for days already.

  • Jun-Shik: The journey was rather tedious; however, if it will guarantee his hyung's sanity, then it was more than worth it. With a clear view of what's in front, Jun-Shik stood behind the prisoner-captain and manipulated the rocks. His powers helped their ship voyage across the pre-Symplegades smoothly. From time to time, the younger Chen would look back to see his hyung's condition. Ever since that terrible night, Jun had been paranoid of seeing another episode of Circe and losing his brother. The void-like eyes, electric cold touch, the needle-like voice was rather not to be resurfaced or remembered.
  • OOC: They haven't reached the actual Symplegades though. Jun-Shik's powers may not even be strong enough to simply keep the two giant rocks from clashing with one another. Maybe we can say that they're really near them, and that there are other rocks that needed to be cleared out of the way, which Jun-Shik can control himself.
  • Seo-Jun: At the far end of the tiny bridge of the ship sat Seo-Jun, wary and a bit nauseous on their trip. The last time he rode a actually ship was when he, along with his younger brother and other war refugees, fled to Busan; that was more than fifty years ago. It looks like he doesn't remember that experience at all, not to mention that his motion sickness made him vomit thrice at that day already. His clammy and close-fist hands are trembling on his lap, and his pale complexion makes his eyebags from sleepless nights even darker. A black flannel jacket covers him from the crisp sea breeze, but it may not be enough to insulate the chills he is feeling deep inside his body.
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  • Jun-Shik: Unlike his hyung, the younger Chen inherited their father's high tolerance for motion sickness; thus, only his internal turmoils had bothered him in this trip. The first of his worries was his hyung's condition, which uneased Jun-Shik further about the trip. "Just a little more, hyung!" He called out in their native tongue. Too much earth on their ship would imbalance their voyage and cause them to sink; however, a little would be adequate for their situation. Jun-Shik summoned a thin blanket of earth on his hyung, hoping to, at least somehow, sheathe Seo-Jun from the cold. Since he could not leave his post, this son of Rhea, using his innate abilities, also attempted to send calming waves to his Seo-Jun.
  • Seo-Jun: He does nothing more than a nod in response to his brother's concern. He wraps the earthen blanket around him so tightly that his hands trembled more. However, the calming waves slowly relaxed his anxiety, as if he just got injected with a sedative; slumped his stiff shoulders, and some color has returned to his face. He looks up to his brother with an almost blank face, but his eyes tell a glimpse of gratitude.
  • Jun-Shik: The son of Rhea was unable to notice the tiny details of his hyung's gratitude; however, upon seeing the color returning to Seo-Jun's face and the lessened trembling, Jun-Shik inferred that his temporary remedy had helped his beloved hyung. With his eyes focused on what was ahead of them, the younger Chen hoped for the best. "How long until we reach the Clashing Rocks?" He asked the prisoner, who was also their captain.
  • Prisoner Captain: He gulps a small lump down his throat. He assures himself that as long as he does his job, neither the brothers nor the Broken Covenant will kill him... yet. However, being ordered to sail across the Sea of Monsters is already a death wish. He glances at Seo-Jun, who seems to be getting sleepier from the sedative wave. He's a bit unnerved by him, from the way he looked to the way he acted throughout the voyage; he'd better not see any worse from him. "B-based on our coordinates, we're very close the Clashing Rocks. We just have to pass through that cape over there." He points overhead to a very large promontory several hundred meters away from them.
  • Jun-Shik: "Alright. Sail onwards," he ordered the prisoner. They didn't have much of a choice. Compared to the monster guardians, the rocks were more bearable. Now, passing through the Clashing Rocks would still be problematic. It requires more than one son of Rhea, and in Jun-Shik's case, his hyung, if sane, could do better than him. At such times, the younger Chen wondered why his hyung had to be the victim. Jun-Shik turned back to his brother, sighing. He knew he had to do this alone.
  • Prisoner Captain: He nods, "Yes, sir." For a while, he keeps quiet as he stared towards the cape. Although he's ordered to take the two brothers to Circe's Island, he doesn't know the rest of the story. It may sound intruding, but he wants to know why's he bringing them to such a dangerous place. Not only that, Seo-Jun's peculiar behavior is starting to bother him a lot. Drawing a nervous breath, he asks, Jun-Shik, "U-um, sir, if you don't mind me asking... What happened to your brother? What does it have to do with his trip?"
  • Jun-Shik: Hoping the prisoner would change his views about his own heritage, the son of Rhea, unlike most of the Broken Covenant members, was rather open about his past, their past. He rested a hand on the suspended ropes. "Six decades ago, we stumbled on Circe's Island and served as her slaves. While I was her guinea pig, that wretch took sexual interest in my brother." The younger Chen shivered at his resurfacing memories: the sound of whips tearing flesh, latex being rubbed against each other, screams of agony. The thought was torturous, and to release his emotions, Jun-Shik tightened his hand around the rough ropes. No matter how much he asked for help, no matter how much he had hoped, no one ever came. The blood dripping down from his fingers calmed him enough to continue. "Such events damaged hyung mentally, and when we finally saw an opportunity to escape, we did and hid in the towers of the covenant. Being away from Circe, hyung's curse was reactivated, and we have to get in and out of the island alive to free him." The strained tone Jun-Shik used presented his lack of acceptance towards all the ordeals the brothers faced. Why must it be them out of everyone else?
  • Seo-Jun: The mere mention of the words "Circe, island, slave, guinea pig, and sexual interest" provokes deeply buried thorns on Seo-Jun's heart and mind. In a snap, the sedative wave his brother sent is gone, and he starts to wail and fling his limbs all over the place. As tears burst forth from his eyes, he subconsciously sends waves of power through the surrounding cliffs, causing these to tremor slightly. As if calling for help against an unseen enemy, Seo-Jun dashes towards the deck of the ship, with the possibility of going overboard to escape his suffering.
  • Prisoner Captain: Shocked by the sudden turn of events, he instinctively pins himself against the wall behind him to avoid being attacked by Seo-Jun. Dumbfounded and scared, he can't move his trembling legs even if he's willing them to. All that he can ever do is ask Jun-Shik, "W-what's happening to him!? Why has he gotten mad all of a sudden!?" As much as he wanted to help Seo-Jun out of pity, he's too scared stiff.
  • Jun-Shik: It had been a first to see Seo-Jun turn so… violent. The son of Rhea was clearly worried and frightened; however, he forced himself to understand his hyung’s state. He had to. No else would. Jun-Shik, summoning rocks behind his hyung in case he tosses himself overboard, attempted to reach out to Seo-Jun. “Hyung! It’s going to be ok. Come back here. Please,” he pleaded, sending another calming wave towards his brother. "We're almost there. Now, please... just come to me." Walking towards his beloved hyung, the younger Chen extended his hand, hoping his brother would grasp it and regain his senses.
  • Seo-Jun: Seo-Jun reaches the bow of their small ship and grabs onto the rusted metal railing. He lifts one leg over it, but the calming wave prevents him from lifting the other and completely throwing himself onto the water. He teeters backwards as his primal faculties become sedated once again. If it weren't for his brother Jun-Shik, he might have drowned right before they actually started their voyage in the Sea of Monsters, right before they actually had a chance in saving him. But before Seo-Jun can even feel the grasp of his brother's hand, he trips over some of the rocks Jun-Shik has created, making him collapse on a larger pile of rocks. His head may have hit them hardly, but it started to heal as soon as it came in contact with the them.
  • Jun-Shik: Almost immediately, the son of Rhea panicked due to Seo-Jun's behavior. When his brother almost jumped off, the boy had a mini-heart attack; and by the time he was unable to catch his brother's hand, Jun luckily did not faint. Instead, the younger Chen used the rocks to almost fully encase his brother and hover him towards the front of the small ship. Jun-Shik almost facepalmed for forgetting how motion sickness is doubled when the passenger sits behind the vehicle. Slowly, like bandages, the rocks unwrapped itself around Seo-Jun and crumbled back to the sea. All the time, this son of Rhea had his hand extended to his brother, knowing this time, hyung would be able to reach it.
  • Seo-Jun: Seo-Jun does not respond, being totally knocked out by the fall. Thanks to his brother's calming wave, he's now quietly slumbering on the floorboards. Whether it's an effect of the calming wave or not, his profile seems much more peaceful than usual, setting aside the disheveled hair and dusty forehead. Suddenly, he shifts to Jun-Shik's direction and unconsciously places a hand on his brother's foot (assuming that he's still standing up while he's extending his hand), as if asking to stay there with him.
  • Prisoner Captain: After several minutes of being frozen in his place, he finally wills his legs to move him to the ship's bridge. Actually, he's panicking to reach the wheel because he has definitely noticed the passing of the cape they are expecting. He looks far ahead and sees two gigantic rocks flanking a very narrow gap in between. He's not sure if his voice will be heard amidst the roaring waves of the ocean, he nonetheless shouts, "Sir! The Symplegades is right ahead of us! What shall we do? It will crush our ship once we sail through the gap!"
  • Jun-Shik: Now, the son of Rhea chuckled at his hyung's adorable gesture. Maybe it wasn't idea, but it felt right. Again, the younger Chen felt absolutely awkward being called 'sir;' however, he had other problems at the moment. He then motioned his hand towards the rocks and estimated the structure, believing there is a slim chance of survival. If there was another way, he wouldn't risk driving through. "Is there any other way to get across without passing through monsters?" He shouted back, staying with his brother. Internally knowing the answer, the son of Rhea corrected his instruction. "SAIL ONWARDS!" Jun-Shik then turned towards his brother and sighed. "Hyung... it might be too much to ask, but... by some miracle, could things be like before?" The younger brother had always been spoilt by his strong hyung. At such moments, Jun missed his brother's abilities.
  • Prisoner Captain: He is about to shout the futility of sailing through the gap of the Symplegades, but remembers what he saw when Jun-Shik manipulated the pieces of rocks to save Seo-Jun, and when the latter caused the cliffs around them to tremble. Despite the great fear clouding his mind, he silently places his faith on the two, hoping for a miracle just like the younger child of Rhea. "Roger that!" he replies with the most confident voice he can muster. He tightly grips onto the wheel and, with all his might, directs the ship on full speed.

As the ship neared the Symplegades, more rocks and boulders jutted out of the ground like sharp spikes. Debris of shipwrecks are present as well like floating floorboards, snapped off masts, rusted anchors, broken wheels, and torn sails. From their location, the two rocks seemed to tower like large stone statues. With all the debris and rocks, navigating through seemed much more difficult than expected.

  • Jun-Shik: The son of Rhea was grateful for the captain's faith in them, believing the guy should be rewarded on their return. Jun-Shik attempted to steer the debris away from their ship through having a layer of rock around it. Like ore boards, the rock outline, which was not attached to the ship, pushed through the debris first. Obviously, the younger Chen was having a moderately difficult time; however, it was not like a miracle was going to save them any minute. Thus, the poor lad had hoped for the best.
  • Prisoner Captain: Deep inside, he cannot help but feel amazed by how Jun-Shik can do almost everything by himself. But, of course, he must do his part as well. As the child of Rhea moved the debris aside, he steered the ship straight across, all the while looking out for anything else that might impediment them. A few meters in front of them, the gap between the Symplegades loomed; the light of the other side is very much visible yet so tempting to be blindly reached. For several seconds, the two gigantic rocks shuddered, and the gap narrowed a few feet before returning to its original position. Knowing that those two rocks will go beyond that, he calls out to Jun-Shik, "We're almost there! Are you ready?"
  • Jun-Shik: Though he was more terrified than the time the brothers escaped the island, the son of Rhea was down for anything to save his hyung. However, when he spotted the large rocks, the younger Chen gulped. They couldn't possibly make it, can they? What if they don't? He'd be responsible for the three's lives. But what if they do come out alive? He turned to his brother for some dose of inspiration. If it's for him... The son of Rhea exclaimed, "YES!"
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  • Prisoner Captain: He nods, impressed by Jun-Shik's determination, "Alright, then!" In a matter of minutes, the ship's bow has reached the first few feet of the Symplegades. Little by little, the light was swallowed by the shadow of the two humongous rocks. At the same time, as expected, these rocks shuddered once again, only that it's much felt and stronger this time. The Symplegades has started to draw closer, impatiently waiting to clash with one another. The captain, trying to keep calm, estimates how far is the opening on the other side. It's probably no more than a hundred feet, but definitely not less than fifty. And judging from how fast their ship can go (it's already at maximum), it'll take them about ten minutes to get across. If it weren't for Jun-Shik's powers, they might be crushed in the first four minutes. He tells this information to the child of Rhea.
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  • Jun-Shik: The son of Rhea, on the other hand, thought about tweaking then using the same technique, the one he used to repel debris from the ship, for a fast pass. This Korean could conjure a rock behind their ship. Once the clashing rocks had opened to its maximum, the spike would swiftly sink. Similar to floodgates, now that the barrier is gone, this could propell them forward along with the rush of waves. However, the team might be sent overboard. Jun-Shik discussed the plan with the prisoner captain in the most concise manner, considering how his huyng was still attached to his...foot. At the moment, the younger Chen wondered about the captain's approval and the success rate.
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  • Prisoner Captain: Taking every move into consideration, he believes that Jun-Shik's plan is possible to perform. However, if it meant being fulfilled, every step must be utterly correct. If they lag even by a few seconds, it may be too late. On the other hand, he notices that Seo-Jun is still lying on the floor, exposed and vulnerable to any debris or circumstance that may fall upon them. Expressing his concern, he tells Jun-Shik, "Er, sir, what about your brother? I think we should bring him inside. We don't want him out here in the open."
  • Jun-Shik: "Oh... Sh*t." Jun-Shik had been too preoccupied to have thought of that. The son of Rhea familiarly carried his hyung onto his back and laid him down the corner of the now locked room. He then stood beside the captain, ready to launch his plan.
  • Prisoner Captain: He nods with a face trying to keep its face relaxed from all the tension that is happening around them. "Alright, then. I shall keep the ship under control while you're doing your business with the Symplegades." He is about to add that he has full faith on Jun-Shik, but is too shy to say so or maybe he feels that he's not in that level of acquaintance with the child of Rhea. But, of course, that's setting aside how he straightforwardly asked what happened to Seo-Jun.
  • Jun-Shik: The son of Rhea didn't really bother in being asked. Thus, he continued business as usual. Now that his captain had agreed with his plan, the younger Chen felt more confident. He turned towards his brother with a smile. "Wish us luck, hyung." The older brother was often times luckier than he was; so, Jun-Shik naturally wanted Seo-Jun's blessing.
  • Only several feet into the gap between the Symplegades, the two rocks are gaining momentum, causing pretty strong tremors to shake the surrounding land and water. Waves are getting higher, and smaller pieces of rocks are raining like hail, pelting anything it lands on.
  • Jun-Shik: At the moment, the son of Rhea had a large problem. Should he protect the ship by adding a shield of rock? No, that would weigh them down and destroy their chances of slipping through the Symplegades. Should he just disregard the falling debris? No, the poor ship might be too damaged to sail them back. Thus, though quite difficult to manage, he felt the properties of the falling rocks. Controlling a larger falling debris, he clashed that rock with the pebbles, causing some of the larger debris to fall into the ocean instead of them.
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