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The Wanted Poster

  • Caesey: As they walk out of Pizza Hut, two policemen come out of the station one building away from them. They put up a poster amongst many on the wanted bulletin. The two policemen chatter, mentioning the surname "Ongsee", much to Caesey's shock. He stops walking, frozen by what he hears.
  • Marley: She was walking right beside Caesey and was confused when he suddenly stopped. "Eh? What's wrong, Caesey? Did you leave something at Pizza Hut?"
  • Caesey: He doesn't reply, and heads straight for the wanted bulletin as soon as the policemen go inside the station. He scans the new poster, and his jaw drops. His fists clench, and his face full of rage. "Shit... It's him..."
  • Marley: She gets more confused as ever and walks beside him and scans the wanted outlaws board. She spots a poster with "Ongsee" in it. "Oh, do you know this guy?"
  • Caesey: His voice speaks of indignance and bitterness. "More than any person I've ever known. He's my wretched uncle." His eyes, filled with hatred, read the rest of the poster: "This man has escaped prison since xxxx, 2012. He has been detained for child abuse and his current crime, robbery. He was last seen in the Sinclair Mansion in xxxx. Bounty for finding him is $ xxxx."
  • Marley: She reads the details on the wanted poster and her eyes widen when she finds out that the man robbed her mansion. "Oh gods no....oh gods no.... he...he robbed my mansion. Oh my gosh, my servants."
  • Caesey: He looks at her, even more awestruck. "T-that's y-your mansion? My uncle robbed... your mansion?"
  • Marley: She nods, a worried look on her face. "Remember the estate I told you about? That's it. The Sinclair Mansion. Oh my gosh...please not my father's vault. All our memorable stuff are in there, as well as a huge amount of money." She sits down on the ground, covering her face with her hands, sobbing.
  • Caesey: For a fleeting moment, his anger subsides as he sits beside her. "I... I'm sorry my family had done this to yours..."
  • Marley: Sudden determination surges into her body and she quickly stands up, wiping the tears off her eyes. "I'm going to my mansion and find your uncle. He must be brought to justice." She walks a few meters away from Caesey and turn her head to his direction. "You coming or not?"
  • Caesey: His rage is back as he stands up. A determined smirk grows at the side of his lips, and replies, "You don't dare count me out. I'll make him pay for the shit he's done. He. Won't. Get. Away."

The Hunt

To Baltimore, Maryland

The two rendezvoused at the train station in New York City at around 7 AM the next day. Marley bought two tickets to take them to Baltimore, Maryland where her estate is located.

  • Marley: Marley is wearing a pink sweater, a pink beanie, a pink travel backpack, pink aztec leggings, pink fluffy travel boots,and a pink scarf around her neck. She is ready to go to her estate and find Caesey's uncle.
  • Caesey: Compared to his much simpler blue-and-white-striped three-fourths, maroon hoodie, and navy jeans, Marley's outfit is pinkish-ly outrageous. Having eaten and drank ambrosia and nectar the night before, the arm sling's gone, only replaced by bandages. He's also carrying a small leather backpack. His face is still mixed with emotions, and mind racing with thoughts.
  • The train stopped at the station.
  • Marley: She breathes out heavily. "I am so ready for this. Look out Ongsee dude, I'm coming to get you, one way or another." She steps in.
  • Caesey: He follows after her, finds a compartment for them, and sits beside the window. "I never knew you'd be more psyched up for this than me."
  • Marley: She raises her eyebrows. "Hm? Well I do care for my workers of course. I want them to safe."
  • Caesey: "Oh, right." He sighs to himself and pulls out his notebook and pen from his bag. He begins to draw on an empty page, although he gets mind-blocked every now and then.
  • Marley: She gazes upon Caesey, who is drawing at his notebook. "So, I can see you like drawing eh?"
  • Caesey: He continues drawing, adding this and that with swift strokes. "Other than a pasttime, it's where I put all feelings in. It's like a punching bag. I let out all my emotions here."
  • Marley: "Oh." She feels a little curious about something and decides to ask him. "So...have you ever, you know? Drew eh....a girl?"
  • Caesey: As if the question's very casual, he answers in the same manner, "Never."
  • Marley: A small smile etches across her face. "Oh good...very good." She hopes that she would be the first girl Caesey will draw in his notebook.
  • Caesey: After a while, his drawing's halfway, and he's pretty sleepy by then. He places his things at the other end of the long seat to lie down on it, with his bag as his pillow. "Wake me up when we're there."
  • Marley: She nods. "Mkai." A few minutes past and Marley falls asleep as well.
  • After a few hours, the two fell into the floor unknowingly, still asleep. They began snuggling each other. <3 >.<
  • Caesey: He soon wakes up and finds himself snuggling, not to mention face-to-face >.<, with Marley on the floor. He immediately turns as red as, um, ketchup? He takes his arms off her, scowling and yelling.
  • Marley: She wakes up at the sound of Caesey, scowling. "Eh, what's wrong? Are we there yet?" She yawns and stretches her arms.
  • Caesey: He stutters, still blushing, "I-I don't know!"
  • The train stops at the platform in Baltimore's Station.
  • Marley: "Whoops. Looks like we are here." She stands up and gathers her belongings. She heads out.
  • Caesey: He gets his things and follows after her, still in a shocked and embarrassed state. His eyebrows are knit, and his hands are sweaty and shaking. He remains mostly silent throughout, except for cursing under his breath.

Sinclair Mansion

  • They hailed a taxi which brought them to the Sinclair Mansion.
  • Marley: "So, here we are." She walks to the front gate, presses her thumb into a security device scanner plastered to the wall and was granted access to enter. She turns her head to Caesey's direction. "Follow me."
  • Caesey: "Alright." As they walk, he begins to feel more alert, and keeps looking around, if ever his uncles shows up. "Where should we look first? Your room? The vault you mentioned yesterday or...?"
  • Marley: "I should talk to my staff first. Then we'll look for evidence."
  • Marley talks with her staff and ensures that they are safe. Afterwards, they head to the Vault Room.
  • Marley: Opens the vault and sees that it has been untouched. She sighs. "Whoo, looks like your uncle didn't break the code." She closes the vault and notices something behind a plant pot. She picks it up. "Eh? What's this?" She hands the wallet to Caesey.
  • Caesey: His assumptions are right all along ever since she gave him the wallet. He opens it with no hesitation, and sees his uncle's ID, cash, and... a piece of paper's falling from it. He reaches for it as it lands on the floor and examines it. It has the names of the places: Penn State Bank (not sure if real >.<), Liberty Bell, Statue of Liberty Cruise, etc. In a nutshell... "Hey, look at this. It's a to-do list. Of all things he have to forget, he forgot this piece of shit." He looks at her with determined eyes. "You do know where I'm going to, right?"
  • Marley: She takes a look at the piece of paper and reads it. She nods. "Yup. Penn State Bank, here we come."
  • Both of them exit the vault room and into the grand staircase.
  • Caesey: He goes down the staircase first, his mind racing again as he prepares for his next move once they move out.
  • Marley: She was walking down the stairs, a bit behind Caesey because she's admiring her nails when suddenly, she takes a wrong step, yelps and falls down.
  • Marley falls into Caesey who turned around to have a look and both of them falls on the ground with Marley on top of Caesey.
  • Caesey: Aside from his half-sore back, he's very red again, not to mention his face is annoyed and embarrassed and and >.< "H-hey! G-get off me!"
  • Marley: Her face is just a few inches from Caesey's face and they can both feel each other's breathe. She turns very red and spaces out, staring into Caesey's eyes.
  • Caesey: His voice is upset, but a bit shaky. "I-I said, get off me!" He looks away from her, trying to hide his flustered face.
  • Marley: She snaps out of it and returns back to reality. "Oh-oh...OH MY GOSH. I'M SO SORRY." She immediately stands up and helps Caesey up. "I-i didn't mean to....are you alright?"
  • Caesey: He refuses her help and stands up by himself and soothes his back. "Aside from by sore back... no." He turns away from her, trying to avoid looking at her. "L-let's just get on with this." He continues walking.
  • Marley: She pouts a bit and follows him out of the house.

Penn State Bank

  • They ride a train to Pennysylvania and they hopped into a taxi that brought them to Penn State Bank. It's currently 7:30 PM.
  • Marley: Still depressed from what happened back at the mansion, Marley walks to the bank's facade and takes a look around.
  • Caesey: He gets his notebook, the best weapon he has, from his bag as they approach the bank. He tries to clear up his mind from what happened with the task at hand. "We have to get past those security pests. We'd better use our powers this point forward, unless you've got a better plan." He then realizes the big question. "Hey, you haven't told me on your god parent... yet."
  • Marley: "Really?" She thinks about their past encounters. "'re right. Well, I am a child of Eris and.....I could take care of those two." She points at the two security guards. She creates a cursed apple and throws it in the middle of the security guards whom started to fight instantly. "Come on, quickly."
  • Caesey: He nods and proceeds after her into the bank. As they enter, he asks, "We'd better split up. He could be anywhere." He looks around the bank, not only for its passageways and the like, but also for signs about his uncle. He asks her, "Do you have any weapons with you?"
  • Marley: She nods. "I've got two hunting knives."
  • Caesey: He nods. "I guess that's alright." He takes a deep breath, holding tighter on his notebook. "We'd better move out."
  • The two split up.
  • Marley: She goes into the staff room, thinking of the possibility that Caesey's uncle is robbing the personnel's lockers.
  • Caesey: He heads way deeper into the bank, his intuitions telling him to go straight to the vaults. And soon...
  • A faint sound of a gunshot rings out the bank's premises, followed by a muffled scream.
  • Marley: She runs into the direction of the gunshot and gasps when she sees Caesey's uncle with a gun, meaning he killed the staff worker lying on the ground. She hides behind desk.
  • Caesey: He's standing near the corpse of one of the staff, full of hatred that he may burst out any minute. He's face to face with his uncle, the one who scarred his past, the one who treated him like trash and... a toy.
  • Uncle: He keeps his gun pointed at his nephew. "Ha, why are you here? To catch me and be a hero to your father? Hahahahaha!!! You haven't even showed up to him ever since you left. And now you're here, to finish me off? Ha, dream on, nephew; dream on your shit!"
  • Caesey: He slowly opens his notebook, his fingernails digging through the black jacket out of anger. He yells defiantly, "You don't know what I'm made of, you demon!" As soon as he catches eye on the scribble-bombarded page, he shouts, "Sword!"The notebook transmogrifies into a sword of pure energy. With what would seem to be a battle-cry, he blindly rushes for his uncle, equipped with rage. "I. WILL. KILL YOU. YOU. MOTHERF*CKER!"
  • His uncles only laughs maniacally, and proceeds to pull the gun's trigger.
  • Marley: She screams. "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo" And runs in front of Caesey, getting hit with the bullet on her back. She tumbles to the floor, blood flowing out of her wound.
  • Caesey: He stops in his tracks, eyes wide with shock. That's when his emotions couldn't be contained any further. His eyes start to brim with tears, and he glares at his uncle. "L-look what you have done, you piece of shit!" Given an imaginary stimuli, he jumps over the bleeding Marley and straight for his uncle. Without any hesitations, he stabs him with the sword, straight through the stomach. He pulls it off as soon as he curses him in front of his face, and he falls to the ground, left to die. Without letting go of the sword, he turns back and goes to Marley. Still weeping, he carries her and rushes outside.

Hospital Drama

  • Caesey rushes Marley to the nearest hospital. She undergoes surgery which took 5 hours. Afterwards, she was put in a room where she was under the state of comatose.
  • Caesey: He sits beside her, with red eyes, and basically a scrambled mind. His sword turned back to his notebook, which is neatly placed at the end table. His head is buried in his palms, physically and emotionally stressed. He glances at the unconscious Marley, and mutters, "You idiot... Just showing up from nowhere... That bullet is for me, you idiot... Ugh." He pokes her in the cheek, in hopes of waking her up, somehow.
  • Marley: She lays still, not moving but definitely breathing.
  • Caesey: So let's just say that the thought of fairy tales invades his mind, and for a crazy moment he pecks her on the lip, just to see if something happens >.< He's basically all red again, having second thoughts as he does it, and and >.<
  • Marley: She feels Caesey kissing him and she suddenly wakes up. "Oh my gosh...did you just..."
  • Caesey: He's like wtf-did-I-just-do-face and he turns away from her, trying to cover himself up. "I-I just thought it would work, dammit!"
  • Marley: She smiles. "Oh you talk too much." She leans towards his face and kisses him.
  • Caesey: So he restrains himself from kissing her back, but meh >.< He kisses back harder, and yeah.
  • Marley: She pulls back for a moment and leans into Caesey's ear and whispered: "I love you, I really do. Thanks for saving my life." She kissed him again, this time more passionately.
  • Caesey: Dat urge wells up inside him as she confesses to her and kisses her again. This time, he pulls back and whispers to her, "Let's just say I said the same shit, alright?" He goes back to kissing her nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan
  • Marley: Happiness fills her body as Caesey confessed that he loved her as well. "Does that mean we'"
  • Caesey: He smirks, but that strange annoyed expression is still all over his face. "Dating, huh?" He stares at her, trying to tell her the message he couldn't do verbally: yes.
  • Marley: She wraps her arms around his back, pulling him into a tight hug.
  • And so, the two started dating and returned to Camp. As for Marley's wound, some nectar, ambrosia and a good night's rest did the trick. Caesey's uncle is dead much to his delight and Marley got over her socially awkward status after becoming Caesey's girlfriend.
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