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Strawberry Fields

The Lake

Payton: She jogs up ahead, her enthusiasm to visit one of her favorite places made mirage illusions to appear slightly among the grass therefore, it looked like waves.

Aisha:She joggs after Payton,"Wow! This is some place!"

Payton: "Yup," she nods her head once she stopped to smell the air.

Aisha: She sits down in the grass, breathed in the fresh air." I like the view here, good place to draw and paint."

Payton: She sat down beside Aisha and ran her fingers along the grass. "You paint, Aisha?" she asked with slight disbelief.

Aisha:She enjoys the disbelief in Payton's tone,"Not very well, but I do draw well enough." She smilingly adds',"I used to go for classes."

Payton: "I'm not really an art enthusiast but I do well know some famous painters," she huffed. "Piccasso. Van Gough. Da Vinci. Who's your favorite?"

Aisha:she thought for a second"I like Da Vinci's Mona Lisa, but no paticular favourite." 

Payton: "Mona Lisa, eh? I've read somewhere, Mona Lisa is a perfect anagram for Amon L'Isa. Do you know what that means?" she raised an eyebrow at her. "Amon is the Egyptian God, I think, for male and L'Isa is his counterpart. You know, Isis, the Egyptian goddess of fertility?"

Aisha:Uses a mock stern tone,"I think you have been reading too much Dan Brown."She chuckles.

Payton: She blinked. "Yes, Dan Brown's the author," she cocked her head. "Da Vinci Code wasn't it? Fine book of mystery and thrill."

Aisha: "I was good."she agreed."What other books do you read."

Payton: "Oh, well, more on fantasy," she coughed. "I don't think we should dwell on that much but before anything else, may I ask which genres do you like reading?"

Aisha:Answeres in a flash as if she had prepared for this,"I like mystery, specially murder mysteries. My favourite is the Miss Marple series."

Payton: She nods. "I didn't quite expect a child of Iris to love mystery, though" she said. "That's more like Athena kids."

Aisha:She smiles,"I grew up reading them. Well, what kinds of books am I supposed to like."She laughs.

Payton: "You know, I actually thought we'd be having a tour yet our topic is about books."

Aisha:"Oops, sorry got carried away. Where else shall we go."She asks.

Payton: "Well, actually, I was about to ask you if there's anything you would like to know about the lake?"

Aisha:" Is there anything I,m supposed to know?"

Payton: "Well, do you already know the rules that campers are not supposed to liter on the water?" she asked. "Water nymphs will chase you for doing so."

Aisha:She nods,"I have head that."

Payton: "Well, that's all you really need to know about the lake," she said. "You may canoe here as well . . . obviously." she paused. "So where will we head out next?"

Aisha:She had already thought about it,"I would like to go to the town." 

Payton: She nodded. "Then town we go"

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Aisha:"This town is nice."She turns to payton,"Have you been to town before."

Payton: She trudges behind her. "Just once when I mailed at the post office," she answered.

Aisha:"Post office."She thinks aloud. Then asks payton,"Can we go there I want to sent a letter to dad."

Payton: She nods. "Yeah, sure,"

Aisha:She thinks of what to send as they enter the post office."Do you want to send any letters?"she asks.

Payton: She shook her head, "No, I already did a few weeks ago."

Aisha: She  writes letter and mails it. She says,"I miss my father, its been so long since I met him."

Payton: "Well, that's life as a demigod."

Aisha:"Okay, then where shall we go now,"she asks Payton as they leave the post office."

Payton: She shrugged. "Well, where do you 'want to go?"

Aisha:"Let's go to the park then."

Payton: "Park it is then."

The Park

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Aisha:She skips in,"Nice,"She frowns,"I've never actually seen a skate rink or an ice rink."

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