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Robin and Anjalika

Robin: A taxi arrives at the bottom of Half Blood Hill and Robin climbs out. He looks relatively the same except for a small beard on his chin and upper lip. He pays the taxi man then climbs up the hill with a smile and carrying a large bag on his back.

OOC:could we pretend he left suddenly to go with his mother to Antarctica to protect the whales.

OOC:that is fine

Anjalika: Anjalika is scampering under a tree with quite a few baby mice while in her animal form. To the outside world it looks like she is a mouther mouse with way to many children as she deminstates how to hide among the leaves, bark and twigs that litter the ground.The only only thing that shows her difference from a normal mouse is the fact that her fur is  a dirty blonde or light brown as are her eyes unlike her fellows pure black eyes


Robin: Robin walks past the boarder and sees the camp. Finally, back at Camp Half Blood. He looks around himself and takes in the view and smells. Just how I remember it. Then Robin hears a some little squakes and notices a lot of mice under a tree, slimbing around under leaves, twigs and bark that had fallen on the ground. "Anjalika." He thinks with a larger smile.

Anjalika: Anja's head turns at the smell of cheese she associates with her beloved and shyly begins to walk to him on her tiny legs to start and slowly growing to her rather short stature infront of him with a happy smile, "Welcome back my darling Robin I hope your Lady mother is doing well." as she speaks the baby mice crowd around her feet and try to crawl up her legs craving to be close to the only mother they have ever known.


Robin: He is so thrilled to see her he wraps his arms around her and holds her tight against him. I'm very happy to see you. He says and give her a deep kiss, tickling her slightly with his facial hair. And my mum's great. Kinda surprised me getting engaged at 17, but happy.

Anjalika:nods smiling softly at him before giving him a deep kiss in return smiling up at him "Yes I am sure the thought of her child getting engaged before he has reached his birthday to become a true man must have surprised as the news of our twins must have surprised her as well. Did you er tell her my unususial background as well?"

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