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Jason: "I bet they're just jealous that you're better at sports than they are." After she mentions the lake he gazes over it. "Yea, I guess it is. It sparkles in the sunlight." He folds his arms over each other and glances at Serena for a moment then back at the lake. "Kinda like your eyes."

Serena: She smiled at him. She stared at him starstruck. "Thanks..." She looked at him. She grabbed his hand and held it. "Your eyes are the universe sparkling."

Jason: He laughs. "No my eyes are the sparks that fly when love ignites." He grins, looking into Serena's eyes. His bright blue eyes seem to spark with electricity.

Serena: "Well, I guess that means love is in the air." She looked at him. Her eyes sparkled in the sunlight. She kissed his cheek.

Jason: Smiling, he slowly takes her hand and stares into her eyes. "Here, let me show you something." He gently pulls her with him.

Serena: Serena lets him take her somewhere. She looked at him and smiled. "Where are we going?" she asked curiously.

Jason: "It's a surprise." He continues to take her along to the camp forest and before long, they make it to some large shrubs. He pushes them out of the way to reveal a beautiful pond with a bridge across it. "How do you like it?"

Serena: Serena gasped. "It's amazing..." She looked at him, her eyes sparkling. "It's perfect..."

Jason: He takes her onto the bridge. Putting his elbows on the guards, he looks into the water. "It is pretty awesome huh?" He smiles at her.

Serena: "Yeah, it is." She looked at him and smiled. Her eyes sparkled in the sunlight.

Jason: He looks into her sparkling eyes and says, "You know... I know we've only known each other for like what? A couple minutes? But I already feel a kind of connection with you. Something...magical?" He smiles at her, then gently takes her hand and kisses it. "Would you like to be my girlfriend?"

Serena: Serena gasped. "Yes! Yes, yes, yes!" She giggled.She kissed him.

Jason: He kisses her back. "We still know very little about each other though... so, who's your dad?"

Serena: "My dad is James Kelly. He is very sweet. He thought it was best to come here. I also have a stepmum called Alexandra. What about you?" She asked curiously.

Jason: "My dad's James Everhart. He's a famous traveling magician. I actually don't know where he is right now. He travels with an entire circus. They're all like family to me."

Serena: "That must be amazing! I was just stuck in a room for 13 years. Was it cool? Exploring?" Serena was curious.

Jason: He exhales. "Yea it was fun. I got to travel all over the world. Only bad thing is I was never able to make friends my age. Anyways, you've been stuck in a room for 13 years? What are you Rapunzel?" He laughs and smiles at her.

Serena: "Yeah, I was like Rapunzel. Most of the time, I was home-schooled, like one day per fortnight at school. I only had one friend. She doesn't know I came here. She always sends me messages but I don't reply. But, oh well!" She changed her tone.

Jason: "I can relate. I couldn't go to public school either. You know with all the traveling and all. I don't think I had any friends my age. Just the other circus performers... Maybe you should reply to your friend, you know, by mail so t"hat you dont attract monsters."

Serena: "I don't think I should. She'll want to know everything, where I am, what happened to me. So, what should we do?"

Jason: "I still think you should. Even if you can't tell her the truth." He takes her hand. "Anyways, what sounds like a fun 'first date' to you?"

Serena: "A fun first date, some thing romantic, but not OTT. Something kinda casual. What do you think is a fun first date?" She looked at him.

Jason: "Hmm... How about a walk on the beach?" He raises an eyebrow at her.

Serena: "Sure, it's a date! When do you want it to happen?"

Jason: "Meet me tonight at 8:00, just before sun-down." He smiles and kisses her. "Then we can watch the sun set..." He winks just before leaving the pond.

Serena: "Sure... Meet you there..." She kissed him and left.

 A couple hours later...

Jason: He stands by the shore of the beach, wearing an unzipped hoodie and jeans in the cool night as he waits for Serena.

Serena: She approached Jason, wearing a white silk dress with a floral crown on. "Hey!" She stood next to him.

Jason: "Wow..." He stares for a moment. "You really dress nice. Then again, what did I expect from an Aphrodite girl?" He smiles and holds his hand out to take hers.

Serena: "Thanks, you look nice too... So, what are we doing?" She asked wondering.

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Jason: "Well first," he takes her by the hand and walks down to a blanket set next to the shore and sits down. "We watch the sun set." He smiles warmly.

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Serena: She lets Jason take her to the blanket. "It's so beautiful..." She smiles back at him.

Jason: "Mm-hmm, just like you." He smiles a bit slyly as he glances at her. His blue eyes spark with magical energy.

Serena: "That's the sweetest you can ever say." She smiled at him. She kissed him. "You are the most beautiful boy I've ever seen."

Jason: He laughs. "Looks can be decieving, you know."

Serena: She looks at him. "I didn't mean it like that. Oh well, there is also another exterior to me as well." She giggles and smiles.

Jason: He raises an eyebrow and smiles mischieviously at her. "Oh is there?"

Serena: She giggles. "Yes, there is actually." She laughs. "What, don't you believe me just because I am an Aphrodite child? Think again..." She smiles.

Jason: "Oh I believe you alright. Aphrodite kids can be very naughty." He winks.

Serena: She playfully shoves him. "What's that supposed to mean?" She looks at him. "Aww, why do you even do this? That's what I like about you..." She smiles at him.

Jason: He takes a look around, letting the scenery soak in. "I didn't do anything. Nature created this beautiful place, I just took you to see it." He says as he gazes at Serena's eyes.

Serena: She smiles and gazes into his eyes as well. "It's so amazing." She giggles.

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