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Leaving Camp

Everett: He puts the last of the luggage in the doorway of his room. Ready to go? Smiles.

Kasey: She nods and smiles. All ready!

Everett: Then let's go on an adventure. He smiles some more as he takes her hand and most of the luggage and walks out of the cabin.

Kasey: She takes some of the luggage from his hand before heading to the camp entrance where a camp van is waiting for them.

Everett: He begins putting the luggage in the back of the van and kisses her cheek with a loving smile as he takes the ones she recently carried for him. You really didn't have to do that.

Kasey: But, I wanted to. 

Everett: Well... Thank you. He looks into her eyes and pulls her into a quick kiss before pulling away and grinning. Wow. Things just got really real. We're about to go to New York City... together.

Kasey: She grins back. I know right?

Everett: He squeezes her hand gently.

The van's driver honks the horn a bit impatiently.

Everett:  We'd better get in if we still want to go on our trip. He laughs and hops into the van before helping Kasey in.

Kasey: She sits next to him and cuddles up to his side, laying her head on his shoulder as the van pulls away from camp and heads toward the city.

New York City

The van comes to a stop in front of a relatively fancy hotel and the two campers get out.

Everett: Wow. My dad really outdid himself setting this up...

Kasey: She stares at the hotel in shock. Oh my gods..... this!

Everett: He grins at her and takes her hand. C'mon. Let's go inside.

They pass through the revolving doors into a massive lobby as employees take care of their bags and check them in.

Kasey: The whole time, she's looking at everything. Taking in everything.

Everett: You ok? He squeezes her hand and smiles a bit playfully. Please don't faint on me. I wouldn't know what to do if that happened.

Kasey: She laughs then kisses his cheek and grins. I don't faint. I pass out. She sticks her tongue out playfully at him.

Everett: He grins at her. Well, either way... please stay conscious.

Kasey: She rolls her eyes playfully. I will. I've just never been in a place this...... I don't even know how to put it.

Everett: Hmmm... maybe I can help. He throws out his hands and spins around comically.  Is it astonishing? Glorious? Astounding? Breathtaking? Mindblowing? Awe-inspiring? Jaw-droppingly cool?

Kasey: She laughs and smiles at him. Let's go with breathtaking.

Everett: He turns back to her and takes her hands in his with a smile. That works. He looks into her eyes. You know what else is breathtaking? ...You.

Kasey: She blushes deeply. Thanks.

Everett: No problem. It's true. He notices her blush and blushes also, rubbing the back of his head. Sorry if that sounded cheesy or something...

Kasey: She smiles and kisses his cheek. No, I thought it was cute. I'm just still getting used to being called pretty.

Everett: He smiles at her lovingly before looking around and noticing their bags are gone. I think we probably need to find out where our room is. He pulls a piece of paper out of his pocket. Ok... We're in 304. Want to try out the elevator? He grins.

Kasey: Her eyes widen. T-there's an e-elevator?

Everett: He nods slowly, studying her face. Yes... is that alright?

Kasey: She blushes embarrassed and looks down floor. Sorry, I've just never been in an elevator.

Everett: Well... would you like to be able to say you have? He smiles slightly and raises an eyebrow playfully.

Kasey: Sure as long as you don't make fun of me. She looks away from him even more enbarressed and nervous.

Everett: Now why would I ever do that? He takes her hands gently and kisses her cheek. There are tons of stupid things you could tease me about but I know you wouldn't. He smiles, trying to get her to look at him.

Kasey: I just.... it's embaresing to say that I haven't done a lot of things because I never had the money.

Everett: Don't be embarrassed. Something as trivial as that could never make me love you less.

Kasey: She nods. Do you still think we could ride the elevator? She looks at him with a small smile on her face.

Everett: He grins and pecks her lips quickly. Of course, m'lady.

Kasey: Then let's go! She grins.

Everett: He grabs her hand and they practically sprint for the elevator, laughing along the way. They slip in right before the doors close.

Kasey: She stands close to him and grips his hand nervously. What's it going to do?

Everett: He smiles down at her softly, enjoying her closeness. It's going to take us up to our floor. There's a pulley system that lifts the room we're in.

The elevator begins going up with a 'ding'.

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