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Kasey and Everett :3

Everett: He sees Kasey and jogs over, pulling her into a hug with a large smile. Hey there.

Kasey: She grins and buries herself into his arms. Hi!

Everett: He blushes slightly and hugs her tighter. How are you on this lovely day?

Kasey: She frowns. My body was not made for the colds of winter in New York.

Everett: He nods in understanding. It is fairly chilly. You're welcome to hug me for as long as you'd like to stay warm. He smiles playfully.

Kasey: Good cause I wasn't planning on letting go for awhile. She giggles and smiles up at him.

Everett: He grins and kisses her forehead lovingly.

Kasey: She lays her head on his chest and sighs softly. I wish we could stay like this forever.

Everett: He stokes her hair gently and sighs also. I do too.

Kasey: She hugs him tighter.

Everett: He hugs her and closes his eyes for a few moments before getting an idea and smiling. I know a great place we could go to have fun and keep warm or also just hug there if you want.

Kasey: Okay! Lets go!

Everett: He smiles brightly and takes her hand.

The Ice Rink

Everett: Here we are, Kase. He squeezes her hand gently and smiles at her.

Kasey: She looks around, a curious look on her face. Where are we?

Everett: The ice skating rink. He grins.

Kasey: What's that? She studies him for a moment before returning her eyes back to the rink infront of her.

Everett: He shakes his head and laughs. You'll find out. I'll be right back, ok?

Kasey: She tenses up nervously and nods. Okay.

Everett: He notices her change in demeanor and frowns in concern. Will you be alright? It's only for a few minutes. I promise I'll be back as soon as possible.

Kasey: She nods. Yeah, I'll be okay.

Everett: He nods, still slightly worried, before flashing her a smile and kissing her hand and then letting go, setting off to go pay for their rental skates.

While he's paying for their skates, a group of local teenagers show up, a few of the guys and girls going to get their skates but, a guy and two of his buddies notice Kasey alone so the guy walks up to her, causing her to back up against the boards of the rink and freeze nervously.

Everett: He hands over the proper amount of money and waits for the worker to return with their skates when he glances over at Kasey, frowning uneasily at the situation developing.

Kasey: She doesnt notice his glance, forcing herself to smile at the guy and starts nervously talking to him, the guy oblivious to her tense state.

Everett: He waits for the worker to return impatiently, his fingers tapping on the counter in agitation as he continues to cast glances over at Kasey.

Kasey: She flinches has the guy reaches out and touches her hair in a flirty way. What the guy doesnt notice is her face looks like a deer in head lights as she tugs the sleeves of the hoodie she's wearing (Which she stole from Everett ;3 ) past her hands.

Everett: He finally recieves the skates and practically jogs over to the small group.  He clears his throat, drawing their attention. Hey, sorry to interfere... He steps next to Kasey protectively and wraps his arm around her shoulders. ...but we have to go. Sorry about the wait, love. He kisses her cheek and then leads her away from the boys triumphantly.

Kasey: She almost clings to his side, clutching his shirt in her hands tightly. 

Everett: Once they're a safe distance away, he turns to her, putting his hand on her cheek softly and looking into her eyes. I'm so, so sorry, Kasey. He never should've touched you. I shouldn't have left your side. You never should've been in that situation. It's all my fault and I'm sorry.

Kasey: She leans into his touch and lets out a tired breath. I-its okay. I n-need to man up s-someday. Today's a g-good start, r-right? She looks him in the eyes and a small smile appears on her face.

Everett: Today or whenever you're ready. You don't have to rush it. I'll be right here. I'm not leaving your side again. He hugs her tightly

Kasey: She hugs him back tightly, burying her face into his neck before leaving a gentle kiss and pulling away. So how do we do this?

Everett: Alright, well, first we'll put these skates on and then I'll help you get on the ice and balance so you can glide across the ice. He grins and hands her a pair of the skates.

Kasey: She takes them. So just put them on like shoes?

Everett: Basically. Here, I'll help you with the top part. He leans over and ties her skates for her. :3

Kasey: She blushes. Thanks.

Everett: He shrugs with a small blush, leaning down to tie his own skates. No problem.

Kasey: She watches him, her smile still on her face.

Everett: He finishes and stands, offering her his hand with a eager smile. Are you ready? 

Kasey: She nods and takes his hand, standing up with him.

Everett: He walks with her and steps onto the ice, gripping her hand tightly as well as the nearby wall. :P

Kasey: She giggles. You'd better make sure I don't fall onto my butt.

Everett: He laughs. I'll try my best. He skates forward a bit.

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