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tydal: tydal was in the trees on one of the branches of the strong oak tree in front of the athena cabin wearing her usual t shirt and jeans matched with her sneakers hmmm...she said slowly as she analyze the book in her hand the grammar is wrong...she said slowly as she moved her glasses scratching her head as she glanced her surrounding oh oh where did that cat go to now...she sigh as she closed the book

Johnnis: I am walking from the beach from my annual swim then I notice you in the tree so I climb up and sit next to you and ask your name.

tydal: she raised her eyebrow surprise with the man sudden existence i'm tydal..she said slowly before getting down from the tree not caring for the boy if you want to go to the beach its south from here...she said slowly as she turn around in search for her cat

as she left the boy she didnt realize a cat came closer to johnnis meowed like crazy to him wanting to be petted

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