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Cabin Escort

At the La Lumiere

  • Jin-Ho: He walks towards the fancy restaurant by himself, lip syncing a song playing nearby.
  • Julia: she was sitting on a table nearby the windows biting her lip and looking nervous as she scribble her phone with her free hand
  • Jin-Ho: He enters the La Lumiere and asks a waiter for an available table. The waiter leads him to a table right next to Julia's, though he doesn't notice Julia because he's sitting behind his back. He browses over the menu as soon as he sits down.
  • Julia: as she was here for about an hour a waiter approaches her asking if she wants anything but then there was a call and it was her fiancee cancelling the dinner wow rude.
  • Jin-Ho: He turns his head to look for the source of the ringing of the phone (if there is one) and finally notices Julia. "Why, Julia, funny to see you all so suddenly."
  • Julia: she gives him a :/ face as she's not really in the mood I can say the same..
  • Jin-Ho: He raises an eyebrow, "Did the ringing phone come from you?"
  • Julia: she bites her lower lip as she lifts her samsung s5 :P xD and nods as she slightly slides it back to the table
  • Jin-Ho: He leans closer to look at the LCD screen, only to watch it being taken back, although he does see something. "Let me guess... a date with someone?" he asks indifferently, like he's just asking, nothing else >.<
  • Julia: "pfft. Arranged Marriage.." she looks at the window "What are you doing here though, are you alone?"
  • Jin-Ho: He nods, "Yes, I'm alone. I thought of coming here to treat myself after returning to camp, let alone that this is my favorite place to dine in." Now taking into account about her arranged marriage thing he asks, "I don't intend to pry, but are you saying you're engaged?"
  • Julia: she sighs in defeat Yes, i am. Though i never wanted it soo... yeah. she shrugs
  • Jin-Ho: "Ah, I see. Arranged marriages typically start off as that, yet the couple stays together in the end, if given enough time."
  • Julia: "That's what you think. He's not even close to my ideal guy or something. He can't even make time just to meet me here.." she crosses her arms
  • Jin-Ho: He sighs exasperatedly, and decides to shower her with his riches to "make her feel better" (in reality, he just wants to make her see how wealthy he is >.<). "Tell you what, I'll treat you myself so that you won't waste your time sulking here," he offers her.
  • Julia: "Uhm. Sure why not."she shrugs
  • Jin-Ho: He smirks. "You don't have to sound so shy, I can handle the bills." He hands her the menu and says, "Choose as much as you want."
  • Julia: "Hmm." she looks at the menu thoroughly "Le poulet grille aux fines herbes and Le poulet grille aux fines herbes for dessert, that's all." she smirks as she places the menu down
  • Jin-Ho: He nods as he browses over his menu again because he's interrupted before by the ringing phone and Julia herself. "You have an exquisite taste," he remarks. He calls a waiter and babbles all the orders.
  • Julia: she sighs and raised her eyebrows at jin ho's orders "are you sure you're able to finish all of that food?"
  • Jin-Ho: He shrugs aimlessly. "Well, if I don't finish the food, then I don't."
  • Julia: "Err.." she just thought of if ever she would like to give the left overs on the beggars outside the restau. A few moments later a waiter gave julia a magazine which she covered
  • Jin-Ho: He peers on the magazine's cover out of curiosity, and is astonished to see Julia on it. "Excuse me, but is that you, on the front cover?" He points at the magazine's cover, right on the face.
  • Julia: "Stop pointing at her face it's like you pointing right infront of my face personally." she furrows her eyebrows "Ofcourse, that's me" she smirks
  • Jin-Ho: He pulls back his finger, "Of course. I apologize for that. Anyways," He sips on a glass of water that had just arrived before continuing, "When was this taken?"
  • Julia: she smirks "It's the newest issue.. I think last month?" she shrugs as she looks at the magazine
  • Jin-Ho: He nods, "I didn't pay much attention to printed material lately, so I haven't seen this until now. You know, the clothing brand you're endorsing for costs a fortune."
  • Julia: she chuckles slightly "No one would get interested if i didn't wore the clothes" she smiles boasting intentionally
  • Jin-Ho: He can't help but point on all the jewelry she's wearing on one page of the magazine. "This is Swarovski, right?"
  • Julia: "Mhm also, they gave me a bracelet" she lifts her wrist she smirks
  • Jin-Ho: He tilts his head, "Er, excuse me but there is no bracelet on your wrist."
  • Julia: she lifts her arms revealing nuxx xD a silver bangle with silver stones
  • Jin-Ho: He raises both of his eyebrows with a slightly gaping mouth to match. "Oh, I see it now. How much is that?"
  • Julia: "It's uhm.." She bites her lips."180 dollars. If i remember correctly, it has my name on it." she smiles and pulled out the bangle and showed him the inner details of the bangle
  • Jin-Ho: He moves his eyes upward as if to think. "Let us see... 180 dollars is equivalent to roughly 185000 South Korean Won? If so, I guess it is pretty expensive."
  • Julia: she scratches her cheeks with a ^-^" face "I know right.."
  • The food finally arrives..."
  • Jin-Ho: "Ah, our orders have arrived." He waits patiently for the waiters to serve all the dishes on the table. As they leave, he gestures on Julia, "Well, let us start eating now."
  • Julia: she nods and takes her dish "So, what's your favorite food here?"
  • Jin-Ho: He places a table napkin on his lap and puts small amounts of a single dish on his plate. "Well, I have many favorite dishes here, but their La bisque de homard absolutely stands out. How about you?"
  • Julia: "It's my first time eating here.. to be honest." she tilts her head as she starts eating not putting napkin on her lap before doing so
  • Jin-Ho: He notices this and reprimands her, "Excuse me, but you haven't placed your napkin yet. You shouldn't have started eating before doing that."
  • Julia: "Uhm... Is it really needed?"
  • Jin-Ho: He gently stabs a small piece of lobster and looks at her smugly, "It is table etiquette. Don't you know that? Even for someone on their first time here should learn that beforehand."
  • Julia: "As expected from a rich kid." she places her napkin on her lap and smirked sarcastically at him
  • Jin-Ho: He smirks, only more genuine than hers, "Yes, I am, and I'm proud of it."
  • Julia: she avoid an eye contact with him so she just looked at her plate as she eats her meal That's pretty obvious.
  • Jin-Ho: He takes a few bites of his meal before moving on to some vegetable dish. "If I may ask, but when I have you started modeling?"
  • Julia: she bites her lips as she refrains eating for a moment If i remember correctly when i was 16
  • Jin-Ho: Not taking a bite in between, he continues to ask, "If I also may ask, if it seems either appropriate or not to a lady, how old are you anyway? You seem 16, so I assume you're new to the modeling industry."
  • Julia: she suddenly blushes lightly I-i'm 19. >.>
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