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G: I just made this so we could put the OOC's in here:)

J: Alrighty. :P Ok, so my charry is kind straight-forward/blunt  cuz she's a bull. :F

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G: Do you want to continue the Nessie/Alex rp here?

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J: okai, do chu wanna rp nadi and ness here?

G: Sure :)

First Encounter- Vo and Warren

Fervora: She walks aimlessy not paying attention to anything at all. She later bumps into something. "Unmpf. Sorry." She says.

'"Warren'": He stands up and says,"It's fine I guess..."

Fervora: "My bad, I try to be less clumsy but I can't help it." She huffs, trying to avoid anything red.

Warren: He shrugs,"I guess it happens.Don't worry."

Fervora: She looks at him then cocks her head a bit.  "Fervora, Vo for short."

Warren: He shrugs,"Interesting?". He recognizes that it made offend her though it's kind of how he is but he still sort of feels bad and he thinks maybe he should mention his name."I'm Warren, Warren Mercer".

Fervora: "Do you go to camp here?" Warren: He raises an eyebrow,"No, I don't. I just thought it'd be all happy and rainbows to come and train so I can defend myself from monsters.", he looks at Vo,"Why do you ask?"

Fervora: She stifles a laugh, "Well, there's the.." She looks around abit and lowers her voice. " Broken Covenant. And they want to overthrow the gods. Sometimes, if you're off guard they try killing you. Some of them are nicer, more shy but others, are killing machines, with a list and everything." While explaining this her hand absent-mindley drifts towards her spiked bracelet. 

Warren: He arches an eyebrow,"Um...thanks for telling me?", he said, a bit uncertain. He sees herhand rest on her bracelet and isn't really sure if it's a regular one or like his necklace and Vanessa's bacele that morph into weapons. He takees a small step back

Fervora: She sees his uncertaining, and chuckles. "Don't tell me your scared of a weapon. It's not even that scary." 

Warren: He frowns at the girl and says,"No. I never even said that, miss."

Fervora: "I was only kidding, Warren."

warren: He scoffs though not too much since she's been a bit kind. Something he's not exactly use to. He says,"So are you a dmigod as well? Or...."

Fervora: She shakes her head. "No, I'm a bull nymph. But, I do the normal demigod stuff,"

Warren: He smiles,"That's Poseidon's sacred animal right?"

Fervora: She nods, "Poseidon and Dionysus, yup. How'd you know? People usually guess like Hera." 

Warren: He shrugs but asks,"Hera is the peocock, cukoo and cow, right?" He decides to answer her question as well,"Oh, my mother told me all bout the Greek myths."

Fervora: She nods, impressed. "Yea, that's right. Was your mom like a teacher or just really in to Greek Mythology?"

Warren: "Just into it", he answers.

Fervora: She nods,"So, who's your dad,?" 

Warren: He answers,"Ares, god of war."

Fervora: "So you must be a really good fighter then right?" She asks.

Warren:  he shrugs,"I guess you can say that."

Fervora: She grins, "Nice." After a while, she gets bored. "Hey, do you wanna go into town, standing around here bores me."

Warren: He shrugs, "Sure.Um...I guess you should lead te way..."

Fervora: While walking, she decides to break the silence. "So, how long have you been here at camp?"

Warren: He shrugs and says," I think like a wek..."

Fervora: "Make any friends?" 

Warren : He shrugs, zipping up and down his leather jacket. Warren says,"No. I mean they're mistly all annoying. I met Serina, a daughter of Aphrodite but sonething she said...I don't know. It made my head hurt and I felt dazed..."

Fervora: She chuckles. "Daughter of Aphrodite? Bro, she totally mind-f*ucked you literally. She used her charmspeak."

Warren:He raised an eyebrow,"What is that?"

Fervora: "Charmspeak is basically like a tempting voice. If she charmspoke you to jump off a cliff, you probably would. Without a second thought."

Warren: His eyes widen."Wow, that's...kind of freaky. I mean, how it works against your nervous system and makes you do something, act a certain way...."

Fervora: She nods, "Yea, I try to stay away from Aphrodite peeps."

Warren: "That's probably a good thing to do...", he says, smiling slightly.

Fervore: "Are you in to anything?" she asks. 

Warren: He frowns and starts thinking, saying things as he comes up with them,"Um...birds, chiselling, swords, running, biking, painting..."

Fervora: "You paint? No way, me too." she says grinning a bit.

Warren: He grins as well,"Really? that's cool...are you good?"

Fervora: "I consider myself okay, I paint scenery, what do you paint?"

Warren: "Scenery too.", he replies

Fervora: "I tried to paint people, but I'm not that good. So i sticked to scenery. You any good?""

Warren: "A bit I guess. When I make people I can never get their faces right..."

Fervora: "Exactly,"

Warren: He smiles and says,"Well at least we have something in common"

Fervora: She smiles also, "Yup. " They reach the road into town. "So, watch movies do you watch?"

Warren: He smiles,"I like scary movies. You?"

Fervora: "Holy crap, me too. I find it hilarious when it's Friday night and a new scary movie just came out. The screaming teens in the theater just crack me up." 

Warren: He chuckles,"I know! They scream and yell and", he laughs,"it's just hilarious"

Fervora: "For real! And the fact that the always try to scream louder than thy're friends. And all the popcorn that people throw at eachother." She laughs, "it just makes my day."

Warren: He smiles,"Oh, yeah. I mean they scream as if they're being paid to do it."

Fervora: "My point excatly!" She grins, "The fights that break out are hilarious too. "

Warren: He nods and says,"You're so right."

Fervora:  She chuckles, "Where to?" she asks in the middle of the plaza.

Warren: He thinks and then says,"What if we go to the movies and laugh at all those people scream and yell?"

Fervora: She smirks, "I thought you'd never ask." 

Warren: He chuckles,"Good, this is gonna be so funny."

Fervora: "I know right, and I could just bull out and freak em out even more." she chuckles

Warren: "They'd be so freaked out!", he says, laughing, as they walk to the movie theater.

Fervora: She laughs as well. "Which movie do you think has the most scared teens?" She asks.

Warren: He shrugs,"I'm not sure...They basically scream about everything. There's a host. they scream. There's a butterfly. they scream"

Fervora: She laughs, "Yes, there like elephants when they see mice."

Warren: He opens the door for her,"Yeah. They are really scaredy cats."

Fervora: "Thanks, I'll pay and then we'll just movie hop." she says taking out her wallet.

Warren: His eyes widen and he shakes his head,"No. I mean, like you shouldn't pay...."

Fervora: She looks at him confused, "What do you mean?"

Warren:He rolls his eyes slightly, takes out some money and gives it toher. "Pay with this."

Fervora: She sighs knowing she probably couldn't talk him out of paying. "Fine." she pays for a random movie, and goes back to Warren. "Ready to movie hop?"

Warren: He smiles like a lunatic,"Of course Ibam..."

Fervora: She gives him a devious smirk before entering the left side of the Movie Theater. Standing infront of The Conjuring, "Oooh, it's in 3D." 

Warren:"They are gonna scream like banshees,"

Fervora:  She laughs. "Forreal though." She notices the box of 3d glasses. "Cover me." she says while digging her hand in.

Warren: He sees an employee and just to make sure they don't don't get all suspicious he walks over to them. He puts on a distressed face and says,"Excuse me? Have you seem my sister?" And then he starts feeding the guy a bunch of information.

Fervora: She bites her lip, trying to keep from laughing. She grabs the two and sticks them in her back pocket. She awkwardly walks behind the employee trying to act natural. Behind him she's motioning crazily to Warren.

Warren: He sees her and says,"Oh there you are!", he grabs her arms and drags her over to the Conjuring,"That guy was actually buying all that", he says, smiling and laughing at how he fooled the employee.

Fervora: She laughs along with him. " I know right! People these days so gullable." She hands him the glasses while she puts hers on her face. "This is gonna be epic." she grins.

Warren: He puts them on and says, as they enter," Should we sit in the back or in the middle?"

Fervora: "In the back, we get to see everything and mess with the movie. In the middle, if someone throws popcorn at me, I have a reason to pick a fight. " she shrugs. "What do you think?"

Warren:"This is going to be epic"

Movie Mayhem- Vo and Warren

Warren: He smiles as he sits down,"I wonder if they'll scream from the start...probably."

Fervora: She takes aseat next to him and chuckles. "Probably at the part where they same it's based on a true story."

Warren: "Yeah...",he says,laughing

OOC: Timeskip? [ Sorry i didn't write in the OOC thing. >.< ]

Gummy: Sure:)


Warren:He sees a couple of teens screaming like banshees when the mom gets all possessed

Fervora: She's laughing throughout the movie, wishing there was someone video taping their reactions. "Maybe I should bull out now." she says laughing.

Warren :He stops laughing to hear what she says and says,"Oh,yeah."

Fervora: She grins wickedly, she gets up and exits, and transforms into a bull. She runs in freaking out the teens even more.

OOC : should we rp the teens too? 

Teen 1: She screams as she sees the bull and cries out,"What is that?!"

Warren: He laughs, grabbing his stomach.

Fervora: She bucks around, going up the stairs. 

Warren :He laughs aand laughs Teen 2:"What's a wolf doing here?!",she cries out, running in circles

Fervora: She runs out and comes back in in human form, laughing her a!s off. Her hair messed up but she doesn't care. She plops back next to Warren.

Warren : He grins and laughs like a maniac. "Did yoou see their faces? "

Fervora: She laughs like crazy. " I know right! They didn't even know what was going on."

Warren: He smiles while the exorcism is done by the Warrens. He chuckles and says,"Did you hear that blondie calling you a wolf? That's hilarious! "

Fervora: "I know right, I felt like sucker punching her in the face." She smirks at the movie screen, watching the mayhem in their basement.

Warren: He laughs,"I probably would.", he said, smirking.

Fervora: "I'd probably cheer you on." She grinns.

Warren:"I'd cheer you on as well.",he said and starts laughing again as the movie ends.

At the Movies-Alex and Vanessa

Vanessa :She grabs Alex's hand and drags him over to the back abd chooses two seats "Here,these two!"

Alex: He chuckles, "Fine with me, Ness." 

Nessie:Sshe smiles abd sits down,her hands in the pockets of her white jeans.

Alex: He watches the previews and smirks.

Nessie: She looks at him and frowns. "Why are you smirking?",she asks.

Alex: "No reason, I'm just waiting for the movie to start."

Vanessa : She says,"Oh.." and then looks at the screen as the movie starts

Alex: He frowns a bit, "You good?"

Nessie: "Oh, yeah. I'm fibe",she says with a small smile

'Alex'"Alright." he nods. 

OOC: Timeskip?


Nessie: Her eyes widen when she sees Mama and the little girl by the cliff. Her frame tenses slightly.

Alex: He watches the movie with no real emotion on his face. "Aww, come on." he teases with a little smile on his face. "It aint that scary."

Nessie: She says,"What? I'm not scared...."

Alex: "Chill Ness, ain't nothing wrong with being scared." he laughs.

Nessie:"I'm just worried....I mean like what's going to happen to the girl! "

Alex: He smirks abit, "You'll find out. "

Vaner: She sees the blue butterfly and says,"Is that supposedly the little girl?Oh my..."

Alex: He suppresses a laugh at how innocent she is when it comes to scary movies.

Nessie: She sighs as she sees the credits. "I really didn't want the little girl to die...."

Akex: He shrugs, "It's only a movie. Nothing to be worried bout."

Nessie: She nods,"I know....",she says



Alex: While walking on the path to camp, he shoves his hands in his pockets. "So, who's your god momma? or daddy?"

Vanessa : she responds, walking beside him,"Aglaea"

Alex: "Godess of what?"

Ness: "Adornments like necklaces and bracelets. Joy so I can make people happy and smiling. And glory so...I sometimes outshine others without really trying.You? "

Alex: "Possibly the exact opposite. Son of Hades." 

Vanessa : She smiled, "That's nice. I mean Hades isn't exactly a bad person..."

Alex: "Yeah, I guess. Never really met him." he shrugs.

Nessie: She nods, understanding before asking, "So what do you like to do?Any hobbies? "

Alex: "I like sleeping and vibing. Sometimes when I feel it a write poems."

Nessie: "So you're like a poet?",she says,smiling

Alex: He give her a smile showing only his lips. "You can say that.[ i wanted to say toothless smile but i didn't want u  to be like 'he has no teeth?? ' lol. ]

Nessie:She chuckles,"And what do you make poems about? "(lol that would've been weird)

Alex: He shrugs, "Anything that I'm feelin' really. I write about real life problems. Problems that many people think little of." he said speaking of his past. No one really new how hard life was for kids who were like him.

Ness: "Like which problems?", she asks, though she does it somewhat reluctantly.

Alex: He sighs, "Lemme tell you a story..  There was a strong woman, who had no money what so ever. She finds a man and he uses her. Dumps her. She finds herself pregnant, forced to live in unkind places. Working her a.s of trying to pay rent, and endless bills. Her baby boy wnating to help his struggling mother finds himself in gangs. Months pass by.. she gets a call from the police, saying that there was a shoot out.. and her baby boy didn't make it...Problems like that." he says.

Vanessa : She feels like she's choking and she's silent. Her heart feels like it's being squeezed by an animal as that story hits her like a fist to glass.

Alex: He looks at her for a moment before speaking again. "No one pays attention to people like that. They make fun of it actually. People think that thugs are guys who wanna fight, guys who sit there get high, basic lowlifes, wannabes... But, a thug is someone who's had a tough past. Someone who's living in a tough situation.... They don't take sh.t form anyone. Period."

Nessie: She doesn't kniw how to respond. After all she had a rich father,a nice home,went to private schools. But she knows he's saying truths abd she just nods,hugging her arms to her body as if she wants to maake sure she won't fall apart.

Alex: He sighs, "I just wish sometimes people could just stop.. and see what the real world looks like."

Nesd:"Yeah",she says,her voice somewhat quiet.

Alex: Speaking about his past wasn't usually an easy thing. He stayed quiet for a moment and reminisced the dangers he took, trying to help out his mom.

Nessie:She stays quiet.

Alex: "Hey you wanna go get some icecream?" he asks, randomly changing the subject.

Ness:"Sure",she says,feeling slightly reassured they changed the subject

Ice Cream!-Alex and Nessie

Alex: "I'm paying this time" he chuckles.

Nessie:She chuckles,"Sure."

Alex: He looks at the menu infornt of the counter,"What flavor?"

Nessie:"Vanilla ",she says,hugging her arms to her white shirt with lilac flowers.

Alex: "So you like simple?" he asks, teasing her abit with a playful smirk on his face.

Ness:"Yeah.I do...why?!",she says the last part a bit loud since she feels self-conscious in those moments.

Alex: A deep laugh comes form him, as he shakes his head. "Chill ma. Ain't nothing wrong with that. " he chuckles.

Ness: She blushes,"Sorry about that...just felt self-conscious....."

Alex: "Nothing wrong with liking vanilla," he reassures her with the same smirk. "I'm more an Oreo guy." he shrugs.

Ness:"Nicr choice",she says,smiling.

Alex: "Thank you," he says, in a calm, reassuring tone. [ idk if that made sense. ]. He talks to the cash register man and orders.

Nessie: She stands a few feet behind him and just stands there.

Alex: He gives her her icecream and spoon, while slowly eating his. In a somewhat deep thought.

Nessie: Shhe thanks him and then asks,"Where are you from?"

Alex: He looks up not really paying attention, "Oh. I'm from Atlanta, Gerogia. You?"

Ness:"Charlotte",she turns to look at him,"What's Atlanta like?I've never been there..."

Alex: He shrugs abit. "Well.." he starts, "It really depends on where you go. You've got the good looking places and the ugly places. One could say I live in the ugly places, so I wouldn't really know how the Atlanta looked like. "

Nessie:"Oh. I've never even been to Atlant a si...I just wanted to kbow.",sge says as she eats her ice cream.

Alex: "Where have you been?" he asks, in a nice way.

Nessie: She answers, "Berlin,Paris,Moscow,London,Los Angeles,Buenos Aires, Shanghai and Tokyo."

Alex: He raises an eyebrow as she states the places she's been. "Wow.." he mumbles, "That's alot of places. Your favorite?"

Nessie: She thinks abd replies, "Paris.I like the people,the art. The food..."

Alex: He nods, finishing up his icecream. 

Nessie: She continued eating.

Alex: He throws away the cup when he finishes, and puts his hair in a pony tail. "You ready?"

Nessie: She nods,throws it away and says,"Ready."

Alex: "Anything you wanna, do?" he asks, stuffing his hands in his pocket.

Nessie: She thinks but shakes her head,"No. Not really..."

Alex: "Okay then.. " he says. "Have you ever smoked?"

Ness: She shakes her head and answers, "No..."

Alex: He nods. "Anything you like doing"

Nessie: She responds,"I like painting. "

Alex: "what do you paint?" he asks, 

Nessie:"People",she answers

Alex: "You any good?" 

Ness: She shrugs,"I mean so-so. Sort of",she says,smiling.

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