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Randy/Basilisk 1

At the Pub

Basil's Room c;

New dayy,

beach funn. c:

back at camp. 

Randy: He's holding her hand swing it a bit. "We should do that again sometime. The beach is awesome. "

Basil: She nods and smiles. "Yeah, the beach was awesome."

Randy: He smiles at her, "Anything you wanna do now?" 

Basil: She shrugs, "out of ideas."

Randy: "Aww." he pouts. 

Basil: "What bout you? Do you have any ideas?"

Randy: He shrugs, "We could do something really cheesy. "

Basil: She raises an eyebrow, "Something really cheesy?"

Randy: He shrugs, "Yeah, cheesy. Like those chick flic movies?"

Basil: "Really? You want to watch chick flic movies?" She asked a bit in shock since she didn't think he'd be up for those.

Randy: He shakes his head. "I'll watch one for you.. but not for the hell of it. I meant we could do stuff that the people do in the chick flic movies."

Basil: She shrugs, "I mean, if you want to do what they do in those movies, sure I guess."

Randy: He notices the dark clouds above them, even though he was in a good mood, he didn't seem to notice it before. "How about getting rained on?"

the diaz family. cx

Santiago: He jumps and swings her wrist, hoping to flip her so she could fall to ground.

Luna: He succeeds and she falls on the ground with a 'oomph'.

Santiago: He chuckles and sits on her stomach straddling her. "That was fun.", he laughed.

Luna: "Oh, so you automatically win when I fall down?"

Santiago: He chuckles then nods. "Yeah. That's pretty much right." he flashes his million-dollar smile.

Luna: She blushes a little since she loves the way he smiles but the blush goes away quickly. "So, anywhere else you want to go?" She asked as she got up and dusted herself.

Santiago: He ponders for abit, "The park maybe? I think they're having fireworks tonight."

Luna: She nods, "Sure. the park sounds nice."

OOC: so romantic lol X3

OOC: I know right. cx

Santiago: He smiled again, taking her hand. Big risk but hey, he liked her. He hoped she would think of it as a cousingly thing. "Perfect," 

TIMESKIP to when they get to the park X3

Luna: Still holding his hand, she walks with him to the park.

Santiago: He hums, "You hungry?"

Luna: "Not really, but I can eat a little. Maybe just a snack," She replied to him.

Santiago: "Gah, come on Luna! I know you're hungry. I'll even pay." he adds.

Luna: She actually was hungry so she said, "Okay."

Santiago: He scans the area and see an ice cream truck, he grins then squeezes her hand. "Come on." 

Luna: She blushes as he squeezed her hand. Omg, omg, omg. Breathe Lulu. Breathe.

OOC: x3 lolol she's so dang happy, she's fricken out

OOC: legit tho. xD

Santiago: They arrive at the line standing behinda few other people. He looks at her mesmerized by her beauty for a minute before speaking. "You look really good today." he says, then realizes how she could get offended. "I mean. You look good everyday."

Luna: She tries not to blush at his comment, "Thanks, I guess." She said  but then realized that it sounded like she didn't care... Even though she actually did care how he thought about her. (>.<)

OOC: they're so cute tho. >///< oh gawd, wonder what will happen if santi teases luna a lot XD

OOC: trust me he will. ccc;

Santiago: "No problem," he smiles. They reach the front of the line before he orders her a vanilla and gets a chocolate for himself. 

Luna: She wondered how he knew her favorite flavor. And decides to ask him later. "so, uh, did you meet new people once you settled in your cabin?" She asked him, trying to get a conversation going.

Santiago: He nods, "Yeah, they're pretty cool." he licks his icecream. He then notices a small smudge of vanilla on the corner of Luna's lip. "You got a lil something." he points on his face to mirror her. 

Luna: She stopped licking her ice cream when he told her that. "Oh shoot, really?" She said and tried to find a napkin somewhere in her bag.

Santiago: He stops her from looking and gently puts a finger under her chin letting her meet his eyes. "No no no. I got it." he says lowly, inching his face closer to hers. 

OOC: omf they're so cute. i can't even. >.<

Luna: She blushes which is quite visible. "Uh, no it's fine..." She said, trying to reject his help even though she secretly wants him to help her.

OOC: ikr?! *dies from so much cuteness*

OOC: i'm done. i just. >.<

Santiago: He doesn't respond, he just presses his lips against hers softly. 

Luna: She widens her eyes as he softly kissed her. She was really happy that he was but... they were cousins. She knew people would call them weird and other things so she tried pulling away from him.

OOC: XD lol yeah time to get these two together

OOC: forreal tho. x33

Santiago: He pulls away, doesn't exactly make eye contact. He clears his throat. "So.. ah... It's getting pretty late. We should head to where the fireworks are.."

Luna: "Y-yeah." She said while she stared at the ground, also trying not to make eye contact.

OOC: but now that has happened, let the awkwardness... begin XP

Santiago: He hesitates to take her hand but does anyway. He walks her through the park, "Popcorn?"

Luna: "Sure..." She said, still trying not to make eye contact. >.<

Santiago: He buys her a popcorn and one for himself, before getting to the end of the park. On the field many people had brought blankets to sit on the floor with to watch the fireworks. He mentally cursed himself for not thinking of one. 

Luna: She looks around, trying to find them a nice spot to sit. "Where do you want to sit?" She asked him.

Santiago: He bites back a smooth thing he was going to say. "Ahmm. How about under that tree?" he asks.

Luna: "Sure," She said and started walking towards the tree he pointed to.

Santiago: He sits under the tree, and lays his back against it. He squeezes her hand wanting her to sit near him. 

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