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Allan laid outside in the grass, enjoying the night air as he played peaceful music through his headphones. If only the world could remain like this...he thought, as he began to drift off into sleep.

Atreyu had decided to take a walk, the cabin was to chaotic for them right then. While they were out on thier quiet little excursion, they spotted a mop of crimson hair. Carefully they snuck over to body laying in the grass, ready to bolt at the first movment. Isn't he an Eros kid? What could he be doing out here at this time? They thought noticing who it was. They had seen Allan around camp in thier month and a half here, the taller red head was hard to miss. They crouched down, resting on their heels, about 3 feet away from the (asleep? They thought.) demigod.

Allan could hear the kid approach him. whoever this is, they'd make less noise if they walked on glass... At first he intended to sit up and introduce himself properly. Instead, he remained completely still as they came closer to him, stopping just out of range for Allan to grab them. As a joke, of course. Out of ideas. Allan said plainly, "Are you going to talk, or did you just come over here to admire my good looks?" His eyes still closed as he spoke. 

Startled by the sudden conversation, Atreyu lost their balance, feet coming out from under them as they landed on thier butt. "Ah your awake." They said shocked. "Sorry, I didn't mean to stare..." They apologised quietly sitting cross-legged. A blush, from getting caught staring, on thier face. He could hear me through headphones, I need to step up my game. They thought scoulding themself.

"It's fine. I draw the attention of lots of people." Allan said as he turned his music down to almost 0. Opening his eyes, he said "So. What's your name?"

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"Atreyu." They said before catching sight of amber eyes. They leaned forward slightly hoping to sublely get a better look in the low light of the evening. Though catching themself for staring once more they quickly turned away. "You?" they asked mumbling slightly.

"Allan." He said, laughing in his head. This one isn't exactly good at being subtle, period. '"So then, what brings you out here at this time of night, Atreyu?"

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"I'm just waiting for everyone in my cabin to fall asleep mostly." They answered, looking over at a tree. "Any reason you tried to nap out side instead of in a bed?" They inquired.

Allan-"I spent 3 years cooped up in room. I'd much rather indulge in the fresh air, if only for a while. Which cabin you from?" he said staring up at the sky.

"Hades." They replied simply. They placed thier palms on the ground behind them as they reclined.

A: "Ah. If you ever seee the man in black, tell him to give my regards to...nevermind." Allan closed his eyes once again. "I'm from Eros cabin, by the way."

"Nice to meet you." Atreyu said softly.

"The same to you, Atreyu." Allan replied.

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Allan was walking around camp, at a loss for what to do. He simply listened to music as he kicked various pebbles out of his way. A few of the girls around camp waved at him, and he would wave back. But for the most part, Allan ignored everyone.

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