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Jared and Octavia [ uno ]

Jared: He sitting on the bench, doing close to nothing.

Octavia: She was walking around camp wearing a white lacy blouse paired with ripped floral jeans, she was also carrying her magic kit hoping to impress some campers with her magic tricks.

Jared: He doesn't notice her since he's usually to himself and he yawns.

Octavia: She also stops by and sits on the bench. From her small backpack she grabs her sandwich and awkwardly nimbles on it.

Jared: He looks at her for a bit, confused. Not knowing why anyone would sit next to him..

Octavia: She catches someone staring at her and looks back with a small grin. "What?"

Jared: "Oh.. um.. nothing.. sorry." he mumbles, looking away quickly. 

Octavia: "Um okay?" She still watches him out of the corner of her eye with interest while chewing her sandwich.

Jared: He notices her looking at him and shifts uncomfortably. He never had good experience with girls, he didn't think he ever would. On the inside he felt like : >.<

Octavia: She noticed that he looked uncomfortably and broke their glance.

Jared: He clears his throat and looks at her again, he found her pretty. Which made him even more nervous. He hoped he didn't have to be the one to break the silence.

Octavia: She looks at him again awkwardly and gave him a shy smile.

Jared: He returns the smile, his nervousness diminishing a bit.

Octavia: "S-So what's your name?"

Jared: He clears his throat, "Jared.. You?" he asks, moistening his lips. 

Octavia: "Name's Octavia."

Jared: He nods, "What's that?" he asks, referring to her magic kit.

Octavia: "Oh this? Just my magic stuff, I carry around."

Jared: He furrowed his eyebrows. "Child of Hecate?", he asked.

Octavia: "Yerp! Who's your parent?"

Jared: "Nemesis, " he says, not like she was the best parent ever. "You do magic stuff?" he asks, feeling a bit dumb since that was probably the stupidest question to ask a child of Hecate.

Octavia: "Nemesis?" She raised her eyebrows. "Seriously? You don't exactly strike me like a person who likes revenge." She laughs a little jokily. "And yeah, I do magic."

Jared: He wanted to say, 'You'd be surprised,' but he didn't feel like scaring her. So instead he asked her to perform some magic tricks for him. 

Octavia: She preforms some magic tricks with her playing cards, she also interpreted and read her torah cards.

Jared: He found an interest in the girl, and her magic tricks. He smiled a bit. "That's really cool."

Octavia: "Really thanks!" She beamed because there was finally someone who appreciated her magic skills!


In her mind she was doing this dance.

Jared: He ended up laughing a bit. "No problem, how long have you been doing that?" 

Octavia: "Ever since I was in Kindergarden?"

Jared: He raises an eyebrow. "That long?" he asks.

Octavia: "Yes, considering my own father was a magician, so that kind of influenced me." She grinned.

Jared: "That's awesome. " he chuckled, combing his hair, "Is that all you do?"

Octavia: She nodded. "Yeah bascially, well sometimes I go to the stables with my friend Pippa and ride some horses."

Jared: "Pippa?" he asks. 

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Octavia: "Pippa is one of my dearest friends when I came to camp, she's a huge expert on horses considering that she is a horse nymph."

Jared: "Nymph? What the hell is that? Is that like a care taker?" he asks, he was a bit new to camp so he didn't really know anything but his mom and a few other gods.

Octavia: She shrugged. "They're kind of like grown human created by the gods to help them of their job."

Jared: He raised an eyebrow in interest. "Huh, that must be pretty cool."

Octavia:' "Yeah, it is." She smiled.

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