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Nathaniel and Serina's "Date"

An apology

OOC: renamed the header. doesn't seem like a walk.

Serina: After being healed by the Apollo camers and the healing nymphs, she went to the Hephaestus cabin to go apologize to Nathaniel. She gets to the front door and knocks on it, hoping he's there.

Nathaniel: He opened the door and thought it was Bree Maddox, a child of Poseidon he had met after his upset with Serina. He opened the door with a smile but when he saw Serina his spirits dampened/

Serina: "Hi..." She awkwardly said, "Um, you have time to talk?" She asked.

Nathaniel: He mumbled a yes and stepped out of his cabin awkwardly.

Serina: "I'm sorry I acted like a brat yesterday..." She started. "I'm kind of stubborn when people try to help me because... others usually think 'oh and aphrodite kid.. wow look how helpess they are'. So, I act like as if I don't need anybody's help cause I don't want to be labeled as 'helpess'." She explained.

Nathaniel: He rolled his eyes once again. "You lost your chance Serina, I found another girl."

Serina: She blinks as she fights back tears and stammers, "W-well, great to k-know. Have fun." She turned around and walked away, back to her cabin.

OOc: could you rp with bree and you two talk about Nathaniel?

OOC: Sures. that'll create a lot of drama lol

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