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Rei: "You'll understand in just a second. Oh, and in case if you were wondering why you never saw me at... camp" She said the last word venomously, "It was because I joined the broken covenant." Some ghosts appeared beside her side once she said that. "Oh great, and I thought I lost you all." She ignores their presence and ignites the fire wood by blasting a fireball at it.

Alexander (female): He runs back to Rei and places the pot on top of the fire pit. "Can you make it boil faster?" He asked Rei.

Rei: "No Alexander, I already told you that I can't."

Thea: "You joined the BC? I'm c-camp.", she says shaking. She is a little shaken up. "Well doesn't mean we can't be best friends, so no matter.", she says back in her casual Thea voice. She then practices her karate, flipping over the fire.

Rei: "Yeah, I did. And nice flip. Pigtails' flips are a bit better though to be honest."

Alexander (female): "I told you, not to call me pigtails! But I'll take that compliment." He does a beautiful flip and lands on the ground perfectly with a smirk on his face.

Thea: She rolls her eyes and says, "Don't be cocky ginger.", she then does a flip and kicks with her force right in his stomach. She then just sighs. She goes over and sits on a log. Her hair was in its usual little buns and long hair look. She has her favorite white with golden swirls kimono that shows off her pretty figure on and black slippers.

Alexander (female): He grunts as she punched him and held his stomach in pain. "O-okay. Now that's a punch!"

Rei: "Water's done boiling!" She takes the kettle from the fire pit and opens the kettle. "It's going to be scorching hot, just to let you know." She warned Alexander.

Alexander (female): "Pfft. I've done this before. So I know what I'm doing."

Rei: "Alright, alright!" She pours the boiling hot water on Alexander and steam comes from the water as the water comes out of the stout of the pot.

Thea: "Why are you pouring hot water on him?", she says rolling her eyes. "Is this some kind of *magic* show?", she says cracking up at her bad joke. 

Rei: Thea's comment made her roll her eyes and sighed, "I told you, just watch."

Alexander: In his original form, he shook his head to make his hair a bit dry and the steam cleared, revealing his male appearance. "That was a bit too hot there Rei." He told her.

Rei: "I told you it was going to be hot!" She argued.

Thea: She cocks her head to the side. "I'm surprised your not one of those boys that don't shave their heads almost bald.", she says. "And anyway the least you could do is try to laugh? ", she says happily. 

Alexander: "Ahahaha." He laughed sarcastically with a -.- face on.

Rei: She cleared her throat, "Uh, so, yeah, see, the reason why he can change his gender is because he was cursed." She waves a ghost that was in her face. "Anyway," The ghost keeps bothering her. "Will. You. Quit. IT?! And scram before I blow y'all up. Oh wait, your the undead, I can't to that.... Anywho, you can... ignore both Alexander and the ghosts..."

Alexander: "Oh, I see, I'm not wanted." He said with a feigned hurt voice.

Thea: "Just noticed, eh?," she said using a mischievous grin. "Ooo, cursed. Maybe for making little girls cry?", she says laughing. "But why are you cursed anyway," she asked being seriously curious this time. "Oh and who cursed you? My bet's on Athena.", she says, her purple hair flying in her face and everywhere and her smiling lighting up like a thousand crackling theater lights.

Alexander: "Ha, I wish. It was a combination of Poseidon and Aphrodite. Poseidon thought of the water part while Aphrodite the gender which part."

Thea: "Wow, Aphrodite and Poseidon. Aphro would be so much better with Poseidon to me but she picks the bad boy.", she realizes shes talking gossip about the Gods and trys to change the subject. "So Rei, hows life with your new boyfriend/friend/play...mate???", she asks a bit jealous of Alexander.

Rei: She laughs awkwardly and told her friend, "Alexander is just my friend. Nothing is going on between us."

Alexander: "Ya damn right there isn't. What made you think there was?" He asked Thea.

Thea: She tries to say this cooly but is relieved that hes not dating her or it would have been awkward. "The way you tease each other. Couples do that a lot. The way you," she says pointing at Rei, "take care of him. I mean I wasn't expecting him as you are obviously too nice for him and I was expecting someone a bit more mysterious."

Rei: "Ahahaha...." She said a bit nervously because she did have someone but their relationship... isn't exactly a 'relationship'

Alexander: "We're just good friends. Pfft. Why does everybody think like this?" He said while shaking his head.

Thea: "It just looks like it. If you saw me watching tv 24/7 you would assume I would be obsessed with tv.", she says matter of fact. "Why the weird laugh?", she asks rei eyeing her.

Rei: "Oh, it's nothing." She said quickly.

Alexander: He raised his eyebrow, but he knew who she was talking about.

Thea: "Looks like little Rei, has a little secret. Who's the lucky guy? Do not tell me he's a rapist, obsessed with sex dude, serial killer, crazy-in-the-head guy, too shy boy, or anything that's illegal including drugs guy.", she says excited. "You could tell me. I would tell you if liked someone. Which is not currently thank you very much."

Rei: "I kind of don't wanna talk about this now..." She said while looking away. "Hey, Alex... what time is it?"

Alexander: "Don't you have a phone??" He said.

Rei: "Oh yeah." She rummaged through her pockets and took her phone out. As she saw the current time she groaned, "I'm gonna be late again... Sorry, but I have to go. My friend will kill me if I'm not where we're supposed to meet..."

Thea: She frowned but thought better than to push it farther it should go. "Why will this friend kill you? That person is not a real friend if their going to kill you...", she said. "Well if you're leaving, I guess it's me and...", she says trailing off. "Me and Alex.", she finally says after a few seconds carefully. 

Alexander: Uh oh... I don't like the sound of this He thought in his head. "Uh, hey, Rei, why don't I walk there?"

Rei: She shot him a glare. "You know why. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm outta here. Oh and Thea... we'll hang out sometime soon right? Just iris message me if you wanna do something together."

Thea:  "Sure", she says smiling at Rei but kind of angry inside that he gets to know the secret and not her. She pouts a bit. "Why can't I hang out with you? Are you scared of me or something?", she starts to grin. "I'm not going to kill you. Or seduce you. Which basically almost all the girls i've heard/seen about are like that."

Alexander: He crinkles his nose as he heard that, "Thank god I chose the BC... But it's not like we don't have a few sluts here and there..." An awkward silence fills their conversation and he rubs the back of his neck.

Thea: She rolls her eyes and says, "You guys have a lot of sluts. Ever met Madonna Klein? Had sex with the LT. of Opus on her first day. And serial killers.", she says fighting back. "But anyway all gossip aside, what would you like to do? I wouldn't mind kicking some ass right now."

Alexander: "Yeah, heard of her but never met her. Compared to camp, BC is a small world..." He said. "And are you saying you wanna spar?"

Thea: "No I want to get drunk and go to a party to ask someone for drugs. Of course I want to spar.", she says matter of fact. "But for future notice, I don't drink beer or take illegal drugs."

Alexander: "Sure sure. You want me in my girl form so you won't feel bad afterwards by getting beat up by a guy?" He teased.

Thea: She laughs and says, "I won't feel bad, you will. For losing to a girl." "But please tell me your not those guys who get stupid after getting beat by a girl? I mean it's a learning experience.", she says. "But noww that I think of it, get in your girl form.", she says making c: face

Alexander: "What the hell... No I'm not. Those guys are idiots... Pfft." He said.

Thea: She smirks a bit. "Let's see about that." She starts to put her light purple silky hair into a pony tail. 


Pandy: Just for the people out there, we will use this forum eventually for future rps we will have. >.<

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