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Kalli X Tina Timeskip

Strawberry Fields

Next Morning..... ​ Timeskip

Continuing From Where They Left Off *Eris Cabin?*

Timeskip To Le Nearby Town

NEW place

COFFEE SHOP (bonding time)

Alice: "Never in a millennium I will tell you what I think about you. You'll have to figure that out by yourself."

Brett: "But that's so much work.", he says making a Dx face. "I'll tell you what I think of you if you tell me first. Unless it's something totally embarrassing of what you think of me?" He says raising his eyebrows.

Alice: She blushes a bit hoping it wasn't visible but said, "Still not telling you."

Brett: "It's embarrassing, isn't it? I mean I'm not saying it would be about puberty, but, I'll find out for myself then. First clue, blushing.", he says ruffling his hand through his hair. "hmm, what does blushing mean?"

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