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Cato Main


Full Name
Cato Hamilton Sylvester
Charlie Sylvester
Enyo [ Biological Mother | Carrier of the Child - Conception to 3rd Month of Pregnancy ]
Nike [ "Mother" | Carrier of the Child - 3rd to 6th Month of Pregnancy ]
Bia [ "Mother" | Carrier of the Child - 6th to 9th Month of Pregnancy ]
Broken Covenant [ Ortu Justitiae | As Faction Leader ]
Celestial Bronze Executioner's Sword
Celestial Bronze Hatchet
Celestial Bronze Swiss Dagger
5'8" (172 cm)
150 lb (68 kg)
Hair Color
Eye Color
Alden Richards
Relationship Status
Sexual Orientation
Romantic Orientation

Le First Pissing Each Other Off Roleplay

Genevieve: Genevieve reads a book about her mother, Hera, the least liked amongst the gods and man. She follows the path back to the BC Sanctuary while mouthing the words as she scanned the page. She recoiled as she accidentally bummed into Cato. "I'm sorry! Are you okay? I didn't mean to."

Cato: Cato was just heading his way back to the Ortu Justitiae headquarters when Genevieve bumps into him, the impact was merely just minor and doesn't seem to effect Cato much. After Genedieve's remarks, he rolls his eyes, saying, "Do I look like I f*cking piece of shit that gets hurt that easily?!," seeing that Genevieve is still standing in front of him in the way he also adds a remark, "Goddamn it, can you get the f*ck out of my way now!"

Genevieve: Genevieve was at a loss for words. No one had ever talked to her that way in her life, especially people at the BC when the figured her mother was Hera. "I said I was sorry." She said.

Cato: "Oh so now you're f*ckign telling me that I'm deaf!" He says to Genevieve giving her a cold glare.

Genevieve: Genevieve raised her eyebrows. She wasn't the type for confrontation, but she couldn't help it when people like Cato were malicious for no reason. "Listen, I don't know who you are, but you have some anger issues that need to be addressed. Now excuse me." She said as she attempted to leave the situation and walk past Cato.

Cato: "Does it look like I care BITCH!" He says continuing to give a cold, piercing glare at Genevieve, "And it's Ortu's second-in-command to you!"

Genevieve: She turned around after Cato's remark. "It's daughter of Hera to you. Queen of the heavens and goddess of goddesses." She said as she brewed a howling gale and levitated off the ground. "I gave you caution to stop." She said looming above Cato, fury in her eyes.

Cato: "Oh so you wanna fight!" He says taking out his Swiss dagger, with a hint of sarcasm in his voice he says, "Good to know!" Rolling his eyes he says, "Hera kid or not, you're still a useless, piece of shit here in the Broken Covenant!"

Genevieve: Genevieve ignored Cato's comment and summoned the wind to intensify her agility. She zipped down towards Cato yelling and sucker punched him.

Cato: Being a child of Enyo, he is inborn with battle reflexes to perhaps increase his rate, speed and reflexes that will come into effect when he needs to dodge an attack coming his way or towards the speed of his attack. As Genevieve comes towards his direction, he knows that with speed she currently has it will most likely won't be able to stop her forward momentum right away, using that time against her momentum, he attempts towards a simple maneuver, he is hoping to take a leap above her and lands behind slightly her, creating a minor tremor. Hopefully with the direction she is moving and the location of the tremor will cause the force to knock her off her feet, backwards onto the ground. 

Genevieve: Genevieve flew underneath Cato as he leaped and soared upwards. She rested on a branch of a looming pine tree high above the ground. She still managed to see Cato even from a distance. As he stared up at her, she manipulated the ground around Cato turning it into quicksand.

Cato: Knowing that the more movement he makes the more he would sink underneath the quicksand pit, he merely takes in his courage and waits for the quicksand pit to either disappear or solidify as the power wears off so that he can regain his footing. Knowing that Genevieve is nearby the area, that is if she has sight on him. As a protocol against her attack, he lets out a deafening war cry out to perhaps startle Genevieve with terror and fear, perhaps startling her with it while she unsuspects it, that she'll fall off the branch she is resting upon (Although he personally doesn't know that Genevieve is a top the branch). By the time she reacts to the cry the quicksand pit's duration will perhaps reach its end duration soon, and most likely by then will begin to harden, allowing Cato to regain footing upon the ground. 

Genevieve: Genevieve was somewhat weakened already from her flight. She braced her self as she plummeted towards the ground. Genny thought she was going to die. She thought it was over. But as she hit the ground she dissolved, merging with the earth and reemerged behind a tree, out of sight from Cato. She stood up and backpedaled hoping to escape the confrontation.

Cato: He scans the surrounding, most likely, if Genevieve is hiding, for her to be able to see Cato from behind the tree, risking being spotted by him, she'd need to move aside from the tree to gain sight upon the area blocked by the tree (Since if she's to be unseen from behind the tree she would need to be directly behind the tree trunk from the angle of Cato's current location). He lets out another battle-cry, this time not to cause to plummet onto the ground from the branch but to cause her to startle perhaps causing noise from her spot that he can use to find her location, whether some rustling or etc. He unsheathes his executioner's sword, if that all succeeds he would proceed to take a giant leap towards her last seen location, if not he will stay put in his current spot. Then hopefully if the leap puts her in range of Genevieve, with his increased speed in battle, to land a slash downward strike onto her as he lands his leap (Hopng to land on her upper chest or near her shoulder down to her waist) before she has time to react upon the actions he conducted.

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