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Jordan and Bituin

  • Bituin: She walks around, silently observing the demigods and nymphs/spirits doing their everyday work. She was holding her pencil and sketchbook, trying to find a good scene to sketch.
  • Jordan: He casually walked around with his hands kept in the pockets of his jeans and when he looked up, he saw Bituin who scanned her surroundings. She seemed to be looking for a subject. He was supposed to approach her and say hi but he thought of a new idea. When she wasn't looking at his direction, he snuck up going to the bench just beside Bituin and he lay down by his side. He rested his arm on the bench and his hand held his head while the other was on top his hips. "Draw me like one of your French girls," he said imitating the woman's voice from the movie where he got that line.
  • Bituin: She jumped at the sound and looks at Jordan with a confused look on her face. "Um... what are you doing?" she asked. She isn't familiar with mortal stuff so she doesn't understand the reference Jordan is making.
  • Jordan: He rolled his eyes in frustration. "Ugh..." He sat up and said looking up in the sky with his hands raised "R.I.P. joke..." He dropped his arms down and looked back at Bituin with a dull expression. "You just killed the joke... Sad..."
  • Bituin: She blinked it him. "I'm... sorry?" That was a joke? The thought ran through her mind. "I.. uh.. don't get some references here since you know, shipped from Olympus and all." She trailed off.
  • Jordan: He stood up and kept his hands in his pockets once more. "Nah." He chuckled. "That's fine. You should watch some human movies sometimes. Update yourself." He laughed. "There are a lot of good ones, trust me."
  • Bituin: "Any suggestions?" She asked, eyes twinkling with curiosity. Life at Mount Olympus has been insufferably boring, Ginny and her fellow Star Nynphs/Spirits lightening up the mood every now and then. "I'm planning on going to the nearby town to pick up some art materials."
  • Jordan: "Ah, really?" He said, "Well, that's nice. There's also a store there where you can buy movies. You can check it out too once you're there." 
  • Bituin: She smiled. "Thanks for the info." She said. "The mortal world sounds great. Ginny doesn't know what she's missing." 
  • Jordan: "Ginny?" He scratched his head. "Wait, who is that again?"
  • Bituin: "My best friend in Olympus." She replied. 
  • Jordan: "Aaahh," he said nodding a bit. "Right. Yeah, actually she is missing quite a lot. You should go out shopping together some time, you know, like what girls usually do to relieve stress."
  • Bituin: "We could do that if she was sent to the mortal world along with me. I can't go back to Olympus unless summoned by Lady Asteria and Ginny can't come here unless she is chosen to come here for a quest." She explained.
  • Jordan: "Oh..." he said, "sorry 'bout that. Didn't know. Ah, well, we can just tell your lady that you guys have a mission--to shop." He chortled. "Ah, sorry that was a bad one."
  • Bituin: "It's alright. Although it sounds like a pretty good idea." She said. 
  • Jordan: "Then go for it, girl!" he said cheering for her, "Nobody's stoppin' you!"
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